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Aaron Greenspan and his father Neil S Greenspan the VP and Treasurer of are two very sick Sociopath's. One has to feel sorry for Aaron Greenspan's Mother having married total Psychotic Sociopath like Neil S Greenspan and then producing two sons who have issues. The really dangerous Sociopath is Aaron Jacob Greenspan who enjoys going in to the Federal Pacer system where people's personal legal cases are and then this Sociopath selectively downloads legal cases, then this Sociopath uploads the most harmful information on to his vicious monetized website, in order to intentionally destroy people's careers, reputations, families and lives.

Aaron Greenspan is a sick Sociopath who fully enjoys dishing things out to other people, in order to defame, destroy and shame people online but he doesn't enjoy receiving his own medicine.

Aaron Greenspan belongs locked up in a Psychiatric Hospital where he was locked up in Cleveland, Ohio for 6 months at the age of 16 and heavily sedated and placed on the medication Haldol. We all knew this in Shaker Heights, Ohio that there was something completely off with this Sociopath Aaron Jacob Greenspan. Just the looks and insane stares that Aaron Jacob Greenspan would give people was like freaky.

It should be noted that Aaron Jacob Greenspan's father Neil S Greenspan has that same Psychotic look in his eyes. We can't believe this guy can even hold a job and if the University where he works found out about all of his IRS tax fraud schemes, psychiatric issues with him and his family and the danger that he poses to students with his Sociopathy we think that his employer would fire him immediately as he should. Nobody should ever hire Neil S Greenspan. He should be locked up on a Psychiatric ward and medicated with Psychiatric drugs for both Neil S Greenspan and Aaron Jacob Greenspan are insane. In any other other country both Neil S Greenspan and Aaron Jacob Greenspan would be placed in a Psychiatric hospital and not allowed to produce any more Sociopathic children who are a danger and a menace to society at large.

Neil Sanford Greenspan with NPI Number [protected] works at UH Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland Ohio 11100 Euclid Ave, Cleveland, Ohio USA, telephone [protected]
Fax: [protected]

Neil Sanford Greenspan age 65 and his wife Judith Keene Greenspan age 62 home address is the following:
20560 Shelburne
Shaker Heights, Ohio 44122

Home Value: $92, 000
Usage: Single Dwelling
Owner: Judith Keene Greenspan (because husband Neil Sanford Greenspan is worried about being sued by people when it comes to and the fraudulent 501c they are running and if the IRS finds out they will seize their assets and quick too)
Assessed Property Value: $103, 400
Assessed Land Value: $32, 520
Previous addresses:
858 Berick, Saint Louis, MO 63132
4701 Pine, Philadelphia, PA 19143
3715 Warrensville Center, Shaker Heights, OH 44122
4300 Osage, Philadelphia, PA 19104
BOC PO Box, Greensboro, NC 27420
715 Warrensville, Shaker Heights, OH 44121

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  • Ou
      5th of Feb, 2018
    +6 Votes

    This Sociopath is 100% a serious Hacker. He is a sick SOCIOPATH and a CRIMINAL!
    Aaron Greenspan doing business under the domain pretends to make legal information available to anyone as a public service. While his mission initially sounds noble, he is nothing other than an internet scam artist. The site selectively publishes legal proceedings of high profile individuals and then tries to charge the individuals a subscription fee to remove the postings. These are all published "under the punlic interest" of readers. Many of the items published are very old, incorrect, or intended to harm the named party. I have contacted Aaron Greenspan on behalf of a client, and was told that the incorrect and undesired information could be removed for a fee of $4500 USD. This fraud and blackmail should be shut down.

  • Jo
      6th of May, 2018
    +2 Votes

    @Out this Sociopath Aaron Greenspan! Judith keene Greenspan of keene promotions is part owner of plainsite . Call and convince her to remove your info. 216-932-1989. Dont let them play the victim. These people are very wealthy have millions saved in Bank Leumi and other Israeli banks.

  • Aa
      15th of Jun, 2018
    +1 Votes

    @Out this Sociopath Aaron Greenspan! Do not do business with keene promotions or judi Greenspan. These animals are running fraudulent charities to avoid paying uncle sam.


    (216) 932-1989

    (216) 371-5443

    (216) 406-3073

    Ms Judith Keene Greenspan
    Shaker Heights, oh
    Neil S Greenspan

    Aaron J Greenspan

    Judith Keene Greenspan
    Shaker Heights, OH, Age 64
    Judit Greenspan
    Judith Kgreenspan
    Beachwood, Oh
    Saint Louis, Mo
    Shaker Heights, Oh
    +1 more
    Aaron J Greenspan
    Neil Sanford Greenspan
    Simon Keene Keene Greenspan
    Judith Keene Greenspan

    Shaker Heights, Ohio
    Neil Greensapn, Aaron J Greenspan, Simon Greenspan
    Twitter Profiles Twitter
    agree*****, jgree*****, jgree*****, judith.g********, n*
    Judit Greenspan, Judith Greenspan, J Greenspan, Judi K Greenspan, Judy Greenspan
    20560 Shelburne Rd, Shaker Heights, OH; 715 Warrensville Ctr # 3, Cleveland, OH; 4701 Pine St Apt B2, Philadelphia, PA
    Saint Louis, MO

    Neil Sanford Greenspan, 64
    Beachwood, OH
    Lived inCleveland OHSaint Louis MO
    Related toJudith GreenspanSimon GreenspanAaron GreenspanJami Greenspan
    Also known as Neil Greensapn

  • Aa
      23rd of Jun, 2018
    0 Votes

    @Out this Sociopath Aaron Greenspan! Aaron greenspan, neil s greenspan, judith keene greenspan and simon greenspan are running fraudulent charities. irs needs to investigate.
    Think computer foundation does not help children at all. only a personal piggy bank.

    Aaron greenspan is banned from anyone nutty lawsuits and now is using 501s to avoid paying taxes.

    Keene promotions
    Case western reserve university
    Stanford university
    Neil greenspan
    Think computer foundation
    Quick facts
    Place shaker hts, oh

    + results


    This organization has not provided guidestar with a mission statement.

