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Pinnacle Security / Unethical and Unlawful Practices

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My first experience with Pinnacle Security seemed very good. They were pleasant, installed a security system, and sold the monitoring to ADT. Everything seemed fine, so two years later when they returned to upgrade my system since I was a good customer... I didn't realize the giant pain Pinnacle Security would become to me, and the hours, days, weeks, and months that they would cost me.

I realized I was paying two different companies for monitoring the same alarm system. I called ADT to ask why they were still billing me after Pinnacle switched me to a new company (Pinnacle had assured me it was better, affiliated with ADT, and everything would be smooth and at no additional cost to me). ADT told me that Pinnacle had written a contract for a new monitoring company while there was still a year left on the contract they sold to ADT and I had to pay ADT monthly or a huge cancelation fee. After calling Pinnacle with this news, they put me in touch with the department that specializes in this (Yes, they do it often enough to have a department). After a few calls they told me they would cancel the new service, refund a couple months monitoring, and I would have to call ADT to reconnect the old monitoring. ADT informed me they would have to come out to do this and I would have a fee for a service call. I had the ADT service man (by the way he was very good, friendly, helpful, and didn't bill all his time after hearing what Pinnacle had done) remove the new control unit and the cellular back-up and reinstall the old control unit, so I could send them back to Pinnacle. I did not have him remove the few new sensors, as I didn't want holes in my walls, paint, wallpaper, etc.

Pinnacle calls (the first of countless calls from the autodialer) to tell me I owe them $450 for the three sensors or they want to come in and remove them. I told them that if they wanted to remove them they needed to fix the holes in the walls, or I would keep them and I offered to send them the two units I paid to have removed and repacked in the original boxes. They wanted $450. I refused. They called, and called, and threatened, and called... Eventually they decided that they would settle for $200+. Again, paying for their double written contract after I had to pay ADT to put my system back wasn't agreeable to me. More calls! Then a call telling me they would settle for $50. I asked $50 and you will stop calling me? And I won't have to deal with you ever again? $50 and the account is settled and closed? They said yes to everything. I asked if they wanted me to send the two units I had boxed-up back. They said no, just send $50. It was worth $50 to get them out of my life, so I paid.

Months later, the autodialer and calls start again. They say I owe them $50. I say I settled with you. They have recordings of the phone conversation I had settling the account. They inform me that that person (their rep) was mistaken and they are SENDING ME TO COLLECTIONS!

How much longer Pinnacle will still be a pain in my life, if they will effect my credit score, if I will end-up in court with them... is unknown. But, I can say that if anyone wants to have any peace in their lives AVOID PINNACLE SECURITY. Call ADT or another security monitoring company direct.

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  • Pi
      16th of Jun, 2009
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    i was a sales representative for 2 weeks and quit because this company, at least on the employer side from my experience, is totally unethical and unlawful. But I can tell you that if the sales rep that set you up with that system set you up while you were in a contract with ADT, ADT can sue Pinnacle. And even if you weren't in a contract, the sales rep is suppose to have you write a cancellation letter to ADT and stamp it themselves. As an employee, I believed in the GE equipment and thats why I stayed for 2 full weeks, but the monitoring of Pinnacle I did not. Now Im trying to fight for the pay I never received for training, traveling, and the systems I sold, which they're trying to say that since I quit before August, I do not recieve. But frankly I never signed anything for this job, and after reviewing all of the training and sales rep literature given to me by Pinnacle, that "agreement" of them keeping all of the money I earned as an independent contractor (their term not mine) is illegal. This isn't even the reason I quit--the fact that they train sales reps to manipulate and take advantage of people while putting their sales reps in baaaaddddd neighborhoods or in severe weather just to make a dollar is unethical. Sorry but Im not a Mormon (like the 2/3 of the company) and am not born to knock door to door in the most severe conditions.
    kcuf Pinnacle Security.

  • El
      6th of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    Pinnacle Security, ADT, Brinks, Monitronics, and all of the free and $99.00 sytem companies are all frauds.

    The sytems these companies install are junk. !!!

    Putting a sign from one of these companies in front of your home tells a prospective theif that you have a junk system !!

    A security system is something you should own outright

    There is absolutely no reason for your credit to be tied in with the ownership of a security system

    ADT has avoided billions of dollars of sales and federal taxes with their tax schemes

    ADT is part of Tyco which is based in Barbados

    ADT is unpatriotic traitor corporation

  • Mo
      23rd of Jul, 2010
    0 Votes

    i have a question how can i get this contract cancled without paying the rep who came out told me to lie about owning the trailer so i could get it beucasue my moms crideeit did not clear and how can i get the money back that they took that was asked not to ??

  • Ta
      13th of Aug, 2010
    0 Votes

    I had a young gentleman knock on my door telling me he was not selling me anything and that he just wanted to put a sing on my grass and that once i had a chance to look at the contract to call him. the entire time he was scanning my house from the front deck. he figured out i had french doors in the back, a basement door and no alarm system or animals. he then left the "informatiom schedual" with me to review and call him. I never answered one of his questions about crime in our area or about my house. i quickly googled 'pinnacle alarm" and ended up with several scam hits. they all seem to actually comment about being an alarm company but a overpriced one. my concern is that he was really just checking out my residence. he wanted to know if we kept valuables in the garage???? Anyone had any B and E's after a salesman came to the door?

  • Ch
      26th of Aug, 2016
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    Pinnacle Security - Faulty equipment
    Pinnacle Security
    United States
    Phone: 1-800-632-6828

    We've had this home security system for two years. It has doors open and closing as well as two motion sensors, The system send false alarms requiring police to respond four time so far. We've had the system go off while we are at home evan without us having secured our home as one would do if leaving the house. Nothing has been done to change this and we were the so-called 'test' homes slected to extablish Pinnacle system in this part of the city and or country. We told them we do not trust this system and want it removed. We are told we would have to continue making the $36.99 a month payments or pay it all off . My wife and I are on fixed incomes living in a mobile home park with the wife having end stage renal disease and I've just had a total knee replacement. Today I contacted thier service depart and was able to disconnect the system and was transfered back to register my complaint. I did this as stated above and asked to speak to a supervisor regarding be allowed to return the system and stop further payment. The assistant helping me said she would do so and she had written all that I stated above. When transfered I got a recorded voice saying "The person you are calling for is not avavilable. You will need to hang up and call at a later time. Please cosider using an "Established" repitable security service which pinnacle is clearly not.

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