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I was a member of the club and one day the manager approached me and told me I was no longer allowed in the club and my membership was cancelled. I asked him why and all I was told was that I had improper activities, What the heck is that. Nate told me that he didn;t have to give me any reason why I was no longer allowed in the gym and it was his decision so he could tell me nothing else.

I feel if you are asked to leave a gym you should be given a valid reason. I feel this gym is discriminative against me due to the fact that I am "a meat head" in there eyes. I am a big guy 260 and lift more then anyone else in the gym. they have pictures of animated guys like "me" in the locker room with a red slash through them.

What kind of a gym that is supposed to promote health and wellness has a free pizza night and is a JUDGEMENT FREE ZONE. I think the judgement free part is the fresh flowers in the ladies locker room every day that is one of there "perks" alopng with the bagel tuesday.

Let's get real a gym is a gym and can;t we all just get along and workout and support each other.

I am personal trainer and I feel the gym was also intimidated by people asking me questions due to the fact that there staff is not as knowledgeable at all in the fitness industry. You cannot help your members if you are not motivated and able to be informative of there health and wellness.

Thanks and let's hope this can be explained to me



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      Apr 10, 2010

    if that was the case, you should have filed a complaint to the atty general, better business bureau or consumer protection agency - which address was this ? There are at least 2 in york - i would want to avoid that place lol

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      Apr 10, 2010

    file with the atty general's office - sounds odd to me - which address so I dont go to the wrong one!

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