    Ruling year

    Principal officer
    Aaron greenspan

    Main address
    20560 shelburne rd

    Shaker hts, oh 44122


    Bridge number

    Cause area (ntee code)
    Education n.e. c. (b99)

  • Co
      9th of Jul, 2018
    -1 Votes

    @Aaron_Greenspan_Fraud you stole images which you did not own
    you stole from a book that was not yours to use
    you disrespected the very basics of being a witch
    you are disgraced worldwide

    Website Complaints & Reviews - Complaints Board
    Black Raven Coven rears its ugly fake head again who does Lesley Jackson think she is? / black raven coven scam run by lesley ann jackson and b foster back again!!!

    you bully pagans like phaedra bonewits, lady abigail and many many others who have learned what a stupid silly little mob of cowardly trolls you have started lesley ann jackson

    Lady Raven Avalon is Lesley Jackson from Sheffield UK Fraud who is a thief
    - Consumer complaints and reviews about Lady Raven Avalon lesley ann jackson

    you attack L Rodriguez
    you attack gabby
    you attack everyone to boost your own names in pagan society but we are not fooled by any of you
    you attack voodoo followers
    you attack individuals
    you attack ACOW
    you attack calling one man "a lizard"
    you attack calling another person "sick in the head" because of transgender

    scam report | Cymraes's corner run by lesley jackson sheffield wales ...
    https:///link removed/, 2018 - She is lonely and gains attention for her ego by lying and cheating and has been caught red handed for being the owner of Black Raven Coven .

    You attack and you tried to fool people for what? Cowardly bunch of trolls hide behind fake names which have all been found out! Are you proud of yourself? Are you jealous of others? Or are you just an underhanded sick old woman with no life lesley?
    Lesley Jackson Founder of PAP - FRAUD - Cymraes's Corner – ~ blogger- do not ... "i handed over Black Raven Coven to lesley jackson, Boudica Foster" joanne nelson

    You make up, on our count, 28 troll names to bully and harass all IP's are the same, yours lesley jackson.
    You try to hide behind your little group of yellow bellied want-to-be's all either self published authors, self published lulu writers and a few snot nosed easily led [censored]s! Why? You took along with you for the ride a few really disturbed individuals. Together you stole and bullied your way around social media but it is all out in the open. We agree that you seem to need some form of recognition and the lengths you went to "get your name out there" lesley, mentally unstable.

    Called "hog faced woman" is too good for you! You are nearly at retirement age and must be one of the oldest stalkers online. You lied about ACOW stealing your work; why would they? You were caught by gabby interfering in American Wicca Policies, you are caught for being a tremendous stalker and thief which featured in the magazine and on several larger covens!

    Boudica's name is mud in USA pagan societies as she still lives on her departed husbands name. She was caught calling phaedra bonewits " a stupid cow" so what has this self published fool ever done only slam others and troll with your cowardly bunz! She loves herself however her own stupidity has caught up with her. She is and always will be, a nobody.

    Sharon blaylock is cunning! That is the only compliment afforded to her; a double player. That information will be retained for further use.

    The other members of your little bunch of cowards are really not even worth mentioning as they are not considered in any form "credible". The chattering magpie a self published stalker and so forth. Leave them where they are the spineless fakes.

    Pagans against plagiarizm are gone and the sniveling cowards who also took part in BRC, hiding! You should be ashamed of yourself for your actions however, your ego is too big for that; cymraes corner is still trying to pull in money for you lesley. Do you buy your followers? Nothing would surprize us at this juncture: nothing!

  • Th
      10th of Aug, 2018
    -2 Votes

    @Out this Sociopath Aaron Greenspan! is a fake charity. Judi Greenspan has been running this fake charity for years.

  • Th
      10th of Aug, 2018
    0 Votes

    @Out this Sociopath Aaron Greenspan! @plainsite @Aarongreenspan

  • Ma
      14th of Aug, 2018
    -1 Votes

    @Out this Sociopath Aaron Greenspan!

  • Th
      16th of Aug, 2018
    0 Votes

    @Out this Sociopath Aaron Greenspan! Aaron Greenspan has a pattern of pathologically lying to people. It happens a lot and that make people concerned for anyone who would trust giving their credit card information or fake court docket of Aaron Greenspan already lies about his site.

    Can you trust Christine Richard and Aaron Greenspan .Herbalife Nutrition Ltd., a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) nutritional supplement? I think not.

  • Aa
      24th of Aug, 2018
    -1 Votes

    @Out this Sociopath Aaron Greenspan! Aaron Greenspan and Judi Greenspan and Neil s Greenspan are sick demented people. The resemblance Aaron Greenspan has to Adam Lanza is uncanny.

  • Co
      9th of Sep, 2018
    -1 Votes

    @Out this Sociopath Aaron Greenspan! John Fuenchem is crazy Aaron Greenspan.

  • Or
      20th of Sep, 2018
    -1 Votes

    @Jose 911 Aaron Greenspan is also working with Christine Richard of . Everyone knows Aaron Greenspan is a pathological lier and the Herbalife study is based on the lies of Aaron Greenspan

  • Fi
      28th of Nov, 2018
    -1 Votes

    @CourtListener - Free Law Project He is a scam artist

  • Jo
      20th of Feb, 2018
    +1 Votes

    * Do not let this individual Aaron Greenspan harass, intimidate, threaten or bully in any way this website to remove anything, as “We the People” have the exact same First Amendment Rights as this Sociopath does and we are exposing the full truth on this Hacker and Menace to Society.

    Aaron Greenspan is a sick evil [censor] who fully enjoys and gets his kicks out of destroying people’s careers and reputations with his vicious website after he did not succeed with face cash in 2011 he turned in to very sick Psychopath who is angry at the world and he even hates himself. This is why now he is bent on destroying everyone’s careers and reputations that he can and make no mistake, this [censor] is doing everything fully intentional.

    His father Neil S Greenspan with NPI Number 1386663938 who is the VP and Treasurer for under a fraudulent 501c non-profit called Think Computer is a sick Sociopath. Aaron Greenspan has his sick fathers (Neil S Greenspan’s) genes, which obviously are [censor] up to have produced a total Sociopath like Aaron Greenspan.

    Aaron Greenspan is so miserable that he wants the whole world to be misrable. This individual is completely insane and belongs locked up on a Psychiatric Ward for the safety of the public and should never be allowed to go near a computer, smart device or anyone’s personal information ever again.

    Aaron Greenspan enjoys following in Aaron Swartz’s footsteps who was a major Hacker and now Aaron Greenspan is doing the exact same thing. This individual is Hacking in to State and Federal databases such as Pacer, Hacking in to Sealed and highly classified documents and then uploading these documents on to his sick monetized website

    The IRS non-profit division and other Federal Agencies have now been made aware of Aaron Greenspan’s crimes against the public. This Sociopath does not appear to want to stop doing bad things to the public until he is locked up in a Psychiatric Institution with four point restraints, so he can’t go near anyone’s private information ever again.

    There has to be something seriously mentally wrong with this father Neil S Greenspan and his mother Judith Keene Greenspan for allowing this Sociopath son of theirs to do these vicious thing to hard working men and women in America.

