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Plasmanet / No job, bad teachers and crappy education!

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The International Academy of design & Technology is a big rip-off.

First of all let me start out by saying that you will not find a job in any of their so called "programs" This is not a real college it is accredited as a TECH school, the teachers are all combined of LOSERS who couldn't make it in the real world. On Portfolio review Employers come out- to OFFER YOU NON PAID INTERNSHIPS. I DID NOT RECEIVE ONE OFFER THROUGH THE ACADEMY.

I did not learn anything from the teachers at IADT, I basically bought extra books and taught myself the programs and the software i needed to know. THE TEACHERS ARE ILLITERATE! They teach classes such as web design but have never designed a sight before. They will purposely fail selected students so they can repeat and make twice as much money. WHEN I ASKED ABOUT the department chair. I was told she was still obtaining her masters degree from the prestigious ROCHESTER college. I laughed and told the dean that is not a real college its a tech school; for my portfolio class my syllabus was mainly based on web design to produce a portfolio website.

THE INSTRUCTOR FOR MY CLASS DOESN'T EVEN KNOW HOW TO BUILD ONE. I received a very poor grade, and I have not received a breakdown of that grade. Basically they cannot prove-- that the grade actually added up to a D. I DID ALL THE WORK! this is my online portfolio. I currently am asking for a refund because I feel I was lied to about the education I was going to receive I could have stayed home and taught myself. I AWARE THE TEACHERS AND FACULTY AT IADT SUCK! I had a 3.7 GPA before I went to IADT, I transfered from the ART Institute. I MADE A BIG MISTAKE!



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  • Sl
      20th of Feb, 2007
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    I completely agree with the fact that AIDT is a rip-off and scam. Luckily I realized it after 2 semesters. I still owe $8900. in private loans (14% interest!) I would love to get my money back. I took Fashion Design by teachers who were miserable that the only fashion jobs in Tampa were teaching. They (teachers) told me that I would have to move to NY if I ever wanted to use my degree. The aggressive admission reps promise you the world. I wish every disgruntled student would get together and bring a HUGE class-action lawsuit...

  • Ka
      6th of Apr, 2007
    0 Votes

    The same thing happened to me also plus one of my teachers was a drug dealer. He would smoke weed after our test. Also when my teachers found out that they would be fired at the end of the semester they refused to teach us we just had to show up to get an a but still pay the full amount for an education we did not receive. Not to mention no one knew how to help me on my internship I had to go online in chat rooms for advice. I feel for you I am looking for a lawyer to help me get my money back. I took out a loan from sallie mae for $10000 and with interest now I owe over $40000.

  • Ai
      11th of Oct, 2007
    0 Votes

    I went through something similar. Now I have 100K to pay back. Terminated due to med reasons. No degree no help and an ever changing curriculum that kept having me take classes and negating the classes I have already taken. No Wonder my ICR was to high! I am 30 units (7classes) away from graduation. Now I can't transfer any of my classes cause they are not accredited W/in the California system. So if any of you find a Lawyer contact me. I can do the same!

  • Gh
      4th of Nov, 2007
    0 Votes

    somewhat agree to your statement as well, I went to IADT tampa for music production and Recording. There were students in my music theory class that knew more than the instructor did. You most definitely have to teach yourself at that place, teachers don't do much, the environment is terrible. There isn't enough equipment for everyone there so you have to hope to get a spot in the studio. I took a semester off, and Im having a very hard time figuring out if I should even go back to finish my degree program, because i know most of it anyways. is 20,000 a year worth it? If I did go back I would want ( like everyone who attends a " college") to get a good job when its over, but I cant believe I will at IADT. SOME ONE NEEDS TO MAKE THE PUBLIC KNOW ABOUT IADT.

  • Ja
      29th of Nov, 2007
    0 Votes

    IADT is an accredited college. ACICS is a regional accrediting body recognized by the US Dept. of Education. IADT is a REAL school with REAL accreditation with degree-granting status.

    "IADT is a Post-Secondary Institution. Good luck trying to get a job with a Secondary Institution on your resume."

    Here's a clue for you -- a post-secondary institution IS a college -- ALL COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES ARE POST-SECONDARY INSTITUTIONS!!! (A "secondary" school is a HIGH SCHOOL, therefore, post-secondary means "after high school".)

    Let's say it together: "DUH!"

    You might want to know what you are talking about before you spew it all over the internet like an ill-informed idiot!!!

    Let's face it -- you wrecked your own life with your ignorance...

  • Hd
      30th of Nov, 2007
    0 Votes

    First off,
    Is IADT a tech school? Well I would hope so considering the name of the school is International Academy of Design and TECHNOLOGY.

    Second, Jane is right The ACICS is a regional accrediting body recognized by the US Dept. of Ed. The ACICS accredited the school.

