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An intimidating & ominous man showed up at my door claiming to be the general manager for pizza nova. he siad his name was "stephan" "[protected]". he was asking inappropriate questions like, if I live alone? he continuously asked me for my credit card information & while he made many unveiled threats!!!

It was my daughters 16th birthday party the previous evening & I had called "pizza nova delivery [protected]"

I ordered a pizza & wings both "well done" & unfortunately the closest store to me is "pizza nova, 520 wilson heights blvd, north york, m3h2v6" they came so late & forgot the sauce for the wings, witch were seriously undercooked & appeared fleshy & rubbery to the children! there was one piece of bacon on the entire pizza & it was raw & the cheese didn't even cover the pizza!

As starving as they were, they couldn't stomach it so & wouldn't touch it! iimmediately called customer service!

I offered to drive it back to "pizza nova, 520 wilson heights blvd, north york, m3h2v6" & pick up another one but they insisted they could rush something over & it's literally a 5min drive with traffic so of course being busy with the children, I agreed & packed everything up & waited near the front entrance.

Over 90 minuets later!!!
I received a replacement order worst than the first & sooo cold! at this point it had been almost 4hours since the original order had been placed & everyone was starving & completely turned off! I ended up making a late night run to mcdonalds!

I called customer "[protected]" service & spoke with kereta, no one ate any of their product & wanted to return it to"pizza nova, 520 wilson heights blvd, north york, m3h2v6" for a full refund! I offered to drive it there myself!! I explained to her that I actually grew up going to their "2272 lawrence avenue east #2, scarbarough, ontario, m1p2p9" "[protected]" & was sad to see what see the deterioration of the franchise over the years & that it wasn't the first time i've received an awful pizza from this location! I told her I was so upset that I was tempted to take pictures & post them on a google reviews!
"call. [protected]"

They told that wouldn't be necessary to bring in myself but asked me to take the pictures anyways & send them to "att:kereta", "call. [protected]" with a written complaint & contact!! so that they forward it to the franchise owner & insure better quality assurance in the future.

I obliged & also sent photos of my daughters id & pics of the birthday that they ruined!

Within the hour I had someone named stephan calling me & later in the evening he showed up at my house 24 hours after the original order! "stephan" "[protected]".

He threatened me that nothing good would come out of me posting a "google review"?? "stephan" "[protected]".

He was sooo creepy! he seemed offended that I didn't want the complimentary pizza he had brought! I explained to him that i'm a vegetarian & the children from the birthday party had long gone!

I just wanted him to take the original order back & give me a full refund as was agreed upon & promised!!

He took pictures of my credit card & my home & me & then asked me to send him copies of the receipt & promised a full refund within the hour!

Four weeks later when I received my visa invoice, I noticed it was never refunded? I then called customer service again & spoke with kereta again! she was also confused & told me it's under immediate investigation & someone will return my call immediately...

It's been 8 weeks now & pizza nova is claiming no knowledge of this man??

I feel very anxious & concerned now that this strange man knows where I live & my credit card info?? I have all my call logs with serval incoming calls & texts from this number & I have his visit on my web cam! also I have his multiple requests for my visa & other irrelevant info! should I contact be contacting the police???

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Pizza Nova Take Out
Pizza Nova Take Out
Pizza Nova Take Out
Pizza Nova Take Out
Pizza Nova Take Out
Pizza Nova Take Out

Oct 22, 2018

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