    Neil S Greenspan with NPI Number 1386663938 who is employed at Case Western Reserve University should be fired by the President of this University and should take action and have Neil S Greenspan with NPI Number 1386663938 given a thorough Psychiatric examination because he is a danger to Case Western Reserve University and something is completely off with this individual. Neil S Greenspan should not be allowed to access anyone’s personal and private data. This individual with NPI Number 1386663938 is a complete menace to society. Neil S Greenspan with NPI Number 1386663938 is intentionally violating “HIPAA”, as he is the VP and Treasurer for and his Sociopath son Aaron Greenspan is Hacking in to legal databases, as well as medical databases and his father is fully aware that his son Aaron Greenspan is Hacking in to all these databases in the US but he enables Aaron Greenspan to dod these things to people.

    The following is the personal information for Judith Keene Greenspan, D.O.B. 05/27/1954
    Education: Newton North High School
    20560 Shelburne
    Shaker Heights, Ohio 44122

    The following is information on Aaron Greenspan’s father Neil S Greenspan.
    Neil S Greenspan MD? NPI Number 1386663938 NPI Number. That’s his medical “National Provider Identifier”, This individual should have his supposed MD license revoked for committing crimes against the public and being highly unethical and immoral.

    Neil S Greenspan MD? NPI Number 1386663938 works at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio,
    24701 Euclid Avenue, 3rd Floor
    Cleveland, Ohio 44117-1714

    “A national provider identifier (NPI) is a unique ten-digit identification number required by HIPAA for covered healthcare providers in the United States. Covered providers, health plans and healthcare clearinghouses — public or private entities that process or facilitate the processing of health information — must use the NPI in administrative and financial transactions adopted under HIPAA.”

    “A national provider identifier (NPI) is a unique ten-digit identification number required by HIPAA for covered healthcare providers in the United States. Covered providers, health plans and healthcare clearinghouses — public or private entities that process or facilitate the processing of health information — must use the NPI in administrative and financial transactions adopted under HIPAA.”

    The NPI replaces the unique physician identification number (UPIN), a six-character identifier Medicare used to ascertain doctors in the U.S. who accepted Medicare insurance. The UPIN was discontinued in June 2007.

    Who must obtain an NPI?
    All individual and organizational healthcare providers who are HIPAA covered entities must obtain an NPI.

    Who may not obtain an NPI?
    Entities that do not meet the definition of a healthcare provider as defined by HIPAA may not apply for an NPI.

    What are the healthcare provider NPI categories?
    There are two healthcare provider categories for NPI enumeration:

    Individual or Type 1. This category includes individuals who render healthcare services, such as physicians, nurses, dentists, pharmacists and sole providers.
    Organization or Type 2. This category includes organizations that render healthcare services or provide healthcare supplies to patients, such as hospitals and home health agencies.”

    Aaron Greenspan enjoys uploading people’s personal and private information on the web, as he gets enjoyment out of running people’s careers and reputations and he is selective to who he goes after. Aaron Greenspan does not like receiving his own medicine and having his personal information uploaded on to the web but this sick [censor] thinks its alright to it to everyone else at his discretion/.

    We will further expose this sick [censor] Aaron Greenpsn and his sick [censor] father Neil S Greenspan as two degenerates who enjoy doing throwing people’s information on the web but don’t like it when its done to them.

    We will keeping people posted on new information that is coming in about these two sick Sociopath’s/

  • Mm
      4th of Apr, 2018
    -1 Votes

    @Jose 911 Cymraes's Corner "The Crotchless Knicker Lady" Lesley Jackson ...
    1 day ago - your company on ebay is a scam! Crotchless knickers were "worn" dont use this company run by lesley jackson sheffield formerly of mold in wales. The Crotchless Knicker Lady lesley jackson is a scam. Do not send this woman a buck!

  • Ra
      8th of Mar, 2018
    -5 Votes

    This incoherent, barely literate, rambling rant is brought to you by Diego Mas Marques, who has also gone by the name Diego Mas Howard and Rick Mas Marques. He is posting these completely false and defamatory statements around the Internet because he is unhappy about websites that have made public record court files available online. What kind of court records? Records regarding his repatriation to the United States after being convicted of murder and burglary in Spain. He was convicted of murdering his girlfriend. He is upset that people will find out that Diego Mas Marques, who also goes by the name Rick Mas Marques or Ricky Mas Marques (or Rick MasMarques or Ricky MasMarques or Diego MasMarques), killed someone and engaged in burglary, was convicted of both, and served prison time for doing so.

    You can read about his conviction for murder and burglary by visiting the following web pages (in Spanish):

    You can view the court records on Diego Mas Howard (Diego Mas Marques, Rick Mas Marques, Ricky Mas Marques, Ricky Mas) by visiting these links:

  • Ja
      1st of May, 2018
    +1 Votes

    @randy123789 Holy cow that's some mess

  • Ca
      12th of Mar, 2018
    Best Best Advice +9 Votes

    We are not associated by the sick vindictive individual or individuals who have posted this comment under our review of Aaron Jacob Greenspan.

    We are 6 individuals who have been directly affected by Aaron Jacob Greenspan and his sick father Neil S Greenspan who is the VP and Treasurer for

    Currently is undergoing an investigation by the IRS non-profit division in Dallas, Texas. Also, since we have submitted complaints with the FBI's IC3 about Aaron Jacob Greenspan and his father Neil S Greenspan we will now introduce in to our next complaint the sick individual who is posting comments about some guy that has nothing to do with our complaints against It doesn't matter if a fake name or a VPN was used by whoever wrote this nonsense about some guy from Spain and this is just over the top and completely defamatory. We are sure Google is going to investigate this copyright infringement and harassment towards whoever this guy is.

    We as a team of people from varied states have teamed up together and filed consecutive complaints with the IRS' non-profit division. We have had one site closed down already with the help of the IRS. Now out goal is to shut down, which is in the middle of an IRS investigation and next will be who also have had an IRS complaints lodged against them last Fall of 2017.

  • Jo
      9th of Jun, 2018
    +1 Votes

    @Caroline O It's not in Dallas. I saw the tax forms.

  • We
      14th of Mar, 2018
    +4 Votes

    Lots of people hating on each other. Looks like the people posting that about some guy from Spain could well be some of his [censor] relatives who called the media in Spain telling them all kinds of made up lies and made repeated calls to well they know what they did. That's what [censor] do when people are down, they kick them when there down.

