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Every loan company has the right to approve or disapprove a loan, but when you sceam and are underhanded about it I then have a problem. I knwo they say if you have auto repossed etc, etc. then they cant get you financed. well thats what they say on this complaint board. When they constantly call you and send you letters in the mail saying you are approved approved and then you sit there wait all day then are told you need to put down [protected] dollars that sucks. Ecspecially when on the phone they say 1000.00 is good enough. When we spoke on the phone I said I'll come in next week with down payment. I was then ran the famous line we dont go solely off your credit, come in tell us your story, and you probably dont need a downpayment. Well it is all lies!!! A couple of people at my job had dealings with them and had the same issue. It just goes to show only because a company is on the BBB it does not mean much!!!

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