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Pipex UK ltd / harassment letters and phone calls for outstanding accounts paid in full & final settlement

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Since Toucan migrated to Pipex in Feb 2009 I have experienced nothing but problems. Unable to log-in to see accounts, then after numerous emails to and from their so called "customer service" department, I was told that I could ONLY see these accounts if I had Pipex Broadband. Sounds like a touch of blackmail to me..
However, it was plainly clear for all to see that I am on BT internet - yet they kept on and on.. Strange then that I could access my accounts when I was with Toucan... both these companies are part of Tiscali.. you would have thought that their systems would stay the same if not similar.. but no, that would have been too easy..

I started my emailing correspondence course with Pipex on the 19th February 09. Then in March I decided that I'd had enough and went back to BT. After more emails from Pipex asking me to submit 'data protection' details in order for them to view the accounts (mine and my mother's for whom I have power of attorney) and being asked to call their expensive 0871 numbers - who, BTW are based in the Phillipines amongst others. I called them twice and they were a very unhelpful lot to say the least!

I then fired off yet another strong email to Pipex customer services who replied with copious amounts of apologies and confirmed - yes! CONFIRMED in WRITING stating that the accounts in question would be cancelled once the 2 very small o/s amounts had been paid. Amounts of £1.38 and £16.08 respectively for my mother's and my own account. Hardly world-stopping figures..

I sent a letter on the 1st May 09 to Pipex Credit Control dept in Birmingham enlcosing said cheques. And guess what?? I received yet another - this time - threatening letter dated the 19th May.
Both cheques were banked AND cleared.

As a matter of GOOD customer relations and out of courtesy to me - considering my time and efforts in replying to them, they could quite easily have written off these amounts as a "sorry", but no! They are still hell-bent on chasing me for money I do not owe them. Yet I'm now being threatened and chased for payment for MORE than the confirmed amounts.. and, that if I don't pay within 14 days, they, and I quote: "will be forced to take action to recover the o/s balance...if the accout remains unpaid, we are obliged to share this information with credit reference agencies..."(end quote)

Not only that, but my mother (elderly and very frail!) is still receiving automated phone calls asking her to urgently call Pipex's very expensive 0871 number..

I did once speak with a very helpful person in India, and ended up having a 3 way conference call with the accounts dept in the Philipines, who were rude and unhelpful and who, during a conversation, put the phone down. Nothing more ever came of it.. and so the email correspondence course continued..

I will again be writing to Pipex Credit control department in B/ham and will also be writing to Mary Turner, who by all accounts is the CEO for Pipex UK Ltd - based in Broadwick Street London. I won't hold my breath here, but at least it's another avenue to take. Lets just see how good this CEO actually is..

I have 2 files full with unneccesary paperwork, I am at my wit's end in having to deal with such an unprofessional company. Clearly the left doesn't have a clue what the right is doing - Pipex is a shambles, and their staff clearly lack the basic intelligence and ability to look at the bigger picture. I am unable to talk to a proper person in the UK, who perhaps does possess some brain matter, as all their call centres are based in the Philipines, Lithuania and India.

My accounts have been paid in full and in final settlement - yet they do not seem to be able to grasp this. I am sick and tired of dealing with F...wits!! Still, I know that I am not the only person complaining about Pipex - but...thank goodness I retained my BT broadband connection otherwise I would now be up the creek without a paddle - as in no BB connection!

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      27th of Apr, 2009
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    Pipex UK ltd - Unauthorized charges
    Pipex UK ltd
    United States

    Pipex claims that I owe them £33-56 rental plus admin charges which I have demonstrated to them that I do not. I have also offered to pay their claim if they can demonstrate that I do owe them money. They have made no effort to do this.

    You can speak to the customer services who say that they understand and will write to their financial dept to clear up the matter I.E. Tell them that i do not owe anything but their financial dept never seem to get the letter as at the end of the following month I get yet another threatening letter and bill. They also promise to copy me but they do not.

    They also threatened to cut my phone off and terminate my broadband. As my contract with Pipex ended last November and my broadband connection at the same time it illustrates just how on top of the job they are. Never had a phone connection with them anyway!

    Seems to me that they are plainly a bunch of sharks who do not know what they are doing and i would earnestly recommend that anyone considering signing up with do not do so.

    There seems to be no way that you can resolve a problem with them and having to keep ringing them up trying to do so is a complete wast of time. More likely a way for them to get more money.

