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Pissed consumer /PC is a complaint site similar to this one and I was a member there. Right after my first post of a review The first reply was an abusive attack on my review directed at me and over 80 percent of the replies I made on other reviews met with the same results. The comments were being made by persons that were not registered on the site, (Joe Public). I was even told to eat a bullet by one person that made sport of harassing me. The users can enter any name they like on any post they make and the person harassing me started using my name to post extremely negative posts making it look like I was doing this.

I started reporting the harassment and abuse to PC and even got some of the comments removed. The problem was when the site removed the comments, they left the review but killed it so no one else could post on it, including my review. I contacted Pissed Consumer /PC to tell them this and ask why this is happening, suggested that they require all persons to register or use report buttons on all comments to put a stop to this and ultimately was blocked myself from posting on that site. They replied to non of my communication with them leaving me in the dark as to why they blocked me or if it would be lifted. I can still read the reviews, log in and even vote on the reviews and replies but can't post anymore. LOL!

What sense does that make? Abuse and harassment is ramped on PC and you can find abusive, harassing comments on almost every review. The comments have nothing to do with the subject matter and are only personal attacks on people. I hope this is not a significant problem here and that it can be dealt with in a fair and proper manner if it occurs.

Feb 11, 2015
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      12th of Feb, 2015

    LOL! The same person harassing me has now posted a negative review/complaint about me. I am not a business and did nothing to anyone but I am still being harassed even though I have posted nothing further on that site. Once again I have reported this to PC through support and fully expect they will do nothing about it, it will surprise me if they do. At least there are users that liked what I was posting and have posted in my defense acknowledging the obvious abuse and harassment.

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      12th of Feb, 2015

    The user name I was under is iamso1 and is the name being abused and harassed to this moment as the negative review about this name is still posted on the site. PC seems to be ignoring the complaint I sent to support. Also they have not responded to me at my registered email address once in regard to any reports I made about any of this.

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      23rd of Nov, 2015

    They have done the same to me as well. They have cloned my user name making accounts using different variations of it. Started making reviews claiming they are me, harassing others, and made a complaint about me being allowed to abuse others. Now they won't let me post at all, every time I try they say the moderators will review my comments before posting. They never get posted lol All I did was write a review about my daughter receiving a jacked up hair cut from great clips. The first user name that harassed me was fistedface, linked him to kevinrichards, unfairhiringpractices, and thissitesuxs2005. All of them are banned but unfairhiringpractices. How is it they ban their accounts and he can make multiple new accounts but yet they don't ban me just won't allow me to post? It's ridiculous really. It's a breeding ground for harassment and that site allows it. I can't believe it hasn't been taken off the internet for all the harassment and cyberbullying that goes on.

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