  • Aa
      20th of Mar, 2018
    +7 Votes

    Post Aaron Greenspan and his pictures and on
    And post his piece of shiitt business partner father Neil Greenspan and ugly mother Judith Greenspan on

  • Ag
      23rd of Mar, 2018
    +4 Votes

    Aaron Greenspan is going around on the internet claiming that he is the real owner of facebook and he has written online that Mark Zuckerberg is a complete sociopath. Now Aaron Greenspan has already sued facebook to get his hands on some free money, he settled out of court of course. Mark Zuckerberg should have taken this all the way to trial.

    Today we Aaron Greenspan running around still complaining and whining about what could of or should have been because little baby Aaron Jacob Greenspan could not get his hands on facebook.

    Can anyone imagine what the world would be like if Aaron Greenspan owned and operated facebook or facecash? That would be the end of the world as he would terrorize the entire world population with that type of power.

    Aaron Greenspan should never be allowed to go anywhere near the internet, a computer, smart device or anything else that would allow this guy to access people's personal information.

    Aaron Greenspan is a Hacker and a Danger to society.

  • Ag
      23rd of Mar, 2018
    +3 Votes

    I am one of the thousands of victims by this anti-social person named Aaron Jacob Greenspan and his father Neil S Greenspan who is the VP and Treasurer for and fraudulent umbrella 501c Think Computer.

    A couple of years ago I asked this b"""""d to remove a case about the abuse that I had endured with my husband and had asked the court in Indiana to keep my address under Seal. Well, go figure this Hacker Aaron Greenspan went in to the court computer systems and somehow hacked in to the database and got hold of my information and published this on his

    As a result my ex-husband located me and I lost my job and more. I had to move back in with my parents because of this self centered "a"""""e.

    Aaron Greenspan is not mentally right and he has no conscious, no morals, no ethics and only cares about himself making some money and gaining power and control over people. Everything all these people have said about Aaron Greenspan being a sociopath are right on the money.

    Don't know why the government doesn't shut this criminal down.

    The following is an article by Aaron Greenspan and he pretty much explains how he is hacking in to the Federal Pacer system and practically not paying for anything but now is charging the public a $99 a month fee to access legal cases on that he downloads for next to nothing.

    Make no mistake Aaron Greenspan is a bad person, Hacker and CRIMINAL!


