Planet Wheels / Bought vehicle with fraudulent odometer reading

1 United States

I went to Planet Wheels after seeing an advert of a vehicle that I was interested in with reasonable low odometer reading, on the internet. I traded my current vehicle in on their vehicle. I was told that the vehicle do ot have a service booklet. I then asked for the vehicles VIN number to try and track down the previous owner of the vehicle and get the sevice booklet. I did track the owner down, who informed me that he kept all services up to date and that he sold the vehicle with the booklet. But I can contact a service company in Paarl to get the full records of the services. I did phone the company in the Paarl, and was given the said service records. To my horror I saw that the odometer reading on the actual vehicle was way below the reading of the service records!!! i contacted PW but they just couldn't understand it. I futher waited approximetely 4 months for the vehicles registration papers.


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