Plumb Direct"toilet repair"

The engineer who came to remove a small pipe sticking out in my sitting-room, had also a look at my toilet as I had an overflow and it wasn't the first time. It is an old toilet, old mechanism but I like it.

He said he could do it and that I could use it use for a while longer ( when I asked )but did say I would eventually need to change it.

He changed the stop-[censor] and charged me an extra £100.00. Just after he left, the toilet was hardly flushing and as I am looking after my old mother who has severe dementia, I was worried.

I called the Company and an appointment was made for me for Saturday the 22/04. NO ONE CAME ! I called Plumbforce 3 times that very day !

The person I spoke to on the phone was nice and said she would pass on my messages in order a plumber calls to see me but no one called me.

On the following Monday, I called again Plumbforce and another appointment was made for the Tuesday. FinallyThe same plumber came but was late. By this time I had gone to work leaving my mother's carer to deal with him.

He told her he couldn't do anything. I was furious because if he knew he couldn't repair it in the first place, why change the stop-[censor] and charge me £100.00 with a toilet that still doesn't flush properly !!

I wrote 2 mails to the Company but NO ONE responded.

The plumber or engineer, should have used his judgement and tell me right away:" No I cannot do it, I don't want to do it, it is too risky, but not charge me and tell me later he cannot do it !

A GOOD company would make sure he customers are happy, the work is well done, and the engineer must use their judgement to give a good service.

I am dispapointed and would NOT recommend the Plumbforce to ANYONE. They take the money but if there is something wrong, they WON'T refund you.

Good luck ! I have lost faith in hiring anyone from the internet. It is just a gamble with a lot of sharks about.

I am disappointed and I would NOT recommend Plumbforce to anyone. Their are quick in pocketing the money but will not reimburse you.

Apr 29, 2017

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