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I am very grateful to the others on this website who have reported problems with PhonePages. My wife and I are going through the exact same thing. PhonePages contacted us asking if we wanted to renew our contract. My wife thought they were Yellow Pages. She said to send us their information and we would review their package. The PhonePages representative then said he'd transfer her to a different department to get our address, so they could mail us info. During this second conversation they asked her questions such as 'are you authorized to make payments', etc. She said yes but in no way agreed to paying them for this service.

We then got a phone call a few days later asking for over $700. My wife was dumbfounded. They then informed her they have her on tape agreeing to a contract, which is complete BS. She said no she did not, and they got all of a sudden quite verbally abusive saying things like 'look sweetheart, we know what we are doing'. It was crazy!

We ignored them but have since gotten several threatening phone calls and letters saying they are sending us to collections. I have written back twice saying to cancel everything, and especially take our logo off their webpage, which we do not even know how they got.

We will see now what happens. What a scam.

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  • Eb
      Nov 27, 2008

    same thing happened to us! only they not only called our main business line, but another cell # and conned our dispatcher the same way. i've been in touch with the competition bureau of canada and the quebec bbb! don't pay it, it's a huge scam. now telus is further involved my file is 2 inches thick but those ##%# won't get any money from us!

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  • Ja
      Jan 27, 2009

    These people are totally unscrupulous and down right mean.
    I have had a running battle with them for weeks. The only amusement was to call Carol Baker in the head office [protected]) and trade insults and to fax [protected]) nasty messages. It seems to work. She weems to have backed off now.


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  • Ca
      Mar 06, 2009

    I just had a the same thing happen with Carol Baker and she is a complete scam artist, after arguing the truth with her for over 20 minutes I realized, why hasn't she even offered to cross reference with Rhoda, the lady who made the initial "unrecorded" call? and ask her if it was at all possible that she may have mislead the conversation. She tried to tell me that Rhoda is a senior sales lady, which really means that she is a experienced scam artist. BEWARE OF PHONEPAGES This is a text book scam and the people there are rude, ignorant, heartless blood suckers just looking to get $250 for a cancellation fee to an unauthorized ad. These people should be in prison and ultimately go to h*ll. FIND A NEW JOB CAROL BAKER.

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  • Be
      Mar 26, 2009

    I was also targeted by this scam! They got me at a busy time. Convinced me somehow that I am "renewing my ad". And got me to agree to be added to their site. They then got their "confirmation department"(or whatever they called it), to contact me and confirm my subscription to their website. Both conversations were recorded, but they only told me they were recording the second conversation and therefor "by law" can only play for me the second conversation! How convenient to them, play only the conversation of me confirming the order, and not the conversation were they scammed me! They charged me $195 for 1 year of service, which I guess is not a bad deal if I wanted this service, and if I cancel they will charge me a $150 cancellation fee! When calling them, they guy on the phone was very rude and would not help me at all. I have submitted a complaint to the BBB, with no response... I promptly canceled this service, asked them to remove me from their website and told them I will not pay any cancellation fee as it had only been a week since I signed up, have received absolutely NO business from their website and they scammed me. Approximately 2 weeks later I received a fax stating my current unpaid balance with interest. I checked, and they have still not removed me from their website. I responded again asking them to cancel my service, reverse my charges, and stop contacting me. I refuse to pay them, not because I can't afford to pay them, but because I believe I don't owe them a penny.

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  • Ti
      May 29, 2009

    This same situation has happened to me at my small business here on Salt Spring Island, I have also heard it happened to other businesses on our island. We have no intention of paying these people they can take any legal action they want and I will fight it with the help of our legal dept. The only thing I wish they would stop doing is wasting the toner in my fax machine, I have turned it off and only turn it on when I know I will be receiving a fax that is legitamate.
    "PhonePages" is a scam the amount of internet chatter on this company should be enough to convince anyone that they are a bogus scam artist based company

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  • Or
      Jul 10, 2009

    The same thing happened to me too!
    I received an invoice from PhonePages for renewal of service. I phoned and spoke to a person at Customer Service. She said that if I didn't want the service, I should have canceled it a couple of months ago. I mentioned that I didn't receive any documentation regarding cancelation and that I did not want to renew. She said there would be a $300 cancelation fee charge. I won't be paying the cancelation fee or the invoice. I intend to make formal complaints to the appropriate organizations.

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  • Su
      Sep 21, 2009

    Hi there,

    I am so glad that this forum exist. I felt so alone out there when my husband and I fell for this scam. My husband thought that they were yellow pages and that we are "renewing" our ad so he agreed to it. Yes, they did not record the scam call / sales call, but they record the verification call. LIke, are you authorized to make decision, etc.

