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Hired for my wedding. Photographer came to my house, showed smaples of album that looked great. We were working on a budget but they seemed to have high quality work and said to me that they just came from an appointment with someone who wanted they same day. We felt we were lucky to get them. Oh boy.

I gave my deposit and all was okay. The photographer showed up for my weddign day as planned took photos. all seemed okay until I received the proofs. The picture quality was HORRIBLE. They were dark, full of noise, grainy. I spoke to them about the qulaity and they assured me that the proofs were just that - proofs and the fianl prodeuct would be better. Then the nightmare began. When I selected the photos for my album I was sure that the final results would be the same high quality that I had seen in the album they showed me when I bought the services. They were not. It was the same, poor quality photos that we had seen in the proofs.

They were horrible. The image of my husband and I exchanging rings was so dark the only thing you could make out was my dress. Same with the photos of us lighting candles, first kiss, being blessed. Everything was dark and grainy and this was a daytime wedding. When I asked what could be done about the quality of the photos, the person I spoke to said it would COST ME EXTRA to edit the photos. I couldnt believe it. I insisted that they would not be paid any additional money and they actually said that I would not get the photos. They held the only record of my wedding day hostage.

I was so upset about the process, I had my sister call them to see what could be done. After constantly calling them and threatening to sue them. They said if paid them $100 they would give me the proofs. This was 4 years ago and I am still so upset. Whenever i hear the name PhotoVideo network, or whenever see my wedding photos, I get really upset.

Stay away from that company. They are bad business.


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      Aug 26, 2010

    My daughter got married 7 weeks ago in NJ (we live in PA), we used the NJ branch of Photovideo Network. To start off with, at the wedding, the photographer mostly stood around doing nothing, we had to tell him he should be taking pictures. I have video and pictures from guests of the photographer just standing there during most of the reception and even during the bouget toss. I have no idea what any of the pictures are yet, everytime we call we get the same response, 2 weeks, 2 weeks... They tell you if you pay all up front it speeds things up, we did and things are still unbelievbly slow. I really wish I found these complaints before we used them, I am so afraid we will NEVER see the photos and when (and if) we do, they will be awful. They are rude and awful when we called, I figured it was the NJ branch because it so close to NY and well lets be honest, they have bad reputations in that area, but I read these complaints and they are all over. Tom is a big [censored], he wouldnt know the truth if it shot him in the face. If we dont get results soon, we will be contacting out local news and let them get some results, that seems to be the best way to handle jerks like that these days. Please dont use this company if your reading this before its too late.

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