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Our entire customer experience with PhotoPie has been a nightmare with one problem after the next, leaving us feeling like the victims of bait and switch. We ordered twelve 10’x10’ roller backdrops and two 6-roller remote control systems based on Ashley’s (head of products/sales) verbal recommendation for our new studio. First problem was that she wrote up our invoice wrong, listing all the wrong sizes for the backdrops and then have to drastically raise the price to correct her mistake. Secondly, once we paid for the products, she informed us that the roller systems were out of stock and would not be available for 3 months (way past our grand opening date)! She had to replace them with 3rd party products, which upon arrival, did not come with intelligible instructions or all the pieces needed to securely fasten the backdrops to the rollers. She recommended using duct tape or velcro to secure this $3, 000 system - not a professional or permanent solution. Additionally, one of the motors was sent defective, and there has been no response from Pro Photo Connect (the 3rd party company) after numerous attempts for them to rectify the situation (we are filing a separate complaint with them). The biggest problem is that ZERO of the 10’x10’ backdrops we ordered actually measured 10’ long - all were too short, some measuring less than 9’ (see attached photos). Additionally, all of the pockets to attach to the rollers were different sizes, making it extremely difficult to attach to the poles. Infuriatingly, Ashley claims that these are “small variances” that her company is well aware of and takes no responsibility to fix in future orders.

In short, the information from our end has been clear and concise, only to leave us what we feel are the victims of a bait and switch. We have tried to rectify this problem in a fair and amicable way with over 50 emails and phone conversations - a ridiculous amount of correspondence for a product of this type and a problem that could have been resolved by them simply sending us what they stated they were selling us.

Photo Pie

  • Resolution statement

    Mike Ramsey, the owner of PhotoPie has been workable with our team to find a solution for us to use the backdrops that would adhere to CA Fire Code. We appreciate their desire to make their products usable for our professional purposes.

Jan 22, 2015

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