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There were many more attacks on me there, I only included a few with the review numbers hoping PC would properly deal with the problem but they did not and have let the offending persons continue to this day.

Since I have started using your site, (Pissed Consumer) I have been abused and harassed, someone was even posting using my name. Although the site took down the comments that were in question you also killed the review so it is dead in the water and no one can post on it again. Your site changes the format / arrangement of my words, not the content. But it makes me look more illiterate than I am and this is wrong. Now I am being blocked from making comments by you, and have not been told why or what I can do about it, so why should I stay here. If this can't be resolved then let me know how to delete this account.

Update added by user Jan 31
While commenting on another complaint / observation about cam4 by another person, Has Cam4 lost the war to Chaturbate?f2aed70 review #585423.A person singled me out, started harassing and abusing me. I reported it to this site through their contact us option and am waiting to see what happens in regard to this incident. the funny part of it is I tried to post a public complaint about it on this site to get attention brought to the problem to remedy it but the site will not let me do it. No integrity?

A person posting comments in response to my posts has become abusive and is now suggesting that I eat a bullet. I would think that this type of comment being posted on your site would be in violation of your T & C. I am not worried about this person doing anything to me but wow. Is this really allowed hear.


Cliquerty to iamso1 1 day ago wCliquot, Missouri

Not sure who IAmSo1 is but The Clique already hate you, please do not ever come to Cam4 unless you want us to lol you off the site as you seem to be an annoying pr1ck Many thanks The Clique (voted Cam4's most unlikable 5 years running).

iamso1 to Cliquerty 1 day ago Cliquerty. Definition of clique is, noun 1. a small, exclusive group of people; coterie; set. verb (used without object), cliqued, cliquing.
2. Informal. to form, or associate in, a clique. Thanks for your recognition but You are such a small influence that I will have to decline your rejection and visit as I wish, I like a good laugh myself.
Thanks but no thanks!

IAmNotSo1 to iamso1 8 minutes ago wTardos, Komarom-Esztergom Wow IAmso... much of an unbelievable f5ckt8rd you can use Google to find a dictionary, doesn't take away from the point that you seem like an unlikable non entity that wouldn't be wanted on Cam4 anyway. The Clique are aware what there name means, that's why they named themselves it?you point as with all you have ever posted on here is both vapid and invalid, please eat a bullet as soon as is physically possible Many thanks Everyone who has ever read your drivel on here

Update added by user Feb 10
Yes PC removed the offending comments form a couple reviews where I as being targeted by unregistered users and when they did they killed the review by way of making it now impossible for anyone to comment and share.I get punished because PC has no way to stop abuse and harassment other than to punish the victims. Do they do this to premium members as well? Not a good business practice!

cam4 protects scammers over paying customers! review #584439

Someone has started using my account name making posts with it, my best guess would be the same person that has been
harassing me on reviews that I commented on and have had their abusive replies removed from the site. The very first
comment that follows was posted by this person. If you check the log you will find I was logged in at the time this
was done and it would have registered as a blue name not black. I am getting real tired of this clown and wish he
could be stopped1

iamso1 to iamso1 1 hour ago wTaylor, Michigan
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iamso1 to iamso1 8 minutes ago
This comment is posted by someone using my user name and will be reported if you continue.
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iamso1 to iamso1 6 minutes ago wTaylor, Michigan

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fc5996f review #592623

I have a registered account, iamso1. There is a person that has posted comments with this name that has harassed and abused me and I have reported him several times. he has now posted a review that says it is about Cam4 but is actually another personal attack on me "The Reason Iamso1 Got Banned From Cam4..." review #593578. This is not a legitimate review about Cam4 or legitimate at all. I am asking again that you remove this review and look in to the chameleon that is posting under a dozen different names and more than that in locations. one of his names is Boris, the main one.


Feb 13, 2015
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  • Ri
      Apr 02, 2012
    pissed consumer - Horrible
    Allied Car Rental
    San Juan
    Puerto Rico

    I booked a reservation online through for March 17 - 21, 2012. Allied was the best price and we even added the travelguard insurance for like 50.00. Said the deposit was 20.00 and the total was 170.00. I went ahead and took it. When we arrived at the airport they were there in 10 minutes but when we got inside the place was shabby. To make a copy of our license and credi card they had to leave the office and go somewhere behind the building and we did not like that idea. Why not have a copier right there next to you. The total came out to be 203.00 I told him that is not what we were quoted. We decided to keep the car until the 24th return it on the 25th. It came out to be 500.00. I nearly passed out. We had to get nother type of insurance on top of the one we had paid for. Plus tire assistance and all kinds of fees and the deposit was 150.00. I was so pissed. When we got the car it was so filthy and in need of a major shampoo inside. The doors were not even power lock. They were manua. REALLY???? Also if you drop the car at the hotel after hours its an extra 25.00

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