    Introducing Operation Asymptote
    A suggested method for downloading the rest of PACER.
    January 16, 2013
    Topics = { Ø }
    Today I spent $46.90 to find out the answer to a question. I wanted to know how many cases Assistant United States
    Attorney Stephen P. Heymann has prosecuted in the District of Massachusetts during his entire career. I also wanted to know what those cases were about, who the parties involved were, which judges presided over them, and what happened in each of them. There were 73 cases I could find. So, to discover this public information about a public servant nominally protecting the public, it cost me (actually, it cost Think Computer Foundation) $46.90—and that's without downloading any of the actual case documents. Those would have cost hundreds more.
    It did not cost $46.90 because providing that information required the United States Government to burn $46.90 in coal to
    power giant computers; use $46.90 of long distance telephone time to transmit data at 1200bps; or compensate a kid on a
    bike for 4.69 hours of pedaling at $10.00 per hour. It cost that amount because some bureaucrat and/or panel of judges in theAdministrative Office of the United States Courts arbitrarily decided that it should. And they arbitrarily decided it should because they were looking at a graph with a lot of red ink, and they decided that must mean that Congress underfunds the courts (which I'm willing to admit it might). But then they further decided that such underfunding of the courts gives them a license to do anything they please, such as steal, to cover the shortfall—or maybe to cover the shortfall, and then some, where "some" is, you know, about $100, 000, 000.00 per year.
    So, in effect, the Administrative Office of the United States Courts stole $46.90 of my money today. They might as well have walked into my house and took a few twenties off of my nightstand. They took that money because they have a budget issue to deal with and they also happen to know something that I want to know, but that they are not allowed to profit from by law.
    And they know all about that law because they are the Administrative Office of the United States Courts.
    While I generally see the stealing of my money as a problem, it's personal now. Stephen P. Heymann played a very active
    role in the entirely unnecessary death of Aaron Swartz, who I liked and respected very much. In turn, I would very much like to educate Mr. Heymann, his colleagues at the United States Department of Justice, and his colleagues at the Administrative Office of the United States Courts about what Aaron could see that they most certainly could not: their own future.
    The future is going to look a lot different at each of those institutions, and it's going to look a lot more like Aaron's vision of it than one they might choose for themselves. That's because aside from the fact that Aaron's vision matches the ideals of the founders of this country, I'm going to make it my personal mission to see it come to light. But I'm not stopping with the technology grants. At the very least, I want every U.S. Attorney and AUSA's full career as a prosecutor available to the public to examine in its entirety. Because what's even scarier than an abusive prosector is an abusive prosecutor who becomes a judge. (And guess what many of our judges did before they were judges?)
    Aaron saw a future where the justice system was transparent. So let's start with Heymann. When information is transparent, it's much easier to make informed decisions, such as whether or not an Assistant United States Attorney might have abused his prosecutorial discretion earlier in his career. Regardless of whether or not any one AUSA has, as an official representative
    of the United States of America in a decidedly non-clandestine role, what that person does in a professional capacity should be subject to public scrutiny every bit as much as what the Attorney General does, especially given that unlike many government employees, an AUSA has the power to unilaterally destroy a life, as Aaron so visibly proved.
    Aaron also could see the flaws in systems on a larger scale. I never talked to him about this particular flaw, but I'm pretty sure he would find it of interest now. Because as it is currently designed, PACER has a pretty big flaw.
    I'm not talking about a technical flaw. It's the same kind of system design flaw that allowed Aaron to download about a fifth of PACER's contents in 2008. The courts are forced (by Congress) to grudingly acknowledge that not everyone is rich enough to afford a lawyer, so in very limited circumstances, it is legal to use PACER for free.
    This is why I am introducing Operation Asymptote: an initiative to take full advantage of those very circumstances.
    Participating requires the following:
    1. You must have five minutes.
    2. You must have a valid credit or debit card, even though it will not be charged.
    3. You must have a computer with internet access that can run Firefox.
    4. You must have a PACER account.
    5. You must have the free RECAP browser extension.
    Once you've done all that, you can use the free Operation Asymptote tool on PlainSite to help you figure out what to
    download, and so long as you download no more than $15.00 worth of PACER materials per calendar quarter, your card will not be charged. That's it.
    Of course, the courts won't be happy about it. PACER's home page for many districts is a wall of frightening disclaimers, one of which is about using RECAP as a "fee-exempt" user. Don't be fooled.
    As far as I can tell as a non-lawyer who, for the record, is not providing anyone with legal advice by discussing any of this (if
    you have questions or doubts, talk to a lawyer), the court must provide information on its activities (other than those under seal) to the public, and it cannot discriminate against any portion of the public when providing that information. That means the court can't say, "if you have blue eyes, you are not authorized to access our public information." Nor can it restrict how public information is used or redistributed after it has been obtained. So, for example, the court also can't say, "if you are going to a town hall meeting after this, you can't have our public information—but going to a school to study it is okay."
    By stating, "Therefore, fee exempt PACER users must refrain from the use of RECAP. The prohibition on transfer of
    information received without fee is not intended to bar a quote or reference to information received as a result of a fee
    exemption in a scholarly or other similar work, " that is exactly what the court is doing, and it's probably against the law. Of course, that's no surprise, because this whole situation is against the law.
    The disclaimer is flawed in other ways, as well. It's not clear who "fee-exempt PACER users" even are because users do not
    know ahead of time whether they will or will not be fee-exempt. Exemption depends on usage. Users who just go over the
    $15.00 threshold by a penny are not required to somehow "return" $15.00 worth of data.
    In addition, while the scary disclaimer states, "Any transfer of data obtained as the result of a fee exemption is prohibited
    unless expressly authorized by the court, " the PACER home page clearly states, "By Judicial Conference policy, if your usage does not exceed $15 in a quarter, fees for that quarter are waived, effectively making the service free for most users, " which means that data transfer as the result of a fee exemption is expressly authorized by the court!
    Does this make any sense in the first place as a program designed to help impoverished litigants? Of course not. Only those who are lawyers or somehow involved in litigation sign up for PACER, and those people can easily hit $15.00 of usage almost immediately. Poor people caught up in the court system frequently don't have credit and debit cards. They also often don't have computers or the skills to use them, and they certainly are not about to master the absurd user interface that is PACER to do legal research if they do.
    I've already sent the courts (and my Congresswoman) a very polite letter, and they've already explained why they plan to
    ignore it. I could write letters all day, but I don't think they're listening. So join me in sending the courts a different kind of
    message. They want to play a game with taxpayers (by taxing us twice and threatening us into submission), so let's play. No laws need be broken. Just follow the directions, and we'll get that other 80% of PACER sooner than you think. And it literally won't cost a dime.
    7, 384 Views
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    What is the total when you put 8 and 4 together and add one hundred?
    1 Brandon Anzaldi (
    January 17, 2013 at 1:44 PM EST
    I think this is a brilliant idea. Finish what Aaron started. He deserves something in his memory. It won't bring him back, but it will
    bring some of his ideas to life.
    2 John Hawkinson
    January 20, 2013 at 10:03 AM EST
    "Fee-exempt" PACER users are not people who use less than $15/month. That is not what it is about. Fee-exempt PACER users
    are those who have petitioned a particular court for free access to that Court "to avoid an unreasonable burden and promote public access to such information." See
    While it's not super-clear under what circumstances such a fee exemption is granted (perhaps if you are a pro se litigant who is indigent, or maybe if you are a news reporter covering a case with voluminous filings), I believe it is clear that language does not apply to those who have not explicitly petitioned a specific Court for a fee waiver.
    3 Chris Field
    January 23, 2013 at 12:59 AM EST
    Though one should assess the risk for themselves, I ultimately concluded for myself that the PACER policies that restrict "fee exempt" users from transferring PACER data don't apply to "regular" users. For "regular" users, PACER's FAQ is unequivocal: "The information gathered from the PACER system is a matter of public record and may be reproduced without permission." [1]
    The Judicial Conference of the United States determines the PACER fees. Contrast the Judicial Conference references to a "fee waiver" available to all individual account holders [2], [3], [4] with references to a "fee exemption, " [5], [6] which the PACER FAQ clearly says can only be granted by a court after making the required findings upon motion by the party seeking fee exemption
    exemption. [7]
    * [1], [7] from PACER Frequently Asked Questions at
    * [2]-[6] from Reports of the Proceedings of the Judicial Conference of the United States at
    [1] Pacer FAQ: "What are the acceptable uses of the data obtained from the PACER system?
    The PACER system provides electronic access to case information from federal courts across the United States. The information
    gathered from the PACER system is a matter of public record and may be reproduced without permission. However, the PACER user assumes all responsibility for consequences that arise from use of the data."
    [2] March 14, 2001: "no fee … [will] be owed until an individual … accrue[s] charges of more than $10 in a calendar year. …
    providing a basic level of public access consistent with the services historically provided by the courts."
    [3] March 16, 2010: "In order to encourage use of … PACER … by the public, … users [will] not be billed until their accounts
    total[s] at least $10 in a one-year period. To increase the amount of data available without charge … users [will] be allowed to
    accrue $10 in free usage quarterly, instead of yearly, before they [will] be charged."
    [4] September 13, 2011: "… the current waiver of fees of $10 or less in a quarterly billing cycle be changed to $15 or less per quarter so that 75 to 80 percent of all users would still receive fee waivers"
    [5] September 23, 2003: "exemptions to the fee are only to be given upon a showing of cause, are limited to specific categories of users, may be granted for a specific period of time, may be revoked at the discretion of the court, and are only for access related to the purpose for which the exemption was given."
    [6] March 15, 2011: "The Electronic Public Access (EPA) Fee Schedule provides for exemptions … upon a showing that an
    exemption is necessary to avoid unreasonable burdens and to promote public access to information. … [T]he Conference
    approved, a modification of the EPA fee schedule to include the following sentence: 'For individual researchers, courts must also find that the defined research project is intended for academic research purposes, and not for commercial purposes or internet redistribution.'"
    [7] Pacer FAQ: "Can the user fees be waived?
    Exemptions from user fees are uncommon. A court may, for good cause, exempt persons or classes of persons from the
    electronic public access fees, in order to avoid unreasonable burdens and to promote public access to such information. This language is intended to provide a mechanism by which a court may, upon appropriate demonstration of need, grant an exemption from fees for the use of electronic access to court data.
    The appropriate procedure by which a court may consider the grant of an exemption from the fee is upon motion by the party seeking exemption from the fee. The motion should demonstrate the basis upon which the party claims such exemption. The standards established by the Judicial Conference are: to avoid unreasonable burdens and to promote public access to such information. A party must demonstrate that both standards have been met in order for a court to grant an exemption from payment of this fee.
    The exemption of PACER fees will only apply in the jurisdiction that issued the order. PACER usage in other courts will be subject to public access fees unless similar exemptions are granted in those jurisdictions as well."
    About | Writing | Technology
    Copyright © 2001-2017 Aaron Greenspan. All Rights Reserved.