    If you didn't notice, at one point you were allowed to attend a class one day for four hours. You were able to do this with three classes in one day and not have to come back until maybe the next day or one more day during the week for a fourth class. in 2005 IADT changed that, you were required to attend classes TWICE a week now rather than once. Why? Because of the change in accreditation requirements. So HELLO!

    Third, If you didn't like your teacher teaching the class, your ### should've been in you program director's office complaining. And if other people felt the same you ALL should've been in that office.
    I guarantee you, that teacher would be fired at the end of the quarter and you would have been allowed to take that class for free. Of course, you expect everyone to hand stuff to you on a silver platter. YOU ARE IN COLLEGE, YOU ARE AN ADULT, NO LONGER WILL SOMEONE HOLD YOUR HAND. IF YOU WANT SOMETHING DONE, SPEAK UP ABOUT IT. So you have nobody to blame but yourself for the crappy teacher and not opening your mouth to retake the class for free. If you don't want to re-take the class, then that's your fault.

    My only complaint about the school is the constant hiring and firing of Financial Aid Officers. You would have a good officer for one quarter and then they would be gone. Probably because they weren't corrupted. I was on their ### at the beginning and end of every quarter so they wouldn't screw up my stuff.

    I had good teachers, because I SOUGHT them out and asked around to find out opinions. If I had a guinea pig teacher, I was complaining about it and so were other people. You have to take charge of things there. Once again leading me to repeat that in college you are an adult, you tell these people what you want. Nobody is going to do it for you.

  • Ce
      2nd of Dec, 2007
    0 Votes

    Jane Smart or Jane Oblivious,

    It's people like you that defend chopshop institution like CEC schools and talk students out of millions of dollars every quarter when all they want to know is the truth. Why don't "YOU" do your research and actually see what the CEC actually is. We actually think you work for CEC. Nobody that knows about CEC would say these rediculous types of things. Used car salesman is what CBS is calling it. Is that what you are Jane, a used car salesman?

    Say it with my Jane: Chopshop teaching institution (DUH!!!) you're rediculous!

    You are right that they're accredited by ACICS. Tell me another school that excepts CEC credits. Don't feed me another For-Profit Institution. For-Profit Institutions are full of crap and the Stock Market is starting to notice. They're going to be the downfall of our Educational System with their pawned off instuctors carrying no Master degree nor teaching certificates.

    Jane: Let's face it -- you wrecked your own life with your ignorance

    It's comments like those again that rip-off hundreds of unknowingly new students every querter. New students 17/18years old like myself not knowing much about college and hopefully being informed "CORRECTLY" by the schools enrollment representatives are lied to about pretty much everything (refer to the CBS report). Don't sit here and deffend CEC. You obviously have an issue if you think what they're doing is ok.

    Seek help or possibly educate yourself!

    Here is a news investigation by CBS into CEC schools.


    We have setup a few advocacy groups to inform you with real stories at CEC schools.

    Remember: (THE NUMBERS CAN'T LIE)



    We advise everybody to do their homework with regards to CEC schools. By the looks of things, they will not be around for much longer.

    CEC Truth Advocate

  • Ja
      3rd of Dec, 2007
    0 Votes

    I disagree!

  • Th
      14th of Dec, 2007
    0 Votes

    IADT and many more CEC schools are on the Scam Schools report:

  • Sc
      1st of Oct, 2008
    0 Votes

    I had no problems with iadt chicago for an IT degree.

  • He
      11th of Oct, 2008
    0 Votes

    I want all my money back, and for them to pay for the Art school of my choice, that would be justice. CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT!

    -joint the The IADT truth advocates

    -were more powerful in numbers!

  • Ja
      4th of Dec, 2008
    0 Votes

    i couldnt agree more i had high hopes for the school in fairmont west virginia. when i went it was called computer tech of fairmont and was offering a computer information management course that i thought would help me be on my way . this was back in 2000 and computer anything was just booming big around here. i was also promised the world but 99% of my teachers were former students . they told me it would be $18, 999 for the 18 month course but they told me they had
    99% job placement and stating salerys in the $50, 000 mark. so i was thrilled. took out some loans and was on my way or so i thought ..
    about 3 months into the course they raised tuition to $21, 999 because of the cost of us building are own computers in class for hands on experience. was told it was already in tuition but said ok maybe compueters went up in price.. at 8 months they raised it yet again to $24, 999 and they told me that i would need to get them 600 dollars if i wanted to stay in school because of my loans and grants ran out ? ?
    what i was a full time student with no job . so they told me that without that money i cant continue and i didnt after only 8 months but they took all my loan and $6, 000 dollars worth of grants to pay for the full 18 months and i didnt even get to attend.. if i could find those in charge of that place i would kick the ever loving ### out of them for ruining my life with this nice debt and no education for it i say phuk IADT or computer tech or whatever they want to be known as .bunch of ### who wont see nothing from me i am also looking for a lawyer so if anyone finds one to take up the case email me and let me know..

