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Phones4U / Miss selling and bad service

1 Glasgow, Scotland, Strathclyde, United Kingdom Review updated:
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My phone contract was due to come to the end of its term. I received a telephone call from phones4u out of the blue,
asking if i was renewing offering me a new phone etc. I was busy making tea and this person did their job and really
pushed the issue. He couldnt get me to agree and said he would send me phone and terms and conditions to look at,
The next day after having thought about it I decided to call them to say well yes but I would like to do this but get other
phone, I hadnt had any problems with Pones4u before this. This is where it all began, I was told I had allready agreed
and entered into an upgrade contract for 18 months and as it was an upgrade I had no right to cancer or change contract.
Apparently this was all explained to me over telephone. I disputed this and told them I wanted copy of transcript of that
phone call. I was told I could have this if I sent them £10 cheque to cover cost. I then sent them cancellation notice
under the distance selling regulations of 7 days.They sent me letter telling me as it was upgrade I could not do this.
They sent me email saying they would happily change the phone for me if that was an issue to contact customer services.
I telephoned customer services with regards to this and they told me that offer was only valid for seven days after the email
being sent and as this was the 7th day they had revoked the offer. I explained I knew nothing about it until 1 day prior as my
broadband had been down and anyway email didnt say i had 7 days to respond, they were not interested. Phones4u simply
said no more we can do for you. Since then I have sent them numerous emails asking where I should send cheque for transcript. NO REPLY. Then sent them emails to say i wish to complain. NO REPLY. I sent them emails saying I want to make my complaint official and asking them for a copy of their complaints procedure. NO REPLY. I have emailed NO REPLY. I have emailed NO REPLY. I have even emailed customer guess what NO REPLY. I was warned about this company and did not listen as I hadnt had a problem with them, but thats it as long as you
are paying and dont want any customer service then okay. but the minute they have got you you are treated as though you do not exist. This company are using dirty tactics to con people into contracts. I believe its called miss selling and they appear to be trained in how to do this well. Do not go anywhere near Phones4u. If you get a phone call from them tell them clearly No you do not want anything from them, cause just talking to them over the phone you could find yourself with a phone you dont want and an 18 month contract to pay for without even realising it. The are apparently being investigated by ofcom. I do not know how any company with such ridiculous service are allowed to operate.

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  • Cl
      12th of Nov, 2008
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    Just an update Phones4u have now configured their email system to refuse email from me. ridiculous manner for a company to behave

  • Cl
      13th of Nov, 2008
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    Just an update, got call from lovely lady at phone4u today, Apparently they had a problem with their email system spam settings so had not been receiving my emails, also gentleman whom told me this offer was not available because 7 days had expired will be spoken to, as this was not the case. This lady has taken it upon herself to sort this issue out and we have agreed on a replacement handset that suits me better. So she has assured me that when they receive handset back from me that they will send me the new handset. Will update this post when this happens. So hopefully we will have resolved this problem shortly.

  • Cl
      23rd of Nov, 2008
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    Lovely lady from phones4u customer service has indeed been true to her word. She sent me special delivery envelope to send my phone back in. I sent it back and I now have new phone from them which was my choice of phone that I had discussed with her. She also passed on her apologies for what had happened and assured me that she would be dealing with people whom gave me the wrong information/treatment so it appears it pays to be persistant. I wouldnt bother with instore manager I would get on to phone4u customer services via mail or email if you have to. I think it also helped that I emailed them links to my online complaints to give them the right to reply.

  • Bl
      22nd of Sep, 2009
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    I have taken out 24 month contract with phones 4 u. but isnt the plan i thought, it says 600 min and unlimited txt but this means you have to pay for mms txts which i wasnt expecting. As with this deal it is no return policy nor will they move the plan side ways to help. I have tried on many occasions to speak with customer services but they are just in a zone and sound like a recorded message wich is no help what so ever. O2 couldnt help either which i have £30 contract with at the moment aswell. they say its phones 4 u terms. Can anyone give me some advice as i am about to cancel both contracts through cancelling my direct debits. it has only been since sat 19th sept 09 i have taken this contract out. phones 4 u now dont do returns on contract they say.

  • So
      29th of Jun, 2010
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    Go Mobile...I received a phone call telling me that my contract with 02 was due for renewal within the next couple of months and was offerrred a deal which gave me the same benefits as I had, plus extra minutes and texts for £10 less per month.I agreed to a 7 day trial...On receiving the phone, I looked at the enclosed literature which showed that things like picture messaging and sat nav and varous other add ons were £5 per month extra each.I also discovered from 02 that my contract does not run out until Dec.I contacted Go mobile and told them I diidn't want the deal as I had been missold.they replied by e mail in a bland way and Orange, the network provider took a while to answer also.All I get is the bland, you could have posted it back within the seven days to cancel...but at no time did they advise me of a return address, or to post it back until after 7 days...the phone and sim card are unused and I don't see why I should pay postage to return an item that I was miss sold...I have cancelled the direct debit and am bombarding them with E mails...Steve Nicholls.

  • Dc
      28th of Jul, 2010
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    Bad Service...

    1) The sales rep told me he would pay £30 direct into my account to effectively give me a 5£ discount for the first 6 month of my contracts, that never happened.

    2) I was promised my number was to be transferred across as i was changing networks, after 3 weeks waiting i called my new provider who said no such request had been made.

    Its cheaper and better service to go directly through the phone companies i have found out, Phones4U are plagued with targets and restraints on what they can give.

    Phones4U consistently provide poor customer service.

    Go direct.

  • Ja
      7th of Feb, 2013
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    i, ve been sent two phones and i only order one what can i do ?should send it back or will someone collect it ?we are only home weekends

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