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A letter to Scott Flanders
Mr. Flanders,
Yeah, the Icon evolved all right. It feels like watching your favorite movie on broadcast. “Stimpy! What were you thinking?” I give you a vote of “No Confidence” in your leadership and vision to the future of Playboy. Daddy used to say: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Even the article trying to justify the change is a one-sided argument with which I disagree. That you can see anything with the click of a mouse… Sure I can, but I don’t want my computer where I read Playboy and that isn’t why I subscribe. I like to hold the magazine and turn the pages. I have loved Playboy most of my life and have been a subscriber probably since Laura Richmond back in 1988, with only a few lapses due to life. In the closing paragraph of your cover letter enclosed in the March issue it says “We are exceptionally proud of the end result…” You should be ashamed! Every man I have talked with about this change twists his mouth and shakes his head. “But there’s much that has not changed.” Style and format decisions even down to switching the bold type to de-emphasize the person and elevate the position on the staff have made the first issue AC (After Change), with the exception of Playbill, much less colorful, rather boring and amatuerish. Even my wife said so after flipping through it. My overall impression is a big “Boo Hiss!” More of the same for issue 2 AC. Oh, in my opinion, cigarettes are un-sexy. You should take lessons in G formatting from Maxim or Sports Illustrated, but I don’t want another magazine like that. I want Playboy with beautiful naked women, and there isn’t even a nipple in this issue. So what, that you made it wider and are using a heavier paper. That the cover stops about 6mm before the rest of the pages is making said pages fray from trying to like what you have done to butcher this magazine made for Men 18 to 80 as Hef said in the first issue. You have removed nearly everything I have loved about this great magazine. It has ceased to be Entertainment for Men and you even took that off the cover. I have always, in fact, bought it for the pictures, and I get to the articles too. Every month (at least, until there came the summer/winter doldrums of ten issues a year), I could look forward to seeing stunning maiden-form in tasteful glory. But I also enjoyed so much more, for which I have searched this March issue page by page, to not find. Not one cartoon but what was in an article on Jay Howell. What about Olivia? I found no World of Playboy, no Dear Playboy, no Forum, no Feedback, no Raw Data, no Becoming Attraction, no info on Next Month and no Party Jokes. WTF? Advisor is now one person and reduced to one question instead of the 8-10 from the team. Playboy has always portrayed women of beauty as having intelligence, power and confidence. I have enjoyed Mariel since Lipstick and her pictures in Playboy showed a very dynamic woman. Her daughter Dree is also a very beautiful woman, but you portray her as embarrassed to show herself. Whatever market you are trying to pursue, you have blown it with the one you have, and I am disappointed that I have so much more time on my current subscription. I likely will let that run out and will not re-new if this once-awesome magazine remains so under-whelmingly “evolved.”
Donald Boyce
Silver Spring, MD

Apr 10, 2016
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  • Ji
      May 11, 2016

    What a pathetic way to eff up a good magazine! Shame shame ...

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  • Fr
      Jun 07, 2016

    Oh for sure! Ridiculous!

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  • Zo
      Jul 21, 2016

    I totally agree with the above. Playboy has definitely taken a nose dive.
    I just renewed before you changed but I won't be again.
    Sadly, I can't imagine what you're trying to accomplish. You're now just a second rate Maxim.
    Hef blazed a trail in a very challenging time. Too bad his legacy is run by gutless pc pawns.

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  • Ro
      Dec 14, 2016

    I agree with Donald Boyce and everyone else!! PLAYBOY has ruined itself and all it was founded for!!
    I also wish I didn't have so much time left on my subscription either! Because I surely won't be renewing it unless you pull your heads from where the sun doesn't shine and fix what you promptly screwed up!!!

    Ron Kanna

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