  • El
      1st of Jul, 2009
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    After posting my comments above, I received 3 "sorry" letters from 3 different people in the customer care/service department - each one telling me that my account had been closed. No sooner than a few days later (just last week) I received yet another final reminder for an outstanding balance of £9.40 plus a threat to cease my services if the invoice was not paid within 5 days of receipt. This would have been quite a task for Pipex, as I no longer have an account with them, they would therefore not have been able to 'cease' my service at all... What a joke this is!
    I fired off another 'have-you-people-got-any-idea-which-way-is-up' letter to customer services enclosing a copy of the reminder.

    Finally, yesterday I did eventually receive a zero balance statement from Pipex, followed today by a reply and confirmation letter, with more apologies - from the customer services department.

    I am pleased to say that this whole sorry mess with Pipex has now finally been resolved. It has taken me since the 19th February to achieve this result. I must have corresponded via email with at least 12-15 different people in their customer care dept in Ireland, and have had actual conversations with about 5 people based in Ireland, India and the Philipines.

    My file on Pipex is like a rainforest - and so thick that it will no longer fit into my filing cabinet, and I dare not think about the length of time, my valuable time!! that I have wasted in order to deal with these idiots.. It has been very stressful and at times quite worrying as they, in their infinite wisdom, could have severely compromised my credit ratings.

    Also, to this day I have never received a reply from Mary Turner - CEO of Pipex Uk Limited.. so much for her! My letter was merely forwarded to customer care (joke)

    So there you have it folks! case CLOSED. but, believe it or not, I am now entering into another correspondence course, this time with Currys, whose service and promises also leave much to the imagination. Lets hope that this saga will not end up lasting 4 and a half months - as I will name and shame again

    To anybody who may be reading this post. Please do NOT use any services relating to Tiscali (Pipex) you will be sorry - be warned!

    All the best

  • An
      4th of Jul, 2009
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    You are lucky that you resolved your problem with Pipex so quickly! My difficulties with them began at the beginning of February and are still ongoing.

    I have had phone and broadband from Pipex since 2006 and was fairly satisfied until they were taken over by Tiscali. then everything went downhill. My connection was dreadful, customer service, non-existent and expensive and the web site impenetrable. By January of this year I had enough and moved to BT for both BB and phone. the BB transfer went very smoothly. I requested and received an MAC code within the five statutory days and a written acknowledgment from Pipex that I had terminated the service as of 6 February.

    the phone, however, was a different story. I had stopped my Direct Debit to Pipex at the end of January ( my new phone plan was supposed to start on 2 February) and intended to make a final payment by cheque once I received my bill. I sent this with a letter outlining all the reasons why I was leaving On 10 February. This was never acknowledged or thought the cheque was banked and applied to my account. That, I thought, was that. But no. They continued to bill me for phone services for March and April which I ignored. As they had not responded to my letter or made any objections, I assumed that they were satisfied. In the meantime I had learned that my calls had not been transferred to BT until the 24 February, so I did in fact still owe Pipex some money for February.

    I sent them another cheque on March 30 with a letter saying that this was the final payment and to please stop billing me for a service I was no longer using. On April 14th this was acknowledged but that I had not terminated my phone service and therefore had to continue paying for it. I ignored this as it was clearly nonsense. I continued to receive demands for £9.78, exhortation to renew my Direct Debit and threats to disconnect my service if I didn't pay. The last was very amusing as I couldn't have used their service even if I wanted to from 24 February. Then they slapped on a late fee of £25 and eventually threatened to put the matter in the hands of a debt collection agency, warning me that this could do terrible things to my credit rating. .I could have phoned or emailed but bitter experience in the past had taught me that this would expensive and useless.

    On 25 May I received a letter from a debt collection agency, Commercial Credit Services, demanding immediate payment or legal action would be taken which may possibly incur costs to me of £110. I was furious. I wrote to Pipex, CCS, explaining my position again, backed up with copies of everything and sent it recorded delivery. By instant return I got a letter from CCS acknowledging the dispute and if their client wished to drop it, they would. I also received a letter from Martin Hynes on Tiscali (not Pipex) headed paper, apologising for the frustration I had been caused and saying that if I sent in a copy of my first bill from my new provider they could investigate a so-called 'refund.

