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I bought a Mahindra Genio some 6 years ago from POLOKWANE MGM, and was very impressed wit it. So much so that I traded that in on a new Genio some 3 years ago. After 40 thousand km, the ABS lights came on. I reported at every service thereafter and it is still not fixed. At 80 thousand km it developed problems and was advised that we filled the tank with contaminated diesel. The injectors then was replaced under warranty. It travelled approximately 100 km and it stopped dead. On reporting to MGM POLOKWANE, they told me, I did not clean the tank. Since the vehicle was standing in Louis Trichardt, the local MGM distributor advised us to contact Louis Trichardt. They towed the vehicle in and found the injectors to be faulty.Local MGM then told us that since Louis Trichardt opened the engine they are not responsible anymore.

It come to light that neither of the two agencies got the necessary equipment to matched the injectors to the computer.

In desperation I took it to Polokwane Diesel & Hydraulics, believing that they have the right equipment. They repaired it but within 200 km the pistons got burned. I am having it repaired now at a engineering shop but now having problems in getting the spares. Local MGM just told me that I must pay for the spares bur some of it will take up to 6 weeks to arrived. This boils down to 6 weeks interest that your company will enjoy.

I bought a third Mahindra Genoi, but on delivering it was a cheaper model. After quite a argument it was credited with R5, 000.00

I would appreciate your comment on availability on spares.

Thank you


Nov 28, 2017

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