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Plane Tickets / My agonizing experience with Cheapoair: $1,396.67 in jeopardy.

1 United States

I booked a ticket online with Cheapoair destined for the Philippines on 4/24/15. I was not too pleased when my selected itinerary was somehow altered within a flash and I had to call only to be told my selected itinerary would cost additional additional $79.00 which i paid but I knew that somehow the system altered my selection. This is minor compared to my ensuing experience with Cheapoair.

On my flight date, I was at the airport an hour, fifteen minutes prior to departure time but had gone to Japan Airlines because that is what is conspicuously displayed on my itinerary along with flight # with a smaller print saying...American Airlines. I was told I had to go to American Airline counter. By the time I got to American, it was fifty-five mins. before departure time. I had a very rude attendant at the counter who said I should have been there 30 mins prior and I was told there was nothing she could do and I'd have to contact my travel agent. This was the beginning of my pain.

I called Cheapoair and told them what had happened (At this time it was about 40 mins prior to departure) I was told my ticket is no longer valid and it was a no-show and the only favor they could extend was for me to pay additional $758.00 in fees and they could get me another flight in two days or go back to the airline and work it out. At this time I was fuming but at some point regained composure and went back to American counter. The clock had never ticked so loud in my ears...time was of essence. The lady I spoke to, informed me that the counter I went in the first place was for domestic flights. There is an array of counters that say 'American' but none designated as domestic or international. I asked if there was another flight that would get me to my connecting flight since there's a layover of about 3 hrs. The response was negative. At this time, I had decided to pay Cheapoair the $758.00 but to my surprise it had jumped to $1200.00 within a span of 10mins. When I questioned this amount, I was then forwarded to a so-called customer service rep. who says it will now be $2, 200.00. She said she would call me back with resolution but never did. After departure time, each time I called, I was kept on hold anywhere between 30mins and to 1hr and the price continuously grew ranging from $1, 100.00 to $2, 800.00. To cut the story short, I did not make the flight nor did I have resolution to my travel issue. All kinds of emotions went through my body...anger, frustration, sadness, welly eyes and resignation at the end of the day but in utter readiness to fight another day. I returned home. Lest I forget: They also told me when they contacted Japan Airline they were told it was a no-show. This was a lie..

I called Japan Airline and the lady I spoke to (Pat), said it's not a no-show if I'm at the airport prior to departure time but could only resolve this issue with my agent and reminding me of possible agent fees. I finally find a Cheapoair representative by the name "Chance" who claims to be the supervisor. He initiated a 3-way phone conversation with Japan Airline. The result is that I wait for 72hrs for a decision. That is where things remain for now. I will keep you the public informed.

If there's no resolution (I hope there is) I will have no choice but to take Cheapoair to court and luckily I have plenty of time at my disposal to fight this pillaging. I am also open to other ideas I can employ to resolve this matter outside of the court system as this will be a protracted matter should it go that route. All I want is to be provided with alternate travel date and make this trip.

May 10, 2015

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