Pink Fitness / Not serious

1 5071 Post Road , Cumming, GA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: (770) 887-6800

Was looking for a place to work out. I'm overweight, not 800 lbs, but need to lose about 30 lbs, and have been to a doctor and have a diet and program worked out. When I called very professional, was to be an hour for $99. 1st. FREE.What I was told on the phone and what I got, well 2 different things! Felt BE-Little and embarrassed. Not professionals and not nice people. Because I did not look like the picture perfect house wife I was treated unfairly! Learned nothing, and was shorted on my hour by 15mins. Greg is there to play with the house wife's! Not help people who need a fitness program! After each segment I had to wait for him to finish talking with the others girls. He explained nothing. At the end he could not even remember my name! If you need help with a fitness program I would go to Atlanta fitness, workout anytime and work with a Professional. If your a desperate house wife with low expectations! Then Pink Fitness is perfect for you!

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