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Platinum One Marketing / Unsolicited phone calls

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I received several phone calls on my cell phone and finally told the guy to remove my name/ph number from his list and he laughed and said I couldn't do that....I hung up on him. Ever since (approx 5 days) I receive calls from the company from [protected] and noone is there. They call about once an hour.
I tried calling that number to complain and the call will not go thru. I want that dang company to stop bothering me, I'm NOT interested in what they have to sell.

I looked the number up on the internet and discovered that its a company called Platinum One Marketing out of Florida.

Can someone help me with this problem?


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A  2nd of May, 2008 by 
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Re: Viewing your complaint, Dear Carole, please be advised, I share your anger in the matter. This company due to my own research has to be fraudelent. I have issued a complaint with the states attorney generals office due to the fact of my recent discovery of this company issueing a hold on our credit card funds when I contacted the # provided by the credit card company, I was advised by automated service, that this was not in fact a debt but a hold on funds to prequalify for their services. At this time I am still trying to get this hold removed. You should probably check your own accounts and be advised the location info given would place this companies location of business in the middle of a suburb in Florida with no contact info. As well States attorney general office stated there have been multiple complaints filed on this company due to unauthorized transactions. Any further info you have would also be of great help to me in resolving the matter. Please feel free to respond.thank you, Jodie
A  19th of Jul, 2008 by 
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hey here companyis aof that company phone number and a manager's name so you can take that complaint to next level it is called platinum one marketing group 13553 66th st n largo fl 33771 phone number 1866 491 3930 and local fax 727 535 5792 and email info@platmg.com and manager name is nelson rodriquez good luck get this company shut down unethical and very illegal...
A  24th of Nov, 2008 by 
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Yes, I know well of this company, they're terrible. They have a hiring system where they bring in people looking for work into their office for placing of application and consideration for hire, then hirees, as a condition of their pre-employment consideration for hire, must aggree to pay for individual licensing for saleswork, in addition to being prompted to file 1099 with the IRS and also purchase their own health insurance policies as cost out-of-pocket to the potential hirees. Platinum One brings people in by the triple-dozens every single day, fleeces them for those fees and costs and then works them for about a week, then excuses them form their employment just to make way for the new and continually flowing batches of people who are trying to find work and the whole revolving door process goes round and round.

