Platt photographyBad service, not worth the money I paid

I have found the website while looking for a professional photographer for my parents 35th anniversary.
I contacted Jared Platt, owner and photographer at Platt Photography, and met him to fix a date and location for the shooting.
I paid the whole price from the beginning as he asked for it and I couldn't even choose the location as he said he knows a much better place for the shooting.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Chandler, AZ
After the work has been done, he contacted me saying that I will receive the photos in 3 weeks because he has a lot of work while the work was supposed to be done in one week.
When I received the album, we had a wrong photo as we asked for the cover to be in black and white, but he printed it with some strange effects that looked great for him but that we didn't ask for.
My parents accepted it as it is a gift from me, but I wouldn't recommend Platt Photography to anybosy as it is not worth the money I paid

Jan 29, 2015

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