Pick n Pay / pamper premium care

Brits, South Africa

I went grocery shopping at pick n pay yesterday after work as i needed stuff for my house, so i do my shopping go home and unpack and so on, This morning i decide i'm going to go threw my slip, i know the pampers premium care nappies are on special but i see on my slip it says R299.99 i'm like this cant be right, so i phone them, they ask me to come into the pick n pay with my slip and nappies, i'm like okay it's a bit out my way but okay, so i go fetch the nappies and go to pick n pay with my slip and nappies, they tell me, mam your packet of nappies is jumbo thats why they not the special price, so i said but my packet doesn't show jumbo, so we walk to were all the nappies are and she shows me, so i tell her but look at my packet of nappies and look at your packet, mine does not say jumbo, so in my mind they should give the nappies to me at the special price witch they didn't

Pick n Pay

Jul 27, 2016

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