Pizza Hut / store phone personnel unclear about deals online and over the phone

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* Date: 11-24-2017
* Time: 7:09 PM
* Order#: 3171124210925001184024893
* Amount:$25.30
* e-mail: [protected]
* Incident: I had heard from a Pizza Hut employee about a deal for Black Friday - a buy one large pizza and get a medium pizza for free. I went online to find that deal, but could not find it. I only found the any large, 2-topping pizza for $7.99 - carryout and online only.
I called the store - 116 S State College Blvd, Anaheim, CA 92806, [protected] - and spoke to a male personnel. I asked him if the $7.99 Large online deal and the free medium pizza could be applied together. He went to ask someone, and then said that I could order them and when I come to the store to pay, it will be free. I told him that the checkout screen showed the medium pizzas as full price and he told me that it was okay - to just order it and when I come to pay at the store, they can ring it up for the free medium pizzas. I then asked if I can get a free medium pizza for every large pizza I buy and he said only one per order, so if I ordered the large pizzas separately, then the medium pizzas would be free for each separate order.
I then ordered as he told me and when I arrived at the carry-out store, I was asked to pay full price. I then explained to the female cashier the phone conversation I had with the male employee and she went to ask the manager. I was then informed that I could not combine 2 different promotional items. I then asked if I could just take the large pizzas for $7.99 and cancel the medium pizzas, but she told me she could not make adjustments to online orders at the registers. (Which contradicts the earlier conversation I had with the male phone representative when he told me that the adjustments could be made at the register when I picked my order up.)
[I would felt like the female cashier had an edgy voice and was impatient in explaining the promotional deals with me. She did not even try to understand or listen to my conversation I had with the male employee previously. It takes few kind words to calm an upset customer, and she was not willing to take the time to try to amend the situation at all.]
So I cancelled the previous online orders with the medium pizzas and re-ordered my large pizzas. I was then made to wait another 10-15 minutes to received my 3 large pizza order. I then asked for a few jalapenos, and she said she had to charge $2.00 for them.
I paid for my orders and went to my car to find that the 2 pepperoni pizzas were just my previous order's pizzas - they were not hot - and the half mushroom and half olive pizza box was not closed correctly, so when I placed the pizza boxes into my car, the pizza box opened and half of the pizza hung out and over the cardboard and onto my floor mats.
I was already agitated over the communication issue about the promos, so I did not go back into the store to address the pizza spill due to an unstable pizza box fold.
* Resolution: I would have liked to have been explained the different promos more clearly .. especially since I called specifically for clarification to the store. Please make sure the employees are trained to take questions about online and in-store promos. More customer service skills training may be needed to be instituted for employees.
* Recommended future resolutions: Since I was already upset that the promos were not explained clearly over the phone to me, they could have given a small gesture - like giving me a small container of jalapenos - for free to accommodate the inconvenience of having to cancel and reorder my pizzas. (I am sure the jalapenos cost pennies to the owner.)
* Please contact me to discuss any further accommodations you can provide for me for this unpleasant experience -
(The only pleasant face to help ease this situation was Gabriel Rodriguez - the delivery personnel - who tried to make clear of the situation and explained to me that the promo for BOGO medium pizza was only for full priced large pizzas in a kind and calm manner. Please make sure his manager knows he is a great asset to her store. He can help train the female cashier on how to deal kindly with customers to provide excellent customer service.)
* Compared to other pizza companies: They are willing to provide accommodations to provide ease to any mishaps or employees who can explain the different promotional deals both online and in-store. I will not recommend this store as a carry-out store to anyone as the personnel dealing with customers (female cashier and male phone employee) are unpleasant and untrained. I will recommend delivery, though, as I believe Gabriel would be a more pleasant personnel to deal with delivering Pizza Hut orders than any in-store employees.

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Nov 24, 2017

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