Pinnacle Consumer Relations / Rock in pickle

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Probably past statute, but Vlasic needs to be nicer to consumers, and how does a rock get into a pickle?

I bit into a pickle and chipped my tooth on the rock that was logged inside of it. I contacted them and they wanted the rock but not the pickle. I also contacted a lawyer and he said they won't do anything unless you send it to them. So I did and video tapped it going into the package. The lawyer also said it won't be enough money to sue like coffee on your lap. I still have the chip my tongue plays with daily.

So I sent the rock to them and a week or so later I get a call. They asked how much my out of pocket cost would be after I put it on my insurance. I had other work to do and insurance only covers so much. I didn't have enough for their work they did to me for the year of bad insurance totals for the year. I sent Vlasic the bill for the entire amount and they haven't paid it.

This is how they treat their customers? Can't afford 100 bucks for a chip tooth they admit to be at fault, but will still make billions in profit as they overcharge us all. Simple math, make billions they over charge. Why can't companies not listen to stock holders so we can all have reasonable priced products?

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