    Good, I thought, they are seeing reason and that will be the end of it. I sent them what they asked for and went on holiday. I returned on the 30th June to discover another letter from CCS, same document as before but with a solicitor's name in the heading (Nice touch, that. I thought.) demanding payment by 9 July, or else. This was followed by daily calls from their office. I am confident in my position but it has become very unpleasant. I saw from my messges that some one from Pipex had phoned on the 25th, but I could not return the call as it was from a withheld number.

    My last move has been to write to Mr.Hynes, more in sorrow than in anger, asking why when we seemed to have a dialogue going they had suddenly set the dogs on me again. could it be that right right hand knows not what the left is doing? Pipex is on my case, Tiscali is conciliatory. Don't these people talk to each other?

    this is where it now stands. I hope they do take me to court but I'm afraid they won't. they haven't got a case and probably hope to wear me down with their threats and intimidation. Finally, I would advise anyone thinking of going with Pipex, DON'T. I've posted this story on my blog as well. What morfe can I do?

    Andrea Hanfman

  • El
      4th of Jul, 2009
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    Hi Andrea
    I am so sorry to read your tale - and dealing with these Pipex/Tiscali people is an utter nightmare!
    Don't please ring their expensive 0871 numbers, you will be placed on indefinite 'hold' and then when you do get to talk to someone, they are either rude, or you won't unerstand a word they are saying...

    I would get in touch with Ofcom, explain the ins and outs and see where that takes you. Also, I would call Tiscali's London number 0207 087 2000 and ask to speak to the complaints department - you will then be put through to customer services (joke!) in Ireland.
    Take the full name of the person you speak with, time and date and tell them that unless you get this resolved within a certain time scale, that you will name and shame with every media available to you. Local press and tv, national press etc.. and BBC's 'Watchdog'

    There is a guy called Alan Devins in Customer care - ask to be put through to him as he seems to have a little more brain matter than any of the others.. He sent me a letter with full of apologies for what it was worth.. and have the person you speak with write to you confirming your conversation. Also confirm with whoever you speak to whether the conversation is being recorded for 'training puproses'
    and when they say "yes" tell them that when you have finished, that it should be played back to all and sundry in Customer Care so as to learn (??) from it, as it is clearly evident that they need to be properly trained..

    You should also write a strong letter to the credit control department in Birmingham (address on the back of the demand letters) send a copy to Mary Turner CEO Pipex... 20 Broadwick Street, London W1F 8HT - she won't reply, but the letter will be forwarded to Customer services. send all these recorded! Say that you now consider that you are being harrassed, that you do not take threats kindly and perhaps hit them with the Supply of goods and SERVICES act 1982 - as the service that they have provided you with does not match the description. (check this out on the net first and read up about it.. to get your facts straight)

    My last couple of letters were very strong and sarcastic and in easy simple and plain to understand English - as these people obviously do not have a clue as to which was is up! and yes you are right, left does not know what right is doing - and I wold go so far as to say that they are ALL totally SFB, incompetent and bordering on plain stupid - they do not understand the meaning of the word communication - which is clearly what is lacking here
    Pressing a 'delete this account' button is not rocket science, it does not take a University degree and a trained monkey could do better!

    Also check your credit rating regularly, as if that gets compromised, it could leave you with all sorts of troubles.. and none of it of your own doing.

    The letters you are receiving from CCS are standard letters - again, these people also do not know which way is up. I too have dealt with them before in relation to a complaint about a care agency. But keep replying and replying, they will soon get the message that no money is due to Pipex as they don't to want to end up chasing a lost cause.. it costs them money to write to you and they only get their fee paid once you pay them.. DO NOT PAY THEM! Collate all CCS's correspondence, copy it and send it recorded to Pipex Customer care dept at the same London address as above... again, that will wing its way to Ireland or where ever.. but who cares.. Inundate Pipex with letters and phone calls to 0207 087 2000, do not get fobbed of with being told to call an 0871 number to the accounts dept, - refuse refuse refuse

    Short from all that I have no other suggestions - perhaps your local CAB, or if you have a friend who is a solicitor (fingers crossed that you have!) have him/her write a strong letter to Pipex on you behalf and perhaps even threaten to take them to Court.

    Dealing with these incompetent Pipex lot is stressful - very stressful, but keep at it, somewhere along the line it HAS to stop!

