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Pinnacle Security / Contract Disaster

1 Orem, UT, United States Review updated:

One Saturday we were approached by a door-to-door rep from Pinnacle Home Security Systems offering free installation and equipment with a 36 month contract for a home security system. The contract runs about $40.00 per month, which is a lot of money for us, or most people; however we have a seriously ill family member who would benefit by an alert system that can be worn around the house. It will dispatch help at the touch of a button should he fall, etc. The medical alert feature doesn't work from the downstairs where the ill person spends most, if not all of his time. That wasn't something we discovered until after the three days had passed. (There's a three day window when you can turn around and cancel the agreement/contract.) Once the system was installed we learned that it is a 39 month contract, not a 36 month one.
Within the first two weeks the phone line stops working. So, in the mist of working two jobs with a seriously ill family member in and out of the hospital/emergency room we stop to call the phone company. Obviously, it's a problem if we can't get messages or calls from doctors, pharmacists, concerned get the picture. The phone company narrows down that the security system has some how begun dialing out continuously, even if it's disarmed. Between changing clothes to head off to job number two we contact Pinnacle. They dispatch a contracted technician who will call within 72 hrs to set up a time to when they can look at it. In the meantime, we have life threatening medical needs and no phone line, nor one for several days. Who knows when we will have one again?
We didn't know it would cause trouble with the phone line, or that it could take days on end to have it looked at, let alone fixed - that wasn't in the contract... We can’t use our phone. What if we needed to call 9-1-1? The personal alert feature doesn’t work for us. To boot, the alarm system literally freaks out the ill family member, putting them in severe panic, crying spells. This is not a product that will meet our needs. It’s not what we expected and now we can’t get anyone with authority to cancel the contract.
Okay, the contract doesn't tell us that the police department could charge huge fees if the system goes off in a false alarm. (An acquaintance who had previously worked for another company as a rep through out the number of somewhere between $1000.00.) Pinnacle couldn't give us a range of what some counties may charge, but they did verify that you can be billed by your local services if they are dispatched and it turns out it’s a false alarm.
Forty minutes later, long periods on hold neither one has the ability to cancel contracts the Pinnacle phone rep say, yet she is the cancelation department she tells us. Next, we requested to have the auto bill feature disengaged and were told no; more than once. Is that legal? After the third or forth round the representive says, well I can do that for you for a fee of $25.00. Oh, so you can do something you said previously you couldn't. I see. I can conclude that you can cancel a contract but you just won’t. Do they threaten to fire you if you do, I ask myself. You certainly aren’t a customer advocate providing an outstanding experience.
When the person you are speaking with doesn't have authority to respond to your request then you ask to speak to the next level, right. "He is unavailable." Of course, "he's unavailable." May I please be transferred, may I please have his number...voicemail...have him call me... Well, the round and round request to speak to someone else resulted in no, no, no. So, no one in the cancelation department can cancel a contract, even one that has been broken, one that doesn't work as expected, could incur additional local county charges not previously informed about, and most importantly one that causes an ill person to be at risk for serious repercussions. No one can escalate a call? That’s interesting.
What choice is left, an attorney, the Better Business Bureau? Help.

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  • In
      11th of Mar, 2009
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    I am not an attorney, just another victim from pinacle security, my experience is diferent than yours but I spoke with my lawyer and he told me that we can file a compliant at the bussines buroe for the scam that they do science I don't request their services they aproach to my door and lied to me about the payments and they violate the etics by instaling the system while I had contract whith another company. I don't know if this can give you any ligth, the lawyer says to me that I was scamed by them by offering the service door by door.

  • Sg
      11th of Jul, 2009
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    As a guy who actually was hired to try and sell alarms from a few companies, including Pinnacle, I can tell you that you are not alone in this type of situation. I didn't realize it when I first started working in this industry. I had family members working for a company who told me how much money I could make and all that. Then I found out from trial and error all of the things that happen to the people after they get their systems installed. The sales guy at your door will say anything to get you to sign up. I personally saw and heard outrageous and downright crazy lies told by "trainers" to get the people to sign up for 3 to 5 year contracts they can't get out of. Then walking away the trainers congratulate themselves for nailing another sale.

