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Ordered 2 pizzas. The claim to be gourmet and high quality and rack up the price to reflect it.
28SGD for 2 pizzas (special deal reduced price)
Both claim to be 9inch. I got 2 pizzas at 7.3inches.
Mushroom pizza - dried mushroom flakes (less than dry - infact stupidly thin less than razor blade thickness
ingredients should be:
Beef pepperoni, turkey ham and mushrooms. Garnished with fresh garlic, herbs and camembert cheese.
No beef pepperoni, more ham than mushroom. Virtually zero cheese.

Teriyaki pizza:
Light pizza sauce, with chicken fillets prepared Teriyaki** style, roasted bell peppers, Roma tomatoes, spring onions, garnished with crispy beef bacon & mozzarella.

result: NO teriaki chicken, no spring oinions, no beef bacon, and more Roma tomato than anything else.

complained and phoned them:

why the 7.5 inch pizza? reply: "the bakers put in the pizza at 9inch and they shrink to 7.5inch"
why the lack of ingredients? reply "we add quality ingredients sir"

Resent me two more identical pizzas. Both lacking size and ingredients.

They are ripping people off with what they call "Gourmet" pizzas and the price is ridiculous.


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