Pitted Prunes / Core in the prune almost broke tooth

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Hello !
Meijer on Carpenter Road, Ann Arbor
is selling this Pitted Prunes that do have a caution :"may contain pits/and or pit fragments" but placed in the wrong place, where you can not see it!!!
My teeth are not best
and I share this product with a kid therefore today when I took a bite of a whole pit I was extremely displeased.

Please make this product safe to eat!!

Mar 12, 2014
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      12th of Mar, 2014

    When you give a kid anything that MIGHT have a pit in it, you should always make sure there isn't a pit in it. That goes for cherries that are supposed to be pitted too. The machines that do the pitting in factories can always miss a pit. Nothing is 100%. The only way to make sure food is prepared properly is to do it your self. The fact that your teeth aren't the best has nothing to do with the fact that there was a pit in the prune. Most people know enough to be careful when eating fruits that could have pit in them, even if they are supposed to be pre-pitted. For Christmas I made a cherry cobbler using cherry pie filling and a couple of my adult grandkids came across a pit in the cherries. People have to be careful.

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