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I have been a customer with Plemix for many years now and I bought few smartphones with them. I don't usually write reviews but I believe my experience is worth sharing for two reasons. First, I don't want other people to get played like I did and second I have no other recourse but to write this review.
I bought a Samsung Galaxy S7 edge about 6 months ago for 980$. About 2 months ago, a line of dead pixels appeared on the screen and I found out that it was a defect from Samsung. My first reflex was to contact Samsung to ask them to repair it. Their response was surprising to me: "We don't cover phones that are not from official resellers". So a good thing to know is that Plemix is not an official reseller of phones and therefore the manufacturer warranty does not apply. Then, I contacted Plemix and explained the issue. They asked for proof so I send them a picture of the defect. They gave me an RMA number to be able to send it back to them and get it fixed. I had to pay 220$ to ship it back to them. The fact that it was a defect did not matter I still got to pay the shipping. They received the phone and told me it would take 2 to 6 weeks to get my phone back... It has been more than two months and now they are not even replying so I basically lost my 980$ + the 220$ shipping fees and I have no phone right now.
- You may get away with one or two transactions but you will pay in the end
- Very bad customer experience, they don't even have a customer service I was speaking to sales
- If a phone has a defect you are responsible for the shipping fees
- If they decide not to ship you the phone you have no recourse and you lose your money
- It is worth paying few extra dollars and buy from say Amazon to have the peace of mind than going with a garbage reseller like Plemix

May 10, 2017

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