  • Ky
      17th of Feb, 2009
    0 Votes

    help me, 1 semester in to iadt, i think i should quit, does anyone have advice?

  • Ki
      16th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes
    Plasmanet - Online fraud
    United States

    I am playing freelottoEZwin now for the last year. On November 19, 2008 I won the jackpot of $10 000 and received a letter from FreelottoEZwin on December 10, 2008 from Plasmanet requesting me to complete an avadavit, copy of ID document a photo and a questionnaire and mail it back to them. This I did immediately.

    Since then I did not hear from them. I have sent numerous e-mails, only one being answered. I still receive e-mails from them everyday confirming my numbers being played. I did not want to believe that it is a scam, but now I do not know anymore!

    I mean, I won the jackpot fair and now this!

  • En
      29th of Jul, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I'm a current I.A.D.T. student in Sacramento. I like this college; as an older "re-entry" student I am more aware of the problems some, and I repeat, some of the younger students might have with the concept of College. You need to do the work, and make the College work for you. Nobody is going to give any grades or jobs to a student that has the attitude that their institute of higher education is a scam. You, and only you, can decide if you want to put your education dollars to work for you by buckling down and actually learning how to learn. I.A.D.T. has a reputation that is driven by the success of it's students, and, like any College, there are always going to be a few that want to blame the educators for their own failures to achieve.


  • Gh
      22nd of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    I agree with everyone...the public needs to know about the scamming going on at IADT. Too expensive, instructors don't know much and its just a joke. No employers i ever talked to have hired anyone from IADT. DO NOT ENROLL AT IADT. THE PUBLIC MUST KNOW ABOUT THIS, WE ALL DESERVE OUR MONEY BACK!

  • Co
      10th of Jul, 2010
    0 Votes

    I went to IADT Chicago for 2years and decided to transfer because i want to be a Speech Therapist, before I was able to get my transcripts. They told me that I owed about $800 dollars, when I asked why it was not bought to my attention, no one could give me a straight answer, so I decided to take it up with the top person of the financial aid department and it magically disappeared.

  • Al
      10th of Jul, 2010
    0 Votes

    I went to IADT in 2006-2007 in Nashville. At the time I was 20 years old, moving to a new city, and wanting to be a fashion major. The O'More college where I SHOULD have gone was too far away from where I lived so I looked around closer to my area and found IADT. I was skeptical, my parents more so. I convinced them to let me go that it would be good for me and I could get my degree and finally be on my way in the fashion world. I took out a loan through Sallie Mae for $15, 000 (half the cost of the fashion design/merchandising programs) and somehow my total loan payment is currently over $65, 000. Some of the classes were helpful but the majority were an absolute joke. Having previously attended high school courses at F.I.T. the courses at IADT for fashion sketching was like coloring in a coloring book, I was extremely underwhelmed and confused. I decided to move home to NY summer 2008. I applied to Parsons and was rejected. Then, I tried to transfer my IADT credits to the community college and got word back almost verbatim - "your credits did not transfer because the school you previously attended is not an accredited college." I was embarrassed and furious, more furious. I could not and still cannot believe that my life is basically ruined because this "college" is a joke and will lie to make a sale, not to help people further their education. I am very interested in a class-action lawsuit if there is one being put together.

    And no, I do not want to hear anyone defend CEC or IADT. If you're defending either, you clearly work for them or have not yet experienced how manipulative they are and the lengths they'll go to to steal your money. My mother, father, and myself are victims in this situation of manipulation, lies, and thievery. I have a couple of lawyers in my family and if anyone is interested in a class action, I can go to them to see what possibilities are in front of us.

  • Li
      18th of Jul, 2010
    0 Votes

    IADT is a scam!!! If anyone would like to join me in a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT PLEASE CONTACT ME at We need to get our money back and stop the school from ripping off anyone else. Email me if you are interested in joining me in suing this school and making them pay back the student loans they fraudulently got paid for but never delivered on.
    If we don't stand up and get back what they stole from us no one else will do it for us.


  • Al
      21st of Oct, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I'm currently enrolled at IADT in Chicago. Everything being said in these complaints is what i have witness at this school. The problems are paramount. The instructor are unprofessional some are even uninformed about the courses they teach. The curriculum is not consisted with the following classes. (ex). In clothing constuction I, I was told to move a dart point at the Apex 1/2 inch. In my DrapingI class I was told to move the dart point a 1 inch.This instructor was just promoted program chair. She announced that she was taking classes at Depaul university at night and i thought for what? i realized after reading the post maybe she's getting a higher degree maybe a masters. Its sad because she's bias, unprofessional and not only in control of a class room but a whole program. I WANT OUT NOW!!!

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