    Just like everyone else, we were about to succumb to paying the invoice and thank god, this site existed and we feel empowered that we can do something about it, rather than falling for their tricks and threats.

    I hope we will win and they will leave us alone. Robbing money from small businesses won't get them anywhere far.


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  • Je
      Oct 14, 2009

    These people are scammers!! Try dealing with ABI Publications! They are just as bad. Just threaten to sue them or block their fax number from your phone.

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  • Tj
      Dec 15, 2009

    In deed, my circumstance is so similar to the above; I thought CanPages and Yellow Pages. The thing is that the sales person said she was updating the data base and I thought, "Okay so you want to extend the service electronically, sure." My wife usually does all of our telephone listings. She was really preturbed when we got the bill and it was not CanPages or Yellow Pages. As we were not listed under the correct category, she contacted PhonePages and attempted to cancel, got into a fight right off with a staff person named Mrs. Whiteford who was completely unprofessional. I wrote to the Better Business Bureau of Quebec which has the corporate address and filed my complaint. We got contacted by a "Brock" with whom I had a subsequent unsatisfactory conversation with. He was pugalistic, completely unprofessional and arguementive. He would not listen to me but reminded me they had a tape of my conversation and three times said PhonePages. His response to my statement I would not pay was that he would put it out for collection. This over a $200 and some bill! Amazing. Poor business practices and ethical standards. There was no attempt made to please the customer just argumentive denegration. No wonder I don't want to deal with this company.

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  • Ru
      Dec 16, 2009

    Huge scam. check there website out: NOT ONE BUSINESS has any listing up there other than address and phone number information. Which is basically plegearism from the Yellow Pages.
    How else would they have gotten information??

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  • Ru
      Dec 16, 2009

    ''received an invoice from PhonePages for renewal of service. I phoned and spoke to a person at Customer Service. She said that if I didn't want the service, I should have canceled it a couple of months ago. I mentioned that I didn't receive any documentation regarding cancelation and that I did not want to renew. She said there would be a $300 cancelation fee charge. I won't be paying the cancelation fee or the invoice. I intend to make formal complaints to the appropriate organizations.''

    Same happened to me!
    Exactly! no documentation sent (although they obviously have our address) with explanation on service or anything else!! But the invoices kept coming!

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  • Ti
      Dec 16, 2009

    you might want to change your Fax # because they are going to burn thru a lot of toner before they give up...tim o'connor

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  • Me
      Jan 19, 2010

    Verify if your ad is correct, my companies ad was incorrect. I refused to pay for an ad on the grounds that it was improperly placed

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  • Jo
      May 03, 2010

    Report your complaints and problems to the
    Better Business Bureau:

    as well as Phonebusters:

    They will track the complaints and file charges. With enough evidence from victims of these scam companies, they can shut them down and hand out prison sentences.

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  • Je
      Dec 12, 2011

    Same thing happened here. I'd write it all down but it's all above. The taped message, the renewal of ad, the harassing faxes. I'm just not sure if not paying a scam artist can go against my credit report or not.

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  • He
      Dec 24, 2011

    The exact same thing has happened to me! It's frustrating to see that the original complaint dates back to 2008 and it's still happening today. I have been ignoring their faxes and apparently now they have involved a collections agency. I still refuse to pay and will not submit to their intimidation tactics.

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  • Ph
      Jan 05, 2012

    PhonePages are complete scam artists! They are awful at running a business! All they do is scam people so BEWARE OF PHONEPAGES! they will saything to get their money. Their ads suck! They must have spent a good 5 minutes creating this ad! They are saying we owe them $500, but seriously?? $500 for this piece of crap??!

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  • Mv
      Mar 13, 2012

    This started with my business in 2006!!! When I filed a BBB complaint they actually said they would cancel the invoice and then told me that I had to submit a public retraction stating that I had falsified my report and that nothing I said was true... they told me to lie! Of course, I was not willing so the harassment continued with "Final Notices" until Jan 2009. No more "Final Notices" no more agressive, yelling phone calls (they DID try to solicit us again for more "business" - can you believe it?!)... until Feb 2012. Three years later they are sending their dogs after us again. Now the bill is up to almost $1200 and they are threatening attorney's, legal action, all that. I have submitted a report to the FTC, the BBB, and am continuing to all I can. I suggest all other victims of their scams do the same. BTW, we never received any ads that I know of. I cannot believe that this company is allowed to stay in business. I'm sure they're racking in the big bucks off all of us, though. Disgusting