  • +2 Votes

    Mark Zuckerberg needs to file lawsuits against this nut Aaron Jacob Greenspan for continuously defaming Mark Zuckerberg on the web, by calling him all kinds of names, such as a "Thief", "Sociopath", "Liar", "Sneaky" and more.

    All of the names that Aaron Greenspan is calling Mark Zuckerberg is exactly what this Aaron Greenspan is.

    Aaron Greenspan claims that he was the founder of facebook and that Mark Zuckerberg stole his idea. Aaron Greenspan then sued Mark Zuckerberg with no evidence and because they were at Harvard at the same time, Aaron Greenspan has been making claim after claims that he is the true inventor of facebook? Aaron Greenspan has never invented anything. All Aaron Greenspan has done his entire life is "steal other people's ideas". Even today Aaron Greenspan even though told by many people not to do it went forward anyway with a website called, which essentially is the same exact thing as the Federal database Pacer. Major difference is that Aaron Greenspan is selective in what he downloads from Pacer, in order to make every attempt to drive more traffic to
    Pacer does not go around throwing people's personal legal business on the web. Aaron Greenspan's is evil as he intentionally throws people's personal legal business on the web and in a highly selective manner opens the most detrimental files, so that he can get more people to look at his monetized website under his fraudulent umbrella 501c Think Computer.

    Now most recently Aaron Greenspan is attempting to get the naive public to spend $99 a month on a subscription and he will give 10% off if one pays a year in advance? The public needs to know the this is just one big criminal scam. People can go to Pacer and pay pennies on the dollar for the same documents and only be charged for what one needs. If people use this criminal website and we say criminal because Aaron Greenspan is continuously hacking in to State and Federal databases and people's email accounts and websites, in order to obtain Sealed documents, which is illegal. So, anyone who signs up with is essentially funding an ongoing criminal network owned by Aaron Greenspan.

    It is Aaron Greenspan who steals other people's ideas and then makes every attempt to make huge profits by over charging for something that is just about free to the public.

    The Attorney General of Californina, FBI, FTC, FCC and other State and Federal Agencies need to shut down and bring this criminal Aaron Greenspan to justice for the crimes he is committing against the public.

    Aaron Greenspan's father Neil S Greenspan is the VP and Treasurer for and his mother Judith Keene Greenspan fully supports all of these criminal activities, so they can have some cash coming in at the expense of he public of course.

    Mark Zuckerberg wouldn't believe all the defamatory articles that Aaron Greenspan is writing about him all over the web and calling Mark Zuckerberg all kinds of vile insults.

    Nobody in the world should give Aaron Greenspan one single penny.. Make him go out and work with his hands for a living, that is justice.

  • Aa
      25th of Mar, 2018
    +1 Votes

    Aaron Greenspan is a sub-human dirt b. I went through a nasty divorce and my ex=husband had abused me for some years. When I went to Court to finalize the divorce I, they put my address and records under Seal. Though, this Hacker and sub-human Aaron Greenspan somehow hacked in to the courts database and then uploaded my personal court documents on to his website

    I repeatedly asked Aaron Greenspan to please remove my name, address and other personal information and if he could the entire case from online. His response was that of person with no conscious. He told me that he is like a Judge and on the internet can do whatever he feels like it, to whoever he feels like it because he said he has rights, that allow him to do these sub-human things to people. Everything I have read about this Aaron Greenspan is spot on. Aaron Greenspan is a true menace to society and completely out of his mind. His parents Neil S Greenspan and Judith Greenspan have to be out of their minds to because they brought this menace up to allow him to do bad things to the public for his personal enjoyment and pleasure. He is a. true SOCIOPATH. No doubt.

    My ex was able to locate me again because of Aaron Greenspan and I was then harassed by him to the point that I lost my job and almost lost custody to my two children. I had to move back in with my Mother to avoid any more issues with my ex. All of these problems were because of this sicko Aaron Greenspan who appears to enjoy ruining people.

    Now that I have read about complaints with those Federal Agencies, I too will be filing lots of complaints against Aaron Greenspan. This guy is a real danger and menace to the entire society.

  • Pu
      28th of Mar, 2018
    -1 Votes

    The public needs to file IRS Form 13909 501c complaint forms against Aaron Jacob Greenspan's terrorizing website
    This IRS complaint Form 13909 501c can be found online and then one needs to send this form to the IRS office in Dallas, Texas, where they oversee fraudulent 501c's and tax frauds.

    Aaron Greenspan is an online Terrorist who terrorized the public with his monetized website under a fraudulent 501c called Think Computer and his father Neil Sanford Greenspan is the VP and Treasurer for this abomination.

    There is no difference between a criminal and Aaron Greenspan, as he hides behind his computer screen ruining people's careers and reputations and then scamming the IRS and the public out of their money.

    Nobody should ever give Aaron Jacob Greenspan one single penny. Do not sign up for any of his $9.99 or $99.99 a month scam plans that are meant to just steal your money. People can just go to the Federal database Pacer and save themselves tons of money and pay pennies on the dollar and completely bypass this thief and liar Aaron Jacob Greenspan.

    Aaron Greenspan has set up as a cover for what he is really doing and that is "DATA MINING" the public's personal information that he uses and abuses. In other words this scam artist Aaron Greenspan dupes the public in to pain for his scam service that cost 1000% and more than just going to the Federal Pacer system and then he uses people's personal and credit information, in order to data mine and save people's personal information.

    Is Aaron Jacob Greenspan a dangerous individual? Extremely dangerous. The public is being fooled by Aaron Jacob Greenspan's real motives for having set up He touts that he is trying to "help the public" find legal cases? That's jus a bunch of bs. That is just a pure lie by Aaron Jacob Greenspan.

    Aaron Jacob Greenspan uses Hacking Methods, in order to go in to the Federal database Pacer and hack in to Sealed cases and documents that are not public and he does this selectively. Aaron Jacob Greenspan enjoys uploading in a selective manner only legal documents that attract the most attention and traffic to his criminal website, in order so that he can make every attempt to make some easy money without having to do real work.

    The public needs to work together to shut Aaron Jacob Greenspan and his father Neil Sanford Greenspan criminal extortion website down.

    We are 6 individual who will not give up and continue filing complaints with the IRS and other State and Federal Agencies non-stop until this evil sick individual removes all online cases from the web and stops destroying people's careers.

  • 0 Votes

    Aaron Greenspan is really angry at Mark Zuckerberg and he has lots of reasons to be furious. Mark Zuckerberg left Aaron Greenspan out of the loop when it came to facebook and got rid of Aaron Greenspan like when one gets rid of a tissue full of snot.

