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Picasso Home Art School / SCAM ARTISTS

1 Chicago, IL, United States Review updated:

I was hired by Kendra from Amadaus Music/Picasso Home Art back in January for teaching drawing.
She contacted me after seeing a posting I made offering my services on Craigslist.
I contacted family immediately and we began lessons and because of scheduling conflicts it has taken us awhile to complete the 8 weeks of lessons. We are currently at 7th lesson.
Meanwhile, I have am contacted by Maria from Picasso who introduces me to new client. We begin lessons.
Meanwhile, the mother of first student tells me that Picasso had charged her account 3 TIMES more for lessons(over $2, 000)She had already been trying to get in contact with them for a week or two before telling me.
So then I start trying to get ahold of them for my fees, too, to no avail.
I told new client, who luckily hasn't had her card charged. And also her husband is a lawyer, so hopefully he'll be able to help.
But I am continuing relationship with clients on our own, but:
This company is a SCAM!!!
Thank you everyone else for posting so I know I am not alone.
Others speak up too.

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  • An
      2nd of Apr, 2009
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    I am also a teacher with Picasso Home Art. I was contacted after posting on Craigslist that I provided art lessons. I contacted the family and taught 4 lessons and was paid for them after a very long wait. I continued the lessons with my client who I had been told had paid for a total of 16 lessons. I have not been paid for four lessons and tried to contact the company several times by email and phone to no avail. My client, in the meantime, was charged addtitional money that she did not need to pay. I wish they would let me know if they are still in business and when I will be paid. I think I could understand it better if they were upfront that they were having trouble. Meanwhile, my client wants to continue lessons on her own, but I have not been paid for the last four.

  • Mi
      6th of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    I worked for them, as a Fine Art teacher, and I 'm very disappointed.
    The check they sent me last week was a bad check; also they have charged my students double in their credit cards.
    They are a fraud big time

  • Er
      8th of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    The Picasso Home Art school had charged my card twice, and we were able to reverse the charge through my bank after several calls went unanswered. We are currently 4 sessions into 7 which were paid in full. The teacher is unable to continue with her services because she has not been paid. The only woman I had spoken with was Donna who now has a voice message on all of her phone numbers saying she no longer works there. I have a cell phone number for Andrew who's mailbox is full. I am trying to figure out the best route to go with this. I am contacting the better business bureau.

  • Sh
      19th of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    I also was a art teacher for the school for about a year now . I am still owed for about 11 lessons . I have 2 students who are stilled owed lessons from this group.I hope that we all could get together somehow
    and make sure that this does not happen to anyone else . If any one has any info on what we all can do please post. Thanks Sharon

  • Al
      3rd of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    They owe me $160 for lessons. I have tried calling every number I can find and I either get a full voice mail or a disconnected message . I don't know what to do. Call me if you have advise- 727-942-6402

  • Li
      9th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    I had signed up for 16 lessons totally over $1, 000. Charged to my card and then was contacted to set up the appointments. The Art teacher showed up every Wednesday for 12 weeks. She was only paid for 4 lessons. Because of this, although she wanted to honor her commitment, she wasn't getting paid so was going to try and handle her pay situation and then if resolved continue the lessons. She was unable to do so. So I am owed around $240 for the remaining lessons. I have tried to call all the numbers as well and they are disconnected and the email contacts I had bounce back saying they are no longer employed there.

    Another issue I had was they triple charged me. The intial group of lessons, then for the next two months charged my card again for the same amount. I contacted my credit card company and they had the charges removed. At the time of the charges, I was in touch with the school and they said they had computer problems and it was causing the additional charges to be automatically charged. They said they would handle it, but never did.

    The art teacher we had, decided to contact the BBB and that is when she found out they had a rating of F. I'm open to any information that will help me contact them to get my $ back. Thank you.

  • Lo
      18th of Nov, 2009
    0 Votes

    I graduated from one of the best art colleges in Los Angeles. I went back to community college and learned how to use basic computer programs and became a secretary when I found out I couldn't earn enough money to put a roof over my head. I was using my unemployment checks to pay for my car. I could teach, but I would not want to teach someone something they couldn't use to earn a living. There are many art colleges that promise big fat pay checks after completion of their program, yet the jobs just don't exist. Why not hire an art teacher directly from Craigs list? If you don't like their work, it's so much easier to cancel. Or better yet, get a news print pad and drawing board and pencil, go out to the park and draw what you see. I don't want to say art teachers are a dime a dozen, but there are lots of them. Drawing is free. Just do it. The more you do, the better your eye hand quordination. Some people can actually teach you to draw better, but it all depends on how much you want to learn, just like any activity. I feel very strongly that art classes should not be sold as a BFA program, because too many scammers sell education, and no one checks up on them. To everyone who responded, Thank You! You have restored a tiny bit of my faith in humanity. At least somebody cares. After seven years full time, I could have had a doctorate or an Masters at least in a subject that would give me a job. If you must take art classes, go to the local community college and support their entire education program, not just a scammers art college. If you want private lessons, please hire a one on one teacher if you are interested. NO ONE looks at a degree when they hire an artist. They look at the portfolio. Besides, how much would you pay for a painting and have you ever bought one? Think you could copy it?

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