Pizza Hut / very rude manager

Columbia, TN, United States

I am the Operations Manager at a movie theater/Shady Brook Cinemas which is on the same street as your Pizza Hut location 1918 Shady Brook St Ste A Columbia, TN 38401. I called to place order 10/20/2018 at 9:50 pm and was requesting delivery. The female employee I believed named Amanda was answering the phone/taking order was nice and was only telling me what she was being told in the background by a manager. The manager had a hard tone with the employee and obviously did not want to take any more orders as I realize it was nearing to closing time. The manager told the girl she would not take our order because we were closed. I explained on the call-while our doors were locked to further customers- we at that moment had 300 customers in our building and would be working till 3/4am and had intentions of unlocking the door to receive the pizza delivery. So the call ended. First, I want to ask is it a company rule that they cannot deliver to a business that is closed?
...I called back and Amanda answered again and I asked why cant I just place my order and come pick it up? She asks manager and is told we need to send someone to pick up right now as it is approximately 9:55 and she is going to lock the doors at 11pm and that I also need to have my order placed before 11pm or they wont be taking it. My employee rushed over and stated the manager Polly was very rude at pick up but Amanda was nice. Second, I want to complain about the way Polly treats your customers. Although I only heard her giving orders in the background I would be very unhappy and embarrassed for anyone to represent my company like this and I felt you should be made aware.
Sheryl Grooms
Operations Manager
Shady Brook Cinemas
1907 Shady Brook Street
Columbia TN 38401

Oct 20, 2018

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