Pinnacle Sales Inc / Scam

We purchased a fireplace, garage doors and garage door openers through this company. First, we experienced sooting on the interior glass of the fireplace (gas) and the exterior wall (direct vent). After the company representatives made numerous trips to re-arrange the logs in the fireplace, nothing stopped the excessive sooting both inside and outside. After several coats of paint to cover the exterior, the company owner stated that would just have to be the way life for our fireplace. After the owner of Pinnacles Sales Inc refused to fix the problem, I was then forced to call the manufacture of the fireplace in California, set up a meeting with a representative (who was located in Canada) from the fireplace manufacture to come to my house with the owner of Pinnacle Sales Inc .. Upon the arrival, the cocky Pinnacles Sales Inc. owner repeatedly stated that he had done all he could do to fix the fireplace and felt that it was a waste of time for the fireplace manufacture representative to be at our home. The problem with the fireplace, a flow restrictor. (When it is a direct vent, out an exterior wall, there must not be a flow restrictor. Flow restrictors are for venting through the roof).

Unfortunately, this was not the only problem with the product installations. We have iDrive garage door openers that have had nothing but problems. We have been told to do that... and it will fix the problem. One of the largest nagging problems is a door opener that does not always work. The solution per the owner of Pinnacle Sales Inc., use the door more and then it will not have a problem. No, this is not the solution. After three years of doors working and not working, I decided to call Wayne Dalton, the iDrive manufacture. After a five minute phone call with their technician, a new part is on its way. The part that should have been replace three years ago.
When it comes down to it. I strongly recommend knowing the product you are purchasing from Pinnacles Sales Inc. Yes, they will come to your house for a short time after installation, but really have no clue how to fix the products they are selling. Additionally, I feel that the bulling done by the owner of Pinnacle Sales Inc. would have stopped the average consumer from making the extra phone calls as I did.


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