Pine Acres RV Resort / People running it

1 Raymond, NH, United States

I would like to refunded my money please we left after being told this campground isn't for everyone. Get people that runs it right very disappoint been with you for a long time never can say I had anything problem.
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Well to start Golf are all gas and very loud and running after quite time. People and teens driving and drinking should be DWI. Told the management and was told they allowed it. No one pay attention to stop signs and a 5 yrs on a bike inches away almost a golf cart hit her right in front of me. No security in 4 days we were there at all. But they say they start at 9 driving around never saw one. Fri night one hr of sleep because of the the partying beside side and huge fire across the way from us. At 2:30 inside my camper with radio and air up high record the noise could hear word for word. Went to Troy he said stop with the attitude and I said we got about 1 hrs sleep then told us to go to Daryl. Manger telling to go to assistant manger totally backwards. So we did and he said he was driving around and it was quite well. We said we recorded it and played it he was shock. Then we showed him the fire also shocked. Never a guard in the shack so where is security. Then we were told this campground is not for everyone but it is a family campground. I have been camping for 25yrs and never was told that before. Motorcycle all night driving then scooter too. When went to the office about the little girl was told to wright down the numbers of the go cart then give them the list. Not my job
Stayed August 2016
this campground is a disgrace for you

Aug 23, 2016

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