    Mark Zuckerberg screwed Aaron Greenspan over and laughed all the way to the Bank with his boat wife who really knew how to get Mark Zuckerberg under her thumb. As a matter of fact it was Mark Zuckerberg's current sneaky wife who manipulated him in to screwing everyone over who got in the way of his one man show money making with facebook.

    Today Aaron Greenspan has been left in the wind and is angry at the world for what Mark Zuckerberg did to him and as a consequence has taken that anger out at the public by going around and ruining people's careers with his vicious monetized website, when his true enemy is Mark Zuckerberg who stole all the fame and money.

  • Le
      29th of Mar, 2018
    0 Votes

    Aaron Greenspan is really angry at Mark Zuckerberg and he going off the deep end with personal attacks against Mark Zuckerberg and for good reason:
    Mark Zuckerberg has been committing IRS tax fraud for years and has been hiding his assets overseers, including in Singapore and Panama. Mark Zuckerberg has been data mining the public's information without their knowledge since day one. Mark Zuckerberg's sole intention was only to make lots of money and that's it, he didn't set up facebook as a Social Network platform and he personally thinks that anyone who signs up one facebook and posts and discuss their private business are simply f"""n stupid. Mark Zuckerberg thinks the public are a bunch of stupid fools, who. are naive and gullible to believe that this was "free". When is the public going to realize that nothing is for free and there are currently dozens of monetized websites out there that tell you they are there to "help" you, but its all about those website owners data mining your information for their personal greed and filling up their Bank accounts at your expense.

    Nobody should expose any of their personal information to any website and the public should close their facebook accounts, as your privacy is being viciously invaded even though Mark Zuckerberg will stand there and smile in your face and tell you that he is all of a sudden going to rectify a situation that he has known about since day one. After all it was Mark Zuckerberg who authorized these illegal invasion of privacy schemes using manipulative algorithms, in order to spy on the public, while people don't realize that facebook is not some fun and games site. Facebook is going after the public's personal data for their financial benefits and they have been archiving and saving every last detail of your private data so they can use it for Advertising companies.

    Aaron Greenspan is also data mining people's information with his monetized website and he needs to stop doing this to the public and allow people to remove URL's that are damaging to the public.

    Aaron Greenspan telling it like it is about Mark Zuckerberg on his Twitter feed:
    What the media isn't talking about: Facebook is already in hot water for the way in which it structured its business to evade taxes. And the government would really like to see some more documents.
    Aaron Greenspan

    Follow Follow @AaronGreenspan
    Listen. The problem is not this in Mark's statement or that in Mark's statement. THE PROBLEM IS MARK.
    1:21 PM - 21 Mar 2018

    PlainSite Retweeted

    Aaron Greenspan

    Mar 20
    Mark Zuckerberg's strong and plainly false denial of Facebook's role in the 2016 election looks increasingly like an effort to deliberately mislead shareholders, which would be a violation of § 10(b) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. @SEC_Enforcement

    PlainSite Retweeted

    Aaron Greenspan

    Mar 20
    There is a reason that the very first thing I posted on Hacker News was a warning to the community about Mark Zuckerberg, with a link to the book I had written largely about my time at Harvard. The most damning proof was found after the book was published. …

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    Aaron Greenspan

    Mar 19
    Maybe, Mark. Maybe.

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    Mar 19
    Some of the internal Facebook documents coming up in the United States action over tax evasion are pretty great. "MySpace, Friendster and etc. all died." And they didn't even defraud 50 million people! …

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    Facebook is looking at a theoretical $2 trillion fine.

    PlainSite Retweeted

    Aaron Greenspan

    Mar 19
    If you ever thought Mark Zuckerberg is a genius or a great CEO, it might be because his cronies helped write The Social Network. Here's Scott Rudin assuring his PR hack that "Mark is always the smartest, most shrewd, most visionary person in the room." (Mark loves hacks.)

    According to our PlainSite Pro statistics based on available data, Facebook gets sued in federal court more often than it sues others. …

    PlainSite Retweeted

    Aaron Greenspan

    Mar 17
    What will it take for a newspaper to call on Mark (and Sheryl Sandberg and Andrew Bosworth, etc.) to resign or, better yet, face charges of gross negligence, if nothing else?

    PlainSite Retweeted

    Aaron Greenspan

    Mar 14
    Aaron Greenspan Retweeted PlainSite
    If the SEC can charge Holmes, the SEC can charge Zuckerberg. Everything about Facebook is based on the false representations the company has made about monthly active users, numbers we now know were grossly overstated. Also, there's that Russia thing.Aaron Greenspan added,

    Former Silicon Valley superstar Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes has just been charged by the SEC. …
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    Aaron Greenspan

    Mar 17
    If especially popular students exported their profile data, they might have a thousand friends, whose e-mail addresses and birthdates were also exported. Back in 2005 or so when this was an issue, Mark's reaction was to deny the problem and its urgency. Same deal now.
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    Aaron Greenspan

    Mar 17
    Everyone seems upset about Cambridge Analytica, and rightfully so. The real question is what else don't we know about? It sounds exactly like the time I told Mark that he was leaving exported friend lists all over his server, and revealing the birthdates of everyone at Harvard.

    Aaron Greenspan

    Mar 21
    Mark, just now on CNN: "I'm used to when people legally certify that they're going to do something, they do it." That's odd: Mark legally certified that he and Facebook would publicize my settlement "consistent with company policy for press releases." That's not what happened.

  • Jo
      8th of Apr, 2018
    -1 Votes

    @Leave the public alone! Do everyone a favor and kill yourself arron greenspan!! Die [censor]. Go for it.

  • Le
      29th of Mar, 2018
    -1 Votes

    How much money did Aaron Greenspan get out of Mark Zuckerberg? Make this public! The public has a right to know! also invades people's privacy! also has ongoing issues with the IRS for tax fraud with fraudulent 501c non-profit set ups for the website

    Make all of's information transparent and totally open to the public, so people can judge for themselves if its a good or bad website.

  • Aa
      1st of May, 2018
    +3 Votes

    @Leave the public alone! He didn't get much. He lives in a run down old apartment. He can't afford to buy a house so he tries to supplement his income by filing frivolous false lawsuits against big companies like Google and facebook. He has lost every one of them. Some of them pay him a measley $500 just to get rid of him. He didn't get NOTHING from facebook. He lost that lawsuit. He got NOTHING!! He spreads false news about himself saying that he won. A settlement does NOT mean you won money. A settlement could mean that Aaron Greenspan agrees to dismiss the case in lieu of being countersued. If he got any money, then he got very little, say around $500 (five hundred).