Undoubtedly that process in unethical and unfair employment pratice ant that process has to be stopped before to many more job-seeking people get hurt and taken for their money.
N  9th of Feb, 2009 by 
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This company SUCKS. I worked for them for about 2 weeks til i found out what exactly it was that i was supposed to do. This company is just full of junkies and Ex Con's and People on work release. They read a script and read it very very fast so the customer has no idea what they are talking about. And i have also heard reps telling people off the recording to just say yes to everything and then to hold all questions to the end. By that time it is to late and you have sign up for something that you have no idea about. They also tell you that ou can cancel at anytime. But what they don't tell you is that by the time the package gets there it is to late and the trail has already ended. This is bad business and URGE any one who goes there to turn around.
A  24th of Feb, 2009 by 
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If you get a call from this company or think about working for them my best advice to you is to run far away!!! This place is bogus!!! I have seen the place from the outside and in and the working conditions are filthy.. looks like a warehouse with some cheap carpet layed down. You are told you have paid training and then you go in to find out your first day is free.. you do NOT get paid for it. Then, you have to pay 50.00 for a telemarketing fee as well as 15.00 for a headset. By the time you would get a paycheck that you might actually have some money on, you will be fired. They keep a revolving door on purpose so they continue to make money. Please stay away from this place. They have no ethics. I pray they get shut down.
A  5th of Apr, 2009 by 
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Platinum one. The company's main number is 727-535-2300 and 1-866-491-3930. the onwers names are. anthony and adam. located in clearwater florida at ulmerton rd. and 66th st. behind bank of america.just opened another office on us. hwy. 19. from what i hear its a total scam that not only lies to customers but routinely finds excuses to screw workers out of their pay. by saying sales were lost or that they didn't get bonuses when they did.
A  10th of Apr, 2009 by 
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Most of the people working there are pill addicts, as young as 16 and 18, then there are the ex cons, the junkies and alcoholics are second to none in this place. its flithy inside. drugs are rampant and drug sales are high. No one gets paid what they are supposed to except for the managers and their cohorts that are stealing the deals and money. The owners are as crooked as they come. until recently were telling all that they could say whatever they wanted to customer before going into the verification portion of the call. that way it could look legit on recording. authorities should listen to some of these records, they notice how fast reps go through it in order to get cost past the cutomers. many of which aren't complete, accurate decriptions of the charges . They'll get caught it's only a matter of time.
A  15th of Apr, 2009 by 
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I worked at this place for three days and was completely disgusted. They do screw people out of money. The supervisor tells you that you can promise the customer anything before going into the RECORDED verification process which is like a contract, and proof that the consumer has agreed, not to what was implied during a conversation prior to recording, but to how the verification script is written. This script is deceptively worded to make a consumer think that all that they are agreeing to is a a shipping fee, however they are agreeing to have thier card debited for large amounts of money according to how many times the telemarketer can get the consumer to agree to what is being whizzed past them as fast as a telemarketer can speak.
If you don't talk fast and get these people to agree to what you have to offer and trick them into saying yes you get sent home with no money.
Nelson Rodriquez the manager over there is crooked and seedy. There is a girl there that has been working there for years and makes over 2000 a week just running her mouth faster than a speedboat getting people to say yes to crap that they DO not need. This is supposed to be for an online shopping spree they say but its all crap.
And the place is horrible. It is filthy, the people are rude, and there is alot of really sick and addicted people working there. They scam the public and their workers out ot money.
N  27th of May, 2009 by 
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These people are at it again. Please people, report this to the Florida Attorney Generals office, and as many other agencies as possible. This place needs to be fumigated, and the owners incarcerated immediately! My wife and I are on a fixed income of $170 a week, and these people have cost us nearly $100 a week for the last 2 weeks. They are breaking us. We are reporting our credit card stolen so we will get away from these predators. If you people never do anything about it you are just as bad as they are, talking about it in a forum like this barely tickles the issue. Do something now! Quit talking about how bad they are and shut them down. Those of you in Florida who know where they are, you people are just as crooked and deceitful as they are if all your going to do is talk bad about them. TAKE ACTION NOW AND HELP SOMEONE FOR THE FIRST TIME IN YOUR MISERABLE LIVES!!!
N  27th of May, 2009 by 
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All of you people disgust me! Not a single report has been made on these people by the Florida State Attorney General's office!!! How in the world do you think these people are going to be shut down if you never do anything about it? I have no sympathy at all for you low life whiners.
A  3rd of Jun, 2009 by 
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I managed to get myself removed by repeatedly calling the 727-535-2300 number and screaming at them. After a while they asked for my number and said they would remove us from the list. Its fun taunting them. and i would recommend blocking up there main number Gorilla warfare is the only thing ### like this understand. Happy shouting, take the power back people. I would also recommend sending emails and faxes to all of the numbers listed above.
N  14th of Jun, 2009 by 
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I personally work for this company and am currently in college. It is a great company and a good way to earn money in a legit way. We are completely legit and that is why we still exist. We don't do anything the customer says not to do. If we read to fast then why say yes in stead of asking us to slow down? hmmmmmmm Go Platinum One!!! And by the way all of those numbers are wrong. If I were you i wouldn't say yes to something I didn't want and then complain about it.
D  14th of Jun, 2009 by 
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One of these days I am going to walk through the door of the drug infested maggot box you call your place of employment; with about 200 really drunk and pissed off road warriors, and you will wish that you were working someplace else. By the time they are done ransacking every executive, and employee in the building, including any vehicles in the parking lot, the only thing the corrupted, well paid, police will find is probably just DNA. Because we take care of our problems using the western methods of justice, and I am not the only 6 foot 6 inch 280 pound biker you have scammed in my group of "good guys" Hell I would be just as happy tearing your head off to piss down your throat, along with all of your diseased friends working there. I just like being dramatic and eloquent with my entrances. It will be more fun watching all of us bend your head over a desk and defile your pimple infested hairy ###. You know you applied to this forum to start trouble. You got it ###! I am started! I AM TROUBLE INCARNATE!
N  18th of Jun, 2009 by 
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your post has been forwarded to the proper authorities.

