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She has a horrible attitude !!! Ive been coming here for years and I have never experienced this .See Top 10 Worst Companies in Norridge, ILI came I'm with my partner and we tried to check in, him and I have been coming for years, he is in the system as my guest and they have his picture and everything !! She said she is the new manager and she makes the rules now ! What is wrong with her ??? Her attitude is a disgrace ! This is a suburb planet fitness, customer service was always on point until Katie had arrived !! I am very disappointed, thinking of switching ! I demand for you guys to do something about this Katie !!! Asap !
Very upset customer

May 15, 2017
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  •   May 15, 2017

    You need to contact Corporate directly.

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      Jun 10, 2017

    Making a complaint about one staff member at planet fitness, Rockbridge Road Stone Mountain. I have been a member since July/August last year. I took my wife with me as she was visiting from another state today 6/4/2017 about 4:25. I checked in and told my wife to wait at the front where there are several seats, I went off to work out but looked back and realized that my wife was in a conversation with the lady at the desk. I turned back and asked the lady what was the matter. The lady told me that my wife can't stay inside. I told her she is not going to work out she is with me. The lady told me that I do not have a black membership so she can't stay. I told her that she was allowed to sit the last time but insisted that she can't stay, At this time my protective instinct kicked it and I insisted that my wife was not going outside so I told her to sit at the side since she can't sit st the front, At this time she told me that my membership is cancelled. To which I remarked what are you talking about. She said I am the manager here to which I told the matter to another staffer, why is she being so rude and mean, He motioned his hand without saying anything. I insisted that my wife sit down and went off to work out. She said that I was going to call 991 and I told her to go ahead. I proceeded to work out but after a minute or so I decided it's not worth it if a police comes on the scene this would be too much, I went to the lady and asked for a refund since she is cancelling my membership to which she said that the fee is not refundable. I said to her, you are very terrible manager and you will not go very far she said see you in ten years. I said you have no idea of what customer service is and that she is very arrogant. She said thanks for the compliment and I said it's not and walk away.
    This was my first bad experience and was surprised that my membership is being cancelled without a refund. This is not a complaint against planet fitness as my experience has largely been positive, but just an individual.

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