    He was also told by a Judge that he's not allowed to file anymore lawsuits without an attorney. He loses all his lawsuits and he doesn't have money to hire an attorney and if he did have money then an attorney would just take his money and bill him by the hour and laugh at him behind his back.

    Aaron Jacob Greenspan is a lonely weirdo starving for attention, so he harasses people and posts their private lives on his website.

  • Jo
      30th of May, 2018
    +2 Votes

    @Leave the public alone! More information on these crooks who run fake charities.

    Greenspan Neil & Judi
    44122 Shaker Heights
    (216) 932-1989
    (336) 273-0575
    Greenspan Neil & Judi, Shaker Heights, OH
    Advertising Agencies, Advertising, Design Agencies, Agency, Consultants
    The company Greenspan Neil & Judi is listed in the following categories:

  • Jo
      9th of Jun, 2018
    +2 Votes

    @Aaron-Greenspan-IRS-Fraud They make close to half a mill a year with the non profit.

  • Aa
      30th of Mar, 2018
    0 Votes

    Aaron Jacob Greenspan the son of Neil Sanford Greenspan and Judith Keene Greenspan is a Pedophile and has criminal charges pending in Florida and California.

    Aaron Jacob Greenspan claims his vicious website is a harmless transparent website that allows the public to access legal information at no costs. That's all a complete lie.

    Aaron Greenspan dives in to the Federal database Pacer and downloads for next to nothing the public's personal legal information that he feels will attract the most attention to his monetized website under a fraudulent 501c in which his father Neil S Greenspan is the VP and Treasurer. This Pedophile Aaron Greenspan fully enjoys ruining the careers and reputations of thousands of Americans so he can sit back behind his computer and make a nice cushy living by data mining the public's legal information to make easy money of course.

    Aaron Jacob Greenspan is a dangerous Sociopath and a Pedophile who stubbornly cannot leave the public alone with his intrusive monetized website

    Aaron Jacob Greenspan should not be allowed to go anywhere near the public's personal data, as he Terrorizes, Harasses, Stalks and Threatens people of his choosing.

  • Ju
      30th of Mar, 2018
    +3 Votes

    Aaron Jacob Greenspan is an angry individual as Mark Zuckerberg though him to the side like a piece of toilet paper that someone just used to wipe their [censor].

    Now Aaron Jacob Greenspan has been left with his website that he uses to the terrorize, harass, threaten, stalk and bully the public because he is a little coward who will not be transparent and show the people affected by his website his true physical address because he knows he is doing many evil things to Americans for his pleasure and profit.

    Aaron Jacob Greenspan hides the fact that he is a convicted Pedophile.

  • Aa
      31st of Mar, 2018
    +1 Votes

    Aaron Greenspan is a pure evil sneak who enjoys ruining the public's careers for his selfish money making.

    He is extremely sick in the head. evil

  • Aa
      31st of Mar, 2018
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    Aaron Jacob Greenspan wants to access the Federal database Pacer for free, so that this user can then sell all this information on his monetized website (under current IRS investigation for tax evasion) to what he calls the "dumb public" for a really high price and make himself a comfy living off the backs of other other people. He's a Jacker and a parasite on the backs of society.

    Think Computer Foundation Sues U.S. Courts over PACER Fees and "Access to Justice"(
    submitted 3 years ago by thinkcomp to r/law
    59 commentsshare
    giraffe_taxi • 2 points • submitted 3 years ago
    /r/thinkcomp I took a bit more time looking into this, skimmed through the complaint and enough of your user history to see the personal connection.
    I believe your suit will fail, quickly. Since I empathize with part of your goal (access to justice), here are some comments that are intended to be constructive. It is critical, but I'm not trying to personally offend anyone here.
    The complaint reads like a self-aggrandizing rant. In paragraphs 33-37, you allege that PACER is directly responsible for Aaron Schwartz's suicide. Points 27 and 28 could be paraphrased as "PACER could be done at a fraction of this price, and by happy coincidence my company is intended to replace PACER."
    And oh, by the by, your company has been unprofitable, allegedly due to PACER, attorney fees, and related court rules... and you just happen to think that PACER and court rules requiring attorneys are unconstitutional. Do you see how, framed this way, your complaints seem like those of a failed businessman who is blaming the system for a failed business endeavor?
    To put it mildly, your self-interest as described in the brief undermines the credibility of your allegations.
    A large bulk of your complaint is dedicated to your opinion that corporations should be able to file civil complaints pro se. However, I am afraid that your brief reads like just the kind of pro se complaint that wastes courts' time. IOW your complaint about restrictions on pro se litigants is itself an example of why there are restrictions on pro se litigants.
    Setting aside for a moment the underlying complaints, the brief is a mess. Take a red pen. Mark every instance of "upon information and belief, " replace that phrase with "I am just pulling this out of my ass, " and you will have precisely described the authority of each claim that you've supported with that terrible phrase. Just get rid of each of those related paragraphs outright; they lend no support.
    What my legal writing prof taught me was that you need authoritative source material to back up every assertion of law and every assertion of fact. This means that almost every sentence should have at least one supporting citation, preferably multiple ones. When you come across conflicting sources, rather than cherrypicking only the supporting material and leaving the contradictory stuff out, directly address the contradictions.
    For example in point 64 you assert a fact, then say its supporting documentation is "far too extensive to document here." (Hint: no, it isn't. The lawsuit is the time for you to extensively document your allegations & complaints.)
    As a final criticism, you seem to make the common amateur error of trying to throw in everything as well as the kitchen sink. Consequently, the complaint is poorly targeted. The only common link between your complaints about PACER fees, your complaints about court rules, and your complaints about corporations not being able to file pro se appears to be that these things have cost you money, and you don't like it.
    In short, that complaint is going to get you nowhere. Start over. Support every discrete assertion of fact with credible, disinterested documentation. Support every assertion of law with a citation, preferably one to primary law. Directly address citations that would seem to counter your assertions.
    Hope that wasn't too painful.
    thinkcomp • 1 point • submitted 3 years ago

  • Aa
      1st of Apr, 2018
    +1 Votes

    Aaron Greenspan aka Aaron Jacob Greenspan, the son of Neil Sanford Greenspan and Judith Keene Greenspan is one mentally sick family - they don't care about hurting others. They go out of their way to hurt people. There's another Greenspan located in the California SEX OFFENDER REGISTRY. He was found guilty of RAPE BY FORCE. You can do a last name search in the California Sex offender registry located at this link,

  • Aa
      1st of Apr, 2018
    +2 Votes

    Judith Greenspan is also the owner of record at Think Computer and Information valid and taken from the Ohio Secretary of state. See screenshot.

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