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I can't recommend enough that you drive by this place if you are looking
for a used car. I bought a 2010 Saab 9-3X in August 2014. Originally
went there to purchase another 9-3X that was described to me as being in
excellent/mint condition. Drove up from Albany NY which is 3.5 hours
away and discovered that the wagon had a ripped rear bumper, deep
scratching down the same side of the car and trim that was knocked out
of alignment. None of this was disclosed over the phone (warning number
1). I did see the 9-3X I would later purchase, at a good price I have
to admit, which was not detailed but damage free. After test driving
the car I noticed the brakes were frozen from sitting and that the
rotors were wrapped. I went home disappointed at this point. When I got
home I was still in need of a car so I called back and we came to
agreement on a price for the car. I pointed out that the brakes were
frozen and the rotors were wrapped and that the car needed to be
detailed. I arrived to sign the paperwork I found the car detailed but
the brakes untouched (warning number 2). They agreed to fix the brakes
and a trans leak for free if I came back. I was like OK I have friends
in B-Town (UVM Grad) so I agreed to have the repairs and a 6 month
warranty was added to the contract. I take a day off from work, get
there bright and early after driving another 3.5 hours one way, to have
my brakes turned not replaced and the transmission leak not touched
because they do not have the right sealant. I flip t this point on Paul
the GM since you do not turn rotors since it makes them thinner which
is one of the reason they warp in the first place and why didn't they
have the sealant, it costs maybe $15, since they were a Saab dealer. I
also point out a bubble in the side walk of a rear tire. When I tell
Paul the car should never received a VT Inspection by his shop because
of these defects he replies "VT has very liberal inspection guidelines.
If the car stops and tire holds air it passes." I lived in VT for many
years and knew this was wrong. So I looked up the VT Motor Vehicle
manual online and showed Paul that these two defects are automatic
fails. He say he is not a mechanic so he doesn't know the procedures
and he can't fix the tire since they do not have any in stock. To get
me out of the shop he agrees to have a local Saab shop to do the
repairs and they will pay for it. I have the repairs done and they only
partially pay for them. So now I am out over $900 not including time
and gas for things that they agreed to fix in the contract. If you are
looking for a good used car please take my advice and look elsewhere.

Sep 08, 2014

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