Phuket Villas & Homes Co. Ltd. / Misleading Information on Website and Poor Management of the Property

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Our stay in the Coolwater Baan Sii Villa brought upon us the worst experiences of our life in a vacation home, will never recommend any friends to stay in vacation properties managed by Phuket Villas & Homes Co. in Phuket, Thailand and its sister company, Samui Villas & Homes Co. All of us as 3 connected families had never had any similar unpleasant experiences for a vacation in vacation home, especially in Phuket (because so many choices and services are usually very good). It was our wrong decision to stay in Coolwater Baan Sii Villa. As a result, it ruined most of our vacation mood because we picked the wrong place as our villa of choice. The reason we made the wrong decision was due to misinformed and deceiving information on their website which falsely and misleadingly claimed to provide services that apparent weren’t made available to us during our stay (such as 7/24 day and night security, concierge services, etc.). In addition, many basic utilities took turn to fail on us at the most critical time in the villa one after another each day. Add blows to our injuries, supposedly the senior manager in charge named Isabel was sent to help but she acted very rudely and very unprofessionally in an emergency request made to her. She ignored and denied us the emergency request with a very disrespectful attitude, and displayed no concern of our condition and safety in our dire and critical situation. She was not fit to handle customer problems, and managed our crises poorly and unprofessionally.

Not worth the money to stay in Coolwater Baan Sii Villa managed by Phuket Villas and Homes, especially given so many other better choices in Phuket. We definitely overpaid our prices for the many failed incidents and empty-promised services. At one point, we all felt our safety was at stake due to the total blackout and darkness as a result of the power outage and lack of immediate response and help we received. My rating is zero-star. Even offered to us free I would not recommend and use their villa again as villa of choice in the future (not just this villa but vacation homes under their management). We wasted 2 mornings out of a 4 full-day vacation to get things resolved plus all the frustrations we got during the course of the resolution engagement with them, which spoiled our family gathering vacation.

List of problems that failed on us and that weren't provided as promised:
• Each time a problem occurred (which happened everyday during our stay), we had to call them and wait for their response because there was no onsite help or no onsite personnel to attend to the issues immediately
• Water outage (during shower) almost everyday
• Power outage at late night with poor response by estate senior manager, Isabel – rudely ignored our emergency request to provide immediate assistance
• Unacceptable and unprofessional behavior by estate senior manager, Isabel – rudely ignored our emergency request to restore power at night
• Power and water outages were expected to happen frequently in the villa. Bring your cell phones and flashlights for emergency if decided to stay with this villa because none was provided
• 2 inch high of flood in bedroom occurred at night which nearly caused an accident to a pregnant woman. 3 of our family members had to soak out the water for over 1 hour on our own
• Air-con stopped working in the living room
• Location not as conveniently located as suggested in their website description
• Very steep road leading to the villa causing a 3-year old van to overheat and stall trying to climb the road which could have be a serious accident-causing incident
• Empty promises of services which were never rendered to us...misleading info on website and over-commitment
• Misleading information irresponsibly advertised on their website claiming 7/24 - day and night security, domestic phone landline, concierge services - none of these were available. Don't take this lightly because each day and night we had to call and scream for help as a result of the lack of onsite personnel attending to service-calls, especially for these emergencies that we encountered on their premise
• Bathroom not conveniently located for occupants in one of the bedrooms, especially at night use
• External doors were not provided with proper keys, which posed security concern

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