Web direct
A  20th of Jun, 2009 by 
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To Platinum Dom...All I can say is you are one sad individual. Have you read the complaints that are listed here. I worked there for three days and was so sickened by the way they treat people I could not continue. The place is a dump, the managers as thieves and you are among them as a corrupt and unethical as they come. If you do get a college education of the money you SUCK out of individuals who are on a fixed income I hope you realize that you are sowing some really bad karma for yourself and anyone who benefits from it. I would be really scared if I were you, cause that Arthur Allison who posted that threat may just make good on it. Hopefully the Attorney General will do something before someone actually makes good on their threats. I personally reported your skanky ### to the proper authorities months ago. I also would be willing to testify in court to the fraud that I witnessed while employed there. Hope everyone who is reading this that works there understands that ripping people off no matter how slick you think you are comes with a price. INCARCERATION.
A  20th of Jun, 2009 by 
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The address is on 66th St N and Ulmerton at the corner. The building is behind the Bank of America building across a large parking lot. They are in Clearwater. Whata say we all go down there and stage a protest, with a permit and let the authorities know exactly what we are doing and why. No violence, just social pressure and media attention. With enough media involved we could bring legitimate action by the shutting them down for real. Of course they will just rise up in another part of town with a new name, but with vigilance concerned citizens could protest them out of business again and again. It is not unheard of to have telemarketers put in jail, it can be done.
N  22nd of Jun, 2009 by 
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i also work there and i have been employed there for about a year now and the things that you people say ur gonna do and all the actions your gonna take is ridiculous. first off how old are u to make death threats? grow up. secondly, there are no legal actions you can take. when we put you through verification you agree to monthy fees and shipping & handling fees. so if you wanna be upset at somebody be upset at somebody be upset at yourself. and the thing is there isnt a do not call list. were arent telemarketers. we just give u the opportunity to try some money savings programs. if u dont like them just call the toll free numbers to cancel and the only thing u will be charged is the s&h. and then send off for the gifts... get over yourselves...

N  26th of Jun, 2009 by 
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Platinum One is astonashing, their work criteria is an embarrasment. Unfortunally people don't take the time to resolve the issue, When employees say they went through verification and accepted everything Great. But what about the people you lied to and told them whatever they wanted to hear before verification and then when you get them in verif. you speak so quick the cant fathem what you said. It is un-ethical but it can be stopped just like Suntasia. Use your inspiring mouth that they use to close you but this time close them.
(write a letter to the Att. General ) 2min of your precious time.

Sorry, Platinum
N  28th of Jun, 2009 by 
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Hey Whatev69 your spelling is horrendous and your inability to form an actual sentence leads me to believe that you are really in the right place. Your job as a telemarketer may be the only job you could ever qualify for and accomplish. You are a telemarketer, the lowest form of pond ### on the planet next to lawyers. Lawyers however, most of them know how to spell and if they don't have enough sense to use spell check before defending an opinion. So we should just get over ourselves, is that right? We should all just turn a blind eye while you railroad over the general public, some of them on a fixed income. You make me sick and I am no child. Here is the thing, you don't sell ethically. You don't disclose all the fees and there is no way to cancel this product before the consumer is charged a huge amount of money for a completely useless service. You may be too young or too stupid to understand how painfully dishonest this work you are doing is, but ignorance is no excuse for continued abuse of your fellow man.
I agree with you "Intelligence" Suntasia was shut down and this place will be also. Mark my words.
A  30th of Jun, 2009 by 
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PS: When I left, I took a copy of their scripts with me... they have new ones now, but it illustrates how they work.

Yes, before the recording you can say whatever you like, and prime them mentally for thepitch.

"Remember, the membership fees you'll here me read in to the record DO NOT APPLY TO YOU TODAY; they only apply to people who want to purchase something out of the package."

While technically true (they apply after the trial period ends) you are most certainly signing them up as members in the program today. To be fair, if asked we were required to say yes, we are signing you up today. People rarely asked of course.

And natch, if you tralk at a dead run, they're so busy processing incoming words they don't have time to think about anything.

This is not marking I am proud of having associated with. I need the paycheck, but I also need the self respect they were costing me.

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