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Pipexuk call package / Pipex in ability to understand No longer with their service

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I told Pipexuk on March 11th that I was transfereing from them to another internet and landline service provider giving them dates of transfer on March 20th.
I sent a cheque for what I know I owed, but has not been cashed as at April 29th.
I have had several e-mails from 14 different Pipex customer service personnel, several saying they have now cancelled the call package at different dates and a letter dated 14 days after the first confirmation, from a Anthony Marren saying he has now cancelled it.
I sent a letter recorded delivery on 23rd April with details of all the e-mails and letters with a copy to the BBC watchdog programme

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  • El
      23rd of May, 2009
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    Hi Malcolm,
    I fully understand how you feel about Pipex - am having similar problems too - and as far as talking to their 'customer services' they clearly do not understand what the words "customer" and "services" actually mean.. you never get to talk /email with the same person twice, they always come up with the same spiel and how sorry they are for the inconvenience etc... but at the end of the day, lack common sense.

    I have in the past called 0207 087 2000 but this gets transferred to Ireland. Tell them that you do not wish to be put through to India or the Philines at your expense (after all, having to pay 5-10p per minute for a valid complaint is clearly not good enough!) and I don't see why I, as a complaining - and now ex customer, should be billed for expensive 0871 calls... and then!! to be put on an indefinite 'hold' while the minutes add up... Greedy bunch of B...s

    Perhaps write to Mary Turner, CEO Pipex UK ltd - 20 Broadwick Street, London W1F 8HT (same tel nbr as above) lets see how good this lady is at being CEO.

    I shall be writing to her also, but won't be holding my breath here.. as far as I'm concerned they can take me to Court as I have paid my accounts in full and final settlement. Cheques banked and cleared - yet they are still chasing me for payment - paltry amount of £1.38 and £16.08
    But what bothers me is my credit ratiing - if they do get in touch with the credit agencies, this will end up being yet another correspondence course, more hassle and more stress, as if Pipex haven't contributed enough where that's concerned..

    see my post about Pipex added 23rd May 09.
    Good luck with it all - would be interested to see/hear how it turns out.
    But... keep at it and don't give up!


  • Ma
      25th of May, 2009
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    Hi Elizabeth,
    Your message proved what i alreday thought.
    I have at last had an e-mail confirming my account balance is now nil and closed. I e-mailed back and said I was pleased, but having already had 4 different people saying they had personnaly closed it on 4 different dates, I was not holding my breath. I received another e-mail from the same person, an Audrey Devenney, who seems to know what she is doing (the only one) saying the account was definately clear and closed and I would be getting a letter saying that (not received as yet). I will write to Mary Turner, just to let her know how bad things are and also dropping a line to Talk Talk who are taking over Tiscali (part of Pipex) next month.
    I was worried about my credit rating, so hopefully the whole episode is realy finished. It cost me far more than they were claiming, but I had to do it. In the end I had 78 e-mails, 17 letters and dealt with 15 different people.
    I wrote to BBC watchdog about them as well.
    Take care and hope you get it all sorted in the end. They should not be allowed to threaten people for money that is not owed.

  • El
      25th of May, 2009
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    Hi there Malcolm and thanks for your message.

    Pleased to read that you have received en email from Pipex to say that your account has now been closed - but... wait for the automated phone calls asking you to "urgently" call their 0871 number.. and as far as getting anything in writing from them - well!!! that remains to be seen, as I am 100% convinced that this lot cannot organise a piss-up in a brewery if they tried :o))

    Let me know how you get on - will do the same here.. and each time I get another call or a threatening letter I will post it here on this complaints board for all to see..

    My letter to Mary Turner and yet another letter to their credit control department in Birmingham - a certain Mr John Cox (if he exists at all that is) will be posted tomorrow. Signed for recorded to Mary Turner - as this is an actual address.. and normal post to B/ham - as I'm not sure if I can send a recorded letter to a P.O Box address... if I can, they too will have to sign for it.. at least that way I have proof of delivery.

    I will then sit back and wait..
    In the mean time I will also fire off another email to the customer service department - and see what dumb-bat reply I get from them..
    Probably another request for me to enter my 'data protection' details in order for them to 'access' the account. Someone there will probably tell me that I owe them whatever amount (pick a figure)

    And to think I thought Royal Mail were bad! This bunch certainly top the scales..Perhaps I should send them an invoice for my time and troubles, plus an amount for the stress they are causing me, coupled with postal charges..

    Good luck Malcolm- and I hope that if you are reading this Peter, that you too get your problem with Pipex resolved.

    Best regards
    Elizabeth - still sane, but not sure for how much longer..

    Anybody reading this - PLEASE DO NOT - repeat NOT! sign up to use the services of Tiscali, Pipex - landline or broadband.. unless you want to end up with having to deal with idiots, enter into copious amounts of correspondence courses AND raising your blood pressure..

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