    Take care and try not to let it get you down too much or make you ill, eat and sleep well. I feel for you, it's all such a hassle.

    btw - who is Mr Martin Haynes?? if anyone important, then keep bombarding him with letters - Tiscali or Pipex, it's all the same..and do you have a landline phone number for this guy? if so ring and ring and keep ringing until he gets so sick of you!! Become a nuicance Andrea, become their worst nightmare and if he doesn't resolve things for you - then name and shame him also!
    Go and kick ###! :o)
    good luck


  • An
      5th of Jul, 2009
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    Hi Elizabeth,

    Thanks for your useful suggestions and information. Of course I don't call them. I have learned that it is useless. I am doing everything by post and lately recorded delivery. Annoying because it means more money for postage.

    I could go on the offensive as you suggest or take the opposite tack—write to both Pipex and CCS saying that as far as I'm concerned I don't owe them anything and have nothing more to say, will not respond to any correspondence or take any calls from them. Why should put any more of my energy into this crap? Their choices will then be to sue me or forget it.

    I don't know who Martin Hynes is or whether he is important or not. I will give him a chance to respond to my last letter and then take it from there, adopting whichever of the above strategies—come out with all guns blazing or go completely to ground—and see what happens.

    Thanks again for your help. I will post when there are developments.


  • An
      6th of Jul, 2009
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    Since my comment of yesterday, I have received an invoice from Pipex saying that I owed £0.00! They've relented. Perhaps my last letter did the trick and they have seen that they really didn't have a case. Whatever the reason, I am pleased. After five months, it's over at last. I didn't realise how stressed I had been until now.:)))


  • El
      7th of Jul, 2009
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    Hi Andrea
    thanks for letting me know this - this must be a huge weight off your shoulders - great news!
    However, since my last post telling all and sundry about my zero balance with Pipex, I have since received a phone call from them, but was unable to take the call, so they left me message on my voice mail saying that they would be writing to me instead... no idea about what? but I guess another one of their "sorry" letters.. will wait with baited breath (not!)

    Anyway great to read your news, get on with your life now and consider this mickey mouse lot as history and a bad dream

    Again, to anyone else reading this post regarding Pipex Uk Ltd - do NOT NOT NOT get involved with them, you will be very sorry!


  • An
      31st of Jul, 2009
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    Hi Elizabeth,
    I 've had a similar experience. After I last posted here and all the apology letters. I got another demand from another debt collection agency. Not CCS, ScotDebt or something. They threatened a doorstep visit. I wrote to Pipex again, saying what is this crap? About a week later there was a message on my machine Saying they would be writing to 'clarify the situation' whatever that means. I've heard nothing since. What are they thinking? They've already admitted that they owe me nothing. I intend to ignore them in future.


  • El
      31st of Jul, 2009
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    Hi Andrea
    the best thing is to just ignore them - you have it in writing from Pipex that you do not owe them any money. The fact remains that these people do not know their left from their right - you are therefore dealing with nothing but a bunch of F...wits!"!!

    I did eventually receive yet another apology letter, from yet another person in their customer 'services' department telling me that my complaints had been passed on to ?? no idea whom... I don't much care either for that matter.. I have been assured that I have a zero balance on both my and that of my mother's account - and I have not had any furher demands for payment. I did receive a letter telling me how sorry they were to lose my custom... yeah right!

    My advice to you is - forget about Pipex, you know that you do not owe them money.. but for clarification, I'd get in touch with the debt collectors - Scot debt something?? by phone and explain the situation.
    Tell them that you consider their letters and demands - and perhaps a 'doorstep' visit to be total harrassement.
    If the worst comes to the worst, let them (pipex) take you to Court.. you will end up winning and they will be left with egg on their faces..
    You may also want to consider going to your local MP - that's what they are suposed to be there for, to see if he/she can kick some ### on your behalf - and and and, I would now (if it were me) go to your local newspaper, they would love to have this story. In addition, go to the National press - espcecially the red tabloids.. Name and shame.

    Success with it all
    let me know how you get on. Take care

  • An
      31st of Jul, 2009
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    Hi Elizabeth,

    Thanks for your suggestions but I don't think I will hear from them again. They won't take me to court. Even Pipex couldn't be that stupid. I hope you remain unharrassed as well. let me know if there are any futher crazy developments.


  • Bs
      1st of Sep, 2009
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    Maybe this number will be of use to someone - 01438 488423 - Supposedly high level complaints, in reality, just another droid that doesn't understand basic english.