    I am sorry for your experience and for others in the same boat. I obviously stopped working for these companies and tell people the dangers of it. Sometimes it does work out good, depending on what area you live in and your budget. But it seems many times that people end up getting screwed. Just this past month nearly a whole office of sales reps was suspended by the company for lies told to their customers resulting in tons of sales and many families scammed.

  • Jo
      11th of May, 2011
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    This company has the poorest customer service I have ever seen. My husband and I have had issues since the moment the sales rep left the door. We were sold on a product of lies. By the time the agent called to confirm the sale we were informed the cost was actually going to be higher than what we were quoted and the told install would not happen until 2 wks after we attempted to schedule it. Stupidly, we decided it was still worth it and agreed to the contract.

    Everything seemed fine until a year after the service was installed. My husband and I decided to move states, and we wanted to keep the alarm system since no issues had developed. I called customer service and explained to them the situation. They told us the service was still available at our new location and they would do a free install with all new equip if we resigned our contract.

    Once again another *** decision. So we had our service turned off at location #1 in July. Since we were renting our location #2 we had to have signatures from our rentingcompany giving us permission to have the system installed. This took until the following March. Within that time frame I HAD to CONTINUE making payments for a service I did not have. Which is understandable since it was paperwork on my end that needed to be finalized.

    But here comes the fun part. We were told in March a tech would be out at a certain time and certain we waited...and nothing. We callcustomer service who then tells us they will call us back to reschedule.

    No one called us back. After multiple calls from us, customer service finally admitted that they did not have a tech in the area that was certified, and that they would call us back when they we waited...and SURPRISE...NO ONE CALLED US BACK. This continued for 2 months. During which, Pinnacle Security was still taking it's monthlypayments even though I did have the service.

    They offered to give me credit for my upcoming months, which I refused...I wanted the money back in my account, bc who knew when the service waws going to get installed. Every time I called I informed the rep on the phone that I would be canceling my service in May if it stil had not been completed.

    On the day that my account was deducted again while not having service, I called to have my account officially canceled. After being MANHANDLED bycustomer service and assignment they finally put me through to cancel. ALL of a sudden, they were able to send out a tech to install my service. I REFUSED! Why would I want to continue to do business with acompany that does nothing but lie!?!?! I find it funny it took me calling to cancel before they actually could get someone out. I should not have had to gone through what I did and still have these criminals try to get more out of me! the supervisor SAM that I talked to tried to offer me everything under the sun to prove hiscompany was better than what I said it was.


    Once he realized that I wanted to cancel my account ( after stating over 7 times ) he finally tells me I will be held accountable for the rest of my contract. Which for some reason is 39 months. Meaning I have a remaining 18 months left. I refuse to pay. If they send me to collections I will get a lawyer. I have already discussed this with 2 lawyers and we are currently awaiting for a copy of my contract so that we can take this through the correct channels.

    HOW *** can a company be? They are in a rude awaking if they think that they are going to pull something over on me. THE WORST SERVICE FROM SALES REP, CUSTOMER SERVICE, ASSIGNMENT, & CANCELLATION! Do yourself a favor and get a dog rather than deal with these ppl. At least you can train a dog to listen and have manners, unlike Pinnacle Security!

  • Te
      9th of May, 2012
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    I pay $55 every month. After a bitter divorce, I wanted to change the password and tech support had no idea as to what type of alarm system I had. The only thing I was able to change on the account was the phone number they can contact. With my first payment I send copies of divorce filings and letters, proving I wanted my name and only my name on the account and my ex to be taken off. I hoped that since I was paying them, they would switch. No such luck! Then I thought if I called and spoke with someone, they'd be able to change it, but to no avail. I have even emailed them and schedualled a tech (who didn't show after taking the day off work) to get everything straightened out! Everytime they send a statement in the mail, they thank my ex for the payment: "Dear 'John', Thank-you for your most recent payment." Well, 'John' started online dating while I'm the person who's left paying for this mess was left with chest tubes, sleeping on an air matress. When its 30 days until the end of my contract (hooray, June 12th), I will cancel them and "divorce" them too.

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