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Physician at PrivateSatellite / Greed Takes Over Doctors

1 United States

I went the physician to get treatment for a sinus infection. I filled out all their paperwork with all my insurance and confidential information. I then proceeded to wait 2 hours to see the doctor and there were 2 people in the waiting room.

I asked a nurse how much longer the doctor would be and she snapped at me and said I can see him when he is ready.

It was quite clear that they were a workers comp. claim chop shop and had no personal interest in mine or anyone else’s well being. The nurse refused to give back my personal information.

They placed me in another room for 45 minutes on purpose (other than the waiting room) and I am quite sure they wanted my insurance information,so that they could file a claim even though I never saw the doctor.

They were extremely rude to every person that walked through that door and when a hurt worker walked in to see the doctor, they moved him right along ahead of everybody else with $$ signs in their eyes.

They are interested in money alone and could care less about ones well being.

PrivateSatellite Blvd. Duluth, GA 30096


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