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I brought in my surround sound receiver for repairs on Boxing Day 2013. I had bought it as a TV package and I paid an extra $300 for a 5 year warranty. Well after two months of hearing nothing from them, I called to see what was taking so long. I waited the 4 to 6 weeks they said it would take. They said they tried to call me which I never received a call. I can tell with my missed calls feature. They never left a message either. They said the warranty only covers the TV not the surround sound system even though everything is on the same bill so anyways, they offered to fix it for $100 and I agreed so they had to send it back for repairs (because it had been sitting in their office for three weeks). Well now we are another two months later and nothing! They don't know what's going on or why is it taking so long, they told me they have no direct contact with the manufacturer, they can't call anyone to ask for an update, they can only email them which could take days before they get a reply if they get a reply. So my receiver is basically in Lalaland. It's frustrating, 4 months for a receiver and counting because I am still waiting. You can build one from scratch in less time. Anyways, I wanted to share my frustration with Future Shop and never again will I buy anything over $100 from them. I am wondering if I will ever see my receiver again.

Apr 28, 2014
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      12th of May, 2014

    I had the same problem with Future Shop in Regina. They took 3 months and when I called they told me, "oh we were going to just call you" this is not a lie, I said, "well I am on the phone now" yadda yadda, 3rd time in person at the store, "we found out that the repair depot put your receiver on the shelf and it is not ready, so we will just give you a replacement, I said you damn right after all this time and this was long enough, so 3 weeks later they call and said my receiver is fixed so I picked it up, they were suppose to keep it, so I sold it for $100 on eBay!! Still was a hassle and a joke. Best Buy is better for no hassle returns, but they do have a b**** working there right now that needs an attitude adjustment, you know, like Hank Williams' song, listen to it and it should be played in front of every a-hole who is in customer service for the wrong reason.

    Yeah, it is a tough job, but you still have a job to do by being patient with the whiners - no matter what!

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