  • Kr
      5th of Nov, 2009
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    Pipex UK ltd - Scam artists
    Pipex UK LTD
    United States

    I live on a farm. The farmer, my partner, was in the adjoining field installing a new drain. In the process the phone line was severed. When Openreach came the engineer said that the line was only buried to 4-8 inches when it should have been 18 inches. I did not expect to be charged but a couple of months later my bill was nearly £300. I contacted Toucan (the forerunner of Pipex) and stopped my direct debit. I paid for the calls and line rental but not the engineer's work. Customer Services have been dealing with my complaint whilst credit services have been hounding me. The account has been referred twice to debt collectors. Last year I produced my information and I was not contacted again. Last week I was informed by Pipex that they had referred me again to a debt collection agency. They said I have paid nothing since last May and refused to withdraw the referral even though I read out letters I had sent to them previously enclosing bank statements, I gave them the name of their member of staff in customer services and quoted their own reference number when it had been referred to the technical department for investigation.I am concerned this will affect my credit scoring as I have always had a good record.I would rather go to court and present all my correspondence which shows customer services apologising for the delay and inconvenience in dealing with the issue whilst the other arm of the business hounds me. In the beginning I was being contacted at 8a.m. every morning for weeks even though the firm were actively looking into the issue. I have requested the complaints procedure to no avail and currently have outgoing calls barred by Pipex.

  • Da
      7th of Feb, 2010
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    Pipex UK ltd - 200% increase in Broadband charge
    Pipex UK Ltd
    England, Hampshire
    United Kingdom

    Pipex have informed me (and all other Broadband customers) that after an internal review my Broadband package is being upgraded to "up to 8Mb download" speed. We are being given no choice; we have to accept the "improvement".

    I happen to be on the limit of my local exchange where the maximum speed available is around 1.2 Mb. The "improved" package will not change this one iota. Pipex want me to sign up to the "upgrade" at a cost of £14.99 pm (presently £4.99 pm).

    It is beyond me to understand why Pipex cannot see this unbelievable own goal.

    Not surprisingly I have moved with immediate effect. There can be no comeback from Pipex since by their own admission they have broken our contract. How many others are going to do the same I wonder?

    David G

  • Fr
      26th of Feb, 2010
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    Don't get mad, get even.

    I sued Pipex for Harassment in the County Court (Small Claims track) and was awarded thousands of pounds in compensation, plus all the costs.

    If enough people did the same Pipex would soon stop abusing their customers.

    Useful reading to prepare your claim:

    Protection from Harassment Act 1997

    Lisa Ferguson v. British Gas

    Lisa Ferguson took her claim all the way up to the High Court and spent a fortune paying a barrister, but if you use the small claims track in the County Court you can act as a litigant in person - i.e. represent yourself - and still get justice done.

  • El
      4th of Mar, 2010
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    Good for you and well done for hanging on in there! Couldn't have been easy all the time, but it just goes to show that if you stand your ground - as you did - that it can and will pay dividends. Great news and thanks for sharing this. Happy shopping! :o)
    E x

  • We
      25th of Mar, 2010
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    iam also having problems with pipex they are saying iam still with them when i went to another provider on the 17th march my old number is still ringing this is really worrying me i thought by going to another provider i see the back of them they still havent sent me a final bill any help most greatfull does anyone have a genuine email for them i can write too each one ive used has bounced and i did tell them a month back i was going but ive still got 2 lines its really worrying me as i dont want a huge bill many thanks

  • Ma
      19th of Aug, 2011
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    Pipex UK ltd - Change of account holder
    Pipex UK ltd
    United States

    I moved in to a shared falt last Aug08 and was supposed to take over the telephone/internet account from the tenant who moved out. Since last Aug08 I have been trying to get Pipex to change the account holder to myself. 7months later they still have not have changed it, yet they are happy to take my money every month.

    I have sent the relevant change of account holder form 4 times.

    Every month I have been calling their customer service department to get it changed. Their customer service department refuse to call me back to sort this out so I have to pay for something which is not my fault. So far over £20 in call charges. They say there is no supervisor/manager to put me through to to sort this out. Every month they say they will look into it and still nothing has been done.

    The internet service they provide frequently has problems leaving me with no internet connection but their technical support says I am not the account holder so won't fix it.

    Every month their credit department send me threatening letters to my address because the previous tenant's bank has refused the direct debit.

    I have to call customer service department every month to pay the bill so we won't be cut off. I pay for this call. Pipex has been taking my money for the past 7 months but won't make me the account holder.

    My housemate needs to keep the same landline no. for work reasons and Pipex won't give me the MAC code (I am not the account holder) so we can't ven change internet servcie providers.

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