PM Realty Group / Property ManagerMoped Parking Discrimination

I feel I am being discriminated against the fact that I drive a moped. I decided to drive a moped to lessen the amount of cars on the road. It seems the property managers of what was once called the GoldBond Building (677 Ala Moana Blvd.) is in disagreement with me chaining my moped to a fixed structure. I have parked out of everyones way, and I don't take a parking stall, yet they do not approve and have warned me that I will get citied and my moped will be locked. They mentioned I have to park where the motorcycles are designated to park withing the parking structure. The only problem is that area does not have anything to chain a moped to. You see if I chain my moped and it gets taken I am covered, but If the moped is not chained and it gets taken I am out of luck. I've stated this fact but Ms. Linda Gee (property manager) does not understand. Also there have been parking structures being targeting in the area and mopeds have been taken that were not chained. I even offered to pay and park within a parking stall where I could chain my moped (some stalls have fixed structure where one can chain to) yet she still disagreed. Other parking structures that have an actual moped parking area have a place to chain your moped to. This is the first time I have had this happen to me. Everywhere else I seem to find a secure parking area. Ms. Gee also stated that anyone parking in the structures parks at their own risk, this makes me feel secure if something happens.

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