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Having friends over for the weekend of Aug. 29th I bought two of Pilgrim's Pride Variety packs to put on the grill. To my surprise I found four back portions in the packs, and no legs. Curious, I looked on the package because I assumed I had bought a whole cut up fryer. To be fair that is what they advertised on the front of the pack (Exactly what I got). So what is my compaint? Simply its the slight of hand packaging these people use. Back portions from a chicken were, at one time, trash. Now somehow this trash has become a cherrished and valuable piece of meat. Oh, yes their meat is sold for less than that of other companies, but if you look closer, I bought two pounds of trash mixed in with the rest of my meat. Not such a good value after all. I've also bought the ten pound bag of leg quarters from this company, and have found the same thing, what seemed to be a good value at first ends with a huge pile of waste after trimming. I know what their argument will be and that is that many people like to make stock from these parts. Believe me, I have plenty of left over trimmings from a normal cut of meat for stock without your help. Wal-Mart should be ashamed to associate with such a shoddy business.

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      Oct 29, 2010

    I bought a whole chicke that said giblets may be of irregular portions. I got TWO of every giblet piece. Sorry Pilgrim's, never again.

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