PLE Auto Transport / Damaged Vehicle in Transport

1 15521 Kapok Court, Fort Myers, FL, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 239-339-7658

PLE Auto Transport damaged the roof of my 2009 Escalade and lied about a mechanical issue on the transport truck while they sent my vehicle to a bodyshop without my knowledge . They would not return any of my calls when my vehicle was 4 days overdue. After they were informed by the bodyshop that the vehicle could not be repaired asap they loaded my damaged vehicle on the carrier and drove about 15 miles from my condo to a Walmart parking lot and informed me that i would have to come to them and pick up vehicle. After lengthy argument being i was in Pittsburgh they drove my vehicle to my condo entrance but refused to remove it from the carrier for the individual who was taking delivery of it for me until they were paid in full in CASH. This company is very less than professional and do yourself a big favor and find another company to transport your vehicle.

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