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My mother and I recenlty went to the picture people on September 2, 2010 for our scheduled appointment at 1pm with my son who is 7mos, my nephew who is 1yr and my niece who is 5yrs. when we arrived (10 mins late, with kids... who would think? ) we had to wait several minutes because a women had just come into the store with a complaint of her pictures not being done right and apparently they needed fixing! Already a bad sign. When the women finally got around to us she took all our information then said she didn't know if she could get to us because it was almost 1:30, Lie it was 1:10 when we arrived 1:19 by the time she got to us. Next she told us to have a seat and told us she would see what she could do, so we did and she disappeared for 10 minutes then we saw the other family walk in and she immediatly acknowledged them, I noticed this and went up to the counter and asked if she was going to take us and she said that she couldn't because it takes 25mins to take a picture and she didn't have time. So I said we were all set if this is the game they were going to play. I have a few questions though. why if it takes 25mins to take a picture did they schedule someone else so close, why was there only one person on duty. Im never going back, first experience was a disaster and I'm glad I didn't waste my time. So I leave it up to you the public to make your own decision, would you ever go back??

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  • Hl
      Oct 08, 2010

    I just recently quit this job because of everything you had just said. The company is run completely backwards, that is why you can't take someone in when they show up 5 minutes late because the managers are lazy and refuse to take pictures, so if you are an associate you are by yourself. It sucks, especially customers like you who are genuinely a good asset to the company, however when workers are forced to carry out these stupid rules, it is very unfortunate for you. i worked for this company for 3 years, at the same pay rate as I was when i first started, people who had actual customer complaints were promoted over me. I was told I was such a great employee and I was the best. their thinking is to hire someone, literally anyone off the streets, train them for a week and stick them into an environment that is horrible with no positive reinforcement. my job had been on the line for the last couple years because i wasn't selling enough packages and i was going to school, being not flexible enough for them. i finally had it, wrote them a letter, telling them to stick it, and walked out. it is honestly the most terrible and unprofessional place you can go to take portraits

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  • No
      Dec 30, 2010

    The above comments are very true. They hire inexperienced people and pay them more then those working there for 2-3 years. When the District Manager is apporached the answer is "oh well." ..."that is how its done..." THey also have people who work there partying all night long and coming in directly to work. They brag about the drinking and drugs then handle your children!!! A complaint was made to the District Manager and Regional manager and they did nothing, but retaliated against the person who complained and fired that employee. In the mean time, the alchoholic partying person was praised for her work! It may be that upper management has been in treatment for their additions and can only relate to that kind of behavior. True, if your sales average is low your hours are cut. But at 8.25 an hour, you have be a professional photographer in 2 days, a professional editor and a top sales person - all in 2 - 3 days or your hours are cut. (you only get 30 anyway! Yep, this place is not a patron of the arts, but a slave driving, dispictable company.

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  • Tr
      Jan 01, 2011

    you should have been on time for your appointment. the fault is yours.

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  • We
      Mar 07, 2011 really have to be on time because if you are 10 mins late then you push all the other appointments back. Plus we have to take walk ins if you are late. Appointments are scheduled close because people like to book them online and it over books or even double books when there is only one person there. If one person is there, it takes at least an hour to help a customer start to finish. Working there is so unrewarding because people complain at the littlest things, stuff that in another situation you wouldn't. You were late, your fault not a doctors office would you be late? And if you were you will wait a long time. My favorite..."oh, I had a coupon"...ok, what is it, what did it say, why didn't you print it!! Do you go to a restaurant and tell them you had a coupon and expect them to honor it...NO! And when you spend less than $10 bucks with coupons and not buying much, you didn't even pay for me to be there so it's not worth most of our time to even care. Yes, if you complain or give us a hard time, we talk about you the second we get in the back...and if you really piss us off...we make sure you always have crappy service. On the plus side, if you are nice, considerate and spend a few hundred dollars (oh and your kid/s aren't terrible, uncontrolled brats) we will do everything to make you happy, if not even give you a few freebies!! Just a friendly tip :)

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  • Ma
      Jun 20, 2011

    As an employee of P.P, I dislike how they seem to over book appointments forcing us to rush through and not give personal attention to ensure quality photos, however customers do not make it easier when they show up late, delaying us and making life much more difficult. In the end this is a chain studio, not professionally trained artists, if you want 100% attention and personalized service this is not the type of place you need, you can get beautiful results there don't get me wrong but just a tip, treat people with respect and trust me they will make your experience much better, we're all human after all!

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