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This company is just out to make money off of you. If you have a student studying abroad- they don't need a full package plan and only need wifi internet service and that's it. I was a parent of a first time traveling student and bought one of their top packages for $70/month - thinking that my daughter would need service for local calls/texts/etc and when I realized that she didn't need any of that and only needed a wifi internet service plan. I called Piccell to see if I could downgrade to a cheaper package and they said that they could not downgrade and could only upgrade packages. That would have been nice to know in the beginning and they should have suggested that when I called them numerous time trying to figure out which plan would be the best to start out with. Then at the end of my contract term, I returned the sim card on time and they tried to charge me for another month's service two months later. I called them and they said it was a late fee charge and asked me if I had tracking proof (which I did) that the sim card was returned. MAKE SURE YOU KEEP THIS TRACKING NUMBER!!! I think that if I did not have the tracking number, they would continue to charge me and try to get away with it. Overall I had a bad experience with them from the start. I requested that they start the plan at a specific date and they started charging me frm the date that they shipped the sim card to me. They are all about just getting money from you.

Feb 6, 2015

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