Phone LCD / Talibe Sokhona Fraud in French

1 Paris, France

Sokhona Talibe
Take me 3, 300 usd deposit, and late he threat me to provide him photos and video for Samsung lcd, now i believe he used it to con some one in UK, if you seen this, I'm sorry
He swear many times to sent out the lcds, but after 6 weeks nothing we received, not even a tracking
we have fond sevel man been coned by him, he is a professional con man and he do this for living.
he will show you photos and videos and tracking, give you a low price then ask you for deposit.
He ues wechat, having China ABC account [protected]

here is the info we had about him
Name :
Hasna Achbarrou
Talibe Sokhona
T: +[protected]
T: +971 [protected]

21 boulevard Bessiéres
75017 PARIS

He claim to be a franch, but seems more to be a Arab lives in Amman street 21 Dubai, UAE
He is a shameless corrupt little rate, I feel sorry for his nation, his parents.
I hope you will see this page, Mr.Talibe, what a good reputation for you and your children.

May 19, 2015

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