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Platinum Legal Services / loan modification

1 2700 N.Main street suite 1000Santa Ana, CA, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 1866-949-6534

I payed this company 1800.00 for a home laon modification. They cashed my check in july. I have since been awaiting services from them. They keep giving me the run around and saying people are out of the office and someone will call me back. No one ever returns my calls. My modification was supposed to be done before the sale date on my home which was in Aug yet nothing was done at all. Be careful with this company.

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  • Mr
      2nd of Oct, 2009
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    Platinum Legal Services Complaints - loan modification

    There in Santa Ana, CA. but this company operate under a Nevada LLC, I won in court they didn't even show up. Go to small claims court and get your money back. They are a
    (F) rating in the BBB website. Fight and Win, get your money back.

  • Ro
      17th of Jan, 2010
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    i also have been taken by Platinum Legal Services. How did you file and what city? i live in Northern California. Thank you. Rosie Subega 209 727-5484

  • Br
      26th of Jan, 2010
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    Iwas also taken for $2, 00.00 by Platinum Legal Services. Of course now I assume they have changed names and operating under a different Co. Name. This is a question for MR. California. Please let me know or furnish me with any information that you can give me so that I can try a retrieve my money back also thru the Courts. Thank You, Brenda Wix E-Mail:

  • Ar
      30th of Jan, 2010
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    We paid Platinum Legal Services $3200 in February of 2009. I just got on the computer to get their phone number when I came to this complaints page.

    We've been trying to get a loan remodification since February of 2009. Tomorrow will be February 2010. If this company is out of business we are screwed!!

    Obama came to Arizona in January or February of 2009 and promised a but load of extra money for Arizona since our houses had already depreciated about 60%. They've depreciated even farther, but no one I know has received a loan remodification. I HOPE OBAMA BURNS IN HELL FOR WHAT HE'S DONE TO THIS ECONOMY!!

  • Su
      27th of Apr, 2010
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    I happen to know the president of this company on a personal basis. Derek Robertson is nothing but a ### crook and there has not been one thing that this guy has not screwed someone out of. every business he set's up is on the basis of taking people for there money. as you can tell this guy is so shallow that he will take the last 3, 000 dollars someone has to save there home to pay for his BMW 750 v12 Black on Black rims. or maybe his diamond rings and diamond watchs he so egotisticly flaunts around. he is one sick guy. on top of his pill popping problem there has not been one partner that has lasted more then a month with his company before there fed up and leave or some type of physcial confertation breaks out cause this clown is so jacked up on steriods its not even funny. Im sorry for everyone who lost money to the hand of Derek but i assure you he is going down hill very fast. The company Platnium legal services is no loner in business. they are not processing loan mods at all i was just at the building and no one was there. he is still in the same building though just down sized to a smaller office where he can hide in a corner and screw some more people out of money. the address is 2700 N Main St Suite 750 i belive that is the suite number. the attorneys he was using all bailed on him and i am telling you the FTC is after him now and also the California Department of Real Estate. Dont worry he will be in jail very soon. Anything else i can provide i will to you people

    And Derek robertson if you read this, this is from one of the people who use to be a friend but of course your screwed over. pay back is a ### now the truth is out

  • Ex
      18th of May, 2010
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    I paid Dereck Robertson with Platinum Legal Services in 5-2009 to do a loan Modification $5000. One year later I never received the modification only many excuses of why he can work. Personal problems and golf. I have retained a lawyer to get the $5000 back Dereck see you in court. Do not use this company they have a F rating now. Dereck see you in court!

  • Ti
      30th of Jun, 2010
    0 Votes

    I also paid this company $2500 a year ago, and i ended up following up on the loan mod myself cuz his company closed its doors since last november or so... my Loan mod was denied and I will definetelly go after him- and all the stuff this person "sucks2bu" wrote is true- what a crook this guy is- Egotistic like you would not believe it! after all this, he still asking me to go and do debt setteling with them?...he must think I'm stupid or something!

  • Ti
      4th of Jul, 2010
    0 Votes

    We cannot blame Obama for these low-lifes that will and do scam those of us legitamitely seeking help in keeping our homes. I was referred to this company by my mortgager broker - do I blame this person! No, scammers are what they are - thefts. It's the legal / judicial system we need help from. When these depts get the facts, they MUST DO SOMETHING.

    When we decide to "trust" we also take a risk. Believe me i WANT this A__HOLE found, made to sell his assets and repay all of us. I am now in foreclosure, disabled so couldn't get a job if there was one to have~! Anyone claiming to know the guy and his location should make a citizen's arrest, get him behind bars. THEN contact those of us who have left compliants on this page.

    I have a feeling that many of us will provide the courts with the paperwork necessary to possibly get our money back.

    Final thought: I would be ashamed of any lawyer who went to work for this man, learned what he was doing and did nothing to help those of us who have been victimized. This stmt applies to any ex-employees. Ever heard of a scan disc, to record his illegal dealings? Maybe if your paychecks didn't clear the bank you may have been a bit angry and decided to help those you knew/suspected were being hurt and had no idea they were dealing with! YOU who did know the man was lower then cow-dung! That's being polite, believe me!

  • Kk
      8th of Aug, 2010
    0 Votes

    We paid them 2000.00 to do a loan modification. They never got it done, lost the house. I guess I'm one of the lucky ones and did get my money back.

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