phones 4 u / rude, condecending staff

1 sauchiehall street, Glasgow, Scotland, Strathclyde, United Kingdom

bought a payg lg ks360 on 28/01/10 - 3 days later it cuts out, and wouldnt switch back on. So i take it back to the shop, the look i was given at 1st when they saw me with a phones 4u bag, rather than the happy, chatty smile i got the previous time when i was obviously buying something.

so after explaining the situation i was told a refund wouldn't be given because there was no "fault" with the phone, so after 25 minutes of actually being laughed at when i mentioned a refund because it was broke after 3 days and after pointing out a notice saying "exchange or refund would be given if there was a fault with the phone" and being told "oh thats from christmas", being left at the desk while they conferred, and being basically ignored, they brought the same phone out, didn't even offer me an exchange to another model, and while signing the credit note, i noticed the return reason was "keyboard fault", when i pointed that out the the smirking boy behind the desk he was quick to pull it away saying "thats for our records"

best to say my parting words were not nice.

will not be shopping with phones 4u again - actually, kind of hoping this "new phone" does the same thing so i can go in and wreak some havoc.

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