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Plus Start car battery / pcsin

1 Hicksville, NY, United States

On December 4, my car couldn't start in the morning, and I decided to purchase a Plus Start battery from Sears. It cost me roughly 60$. After I arrived home (using a different car) and installed it, my car still wouldn't start. My nephew, a mechanic, came over to help me since I couldn't figure out why after installing a NEW battery that the car wouldn't run. He checked the voltage of the NEW Plus Start battery which was only 12.3. The standard of a battery to start a car must be AT LEAST 12.625. I was flabbergasted when he told me this! I couldn't believe that Sears would sell a faulty battery to a customer!

So, I drove back to Sears to return the battery that same day, but then the sales rep said to me that there was NO way that I could return this, they only have a 12-month warranty for the battery. All they could do was upgrade it. However, he also BLAMED ME that I didn't know how to install it and that we didn't know how to check the voltage (EVEN THOUGH MY NEPHEW IS AN EXPERIENCED MECHANIC). He then went to the back, disappeared for 10 minutes, came back, and told me that the battery is fine.

All I wanted at that point was to just return the battery since it OBVIOUSLY didn't work. HOWEVER! He then insisted that because I "used" it, I could not return it. Instead, he said, he would cut me a deal: he could charge me 15% of the total of the installment/used fee (not sure, he didn't explain very well) so that I could give it back to them. Yes, I had to PAY THEM to RETURN a FAULTY BATTERY while being insulted.

It seems like Sears wants to rob people's money, and/or their representatives absolutely fail at customer service. (Lesson: Don't buy a Plus Start battery or any from Sears!)


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