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  • Wa
      Mar 15, 2012

    I am going thought the same thing at my Business in Canada, , , This all Started in 2007...The same thing the Man at the top of the page was saying...They called and asked if I want them again...I said No...The next thing I knew was I was getting phone call saying I owed them 799.00...They have not call me 12 or 13 times in 2 years...Then nothing for 3 years...Now this year they are calling again and said I was put in a Collection Company and they are going to take Act soon...I have NEVER got a Bill and I have NEVER seen a Contract from them..They are saying I owe them $ 1243.68...And they are going to go after my Bank Accounts and My shop...I have called the Consumers Protection Canada and the Canadian Anti Fraud Dept...I have read all the above and I see that I am not alone...

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  • Ro
      Apr 29, 2012

    I too have been billed, contacted by business phone, personal phone, cellular phone and fax. How do these people get so much personal information? Brock is the person dealing with our account. He is very aggressive, rude and unyielding. I have yet to file any complaints but they are leaving me no choice! There needs to be a stop put to these scams! Why is the Quebec Government not doing any thing to protect their businesses in Quebec and the rest of Canada. Do they benefit from these companies doing business in their province? Frustrated and annoyed

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  • Co
      May 01, 2012

    I also have been scammed by Phone Pages. They left me alone for approx 3 years and then they called in March this year wanting to know if I wanted to renew my ad. I just told them that I hadn't signed up with them and hung up. For some reason they have sent me a Credit Note (I don't know why) but I'm going to keep it close so when they call me again I'm going to ask for a cheque. HAHA.
    Another scam to look out for is Universal Business Publishing (of course out of Quebec) I finally had to get my lawyer involved and they haven't called since.

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  • Th
      May 15, 2012

    I am with a small retail boutique and I've just had a similar phone call to several of the above posts. I've been told that to cancel the listing I have to pay half the amount owed on the invoice but the listing will stand for one year anyway...weird!! They said they had a verbal confirmation from the owner of the company but what she really asked was if this was an existing listing. Since I pay all the bills she wasn't aware (knowing how many times phone people and advertising people call) if we had this listing already. She was told it was an existing listing so she thought it was OK to renew it. I knew right away I had not paid a bill from these people before and called them to be told that we did have a prior listing but it was complimentary for the first year. Interesting that we could have a complimentary listing when we didn't even know we were listed...and didn't want to be listed!! I do not plan on paying this bill and I'm interested to see what happens next!

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  • Bs
      Jun 27, 2012

    WoW, I had the same problem as "The Oyster". I take care of the bills in the office, however, when i was out of the office, the owner answered to this call and phone pages, said they were affiliated with google and wanted to renew our add. so the owner said yes, thinking we had an existing ad. A few weeks later we received a bill for $450.00 for 1 yr subcriptions. they had put an add they invented it on their webiste, using old photos of our company, and created an ad based on info and writing from our web site. we never approved this add or the use of these photos. and they offered to take 50% off the bill if we wanted to cancel !! such crap. we never signed a contracts nor approved this add to be published on their website. this is total crap. and when we called there to get clarifications we were given verbal abuse from this Brock guy . total scam! I cant believe they are still in business. all they do all day is misrepresent themselves and give verbal abuse to their customers!

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  • Jo
      Apr 02, 2013

    Same stuff happened to my company. First they call, than they bill, and if you don't pay, they threaten to get a collection agency to go after you. Don't get threatened by this. Do these things:
    1) file an official police report at a local police station.
    2) file a complaint on BBB (Better business Bureau). But somehow the BBB does not cover all of the province and states of Canada and US.
    3) file a complaint at CAFC (Canada Anti-Fraud Centre) if you are in Canada, and file a complaint at Federal Trade Commission if you are in the States.
    Don't worry about not paying. This does nothing to your credit report. Remember, DO NOT! give them any of your personal and financial info.

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  • Su
      Oct 21, 2013

    Wow, I'm the owner of a small family business as well and was wondering if I could find this company however it seems like they are not. I was told the same as well and now I have a bill for $600 and if I pay within 5 days of receiving this bill I get a $100 discount. I tried calling back and left a vm however I didn't get a call back. I tried calling their local number and the line doesn't exist hence why I went online to see if this company really exists. Thank God I checked online because I was about to pay a "cancellation" fee!!! Thank you all on this complaint page for red flagging this company and helping all small and large business owners not getting scammed! I will not pay and file a complaint as well and wait for Phone pages inc call so I can block their numbers on all our phones!

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