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Phone 4 U / Worst service ever

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After my last mobile phone broke down, it was three years old and basically I had to guess when I was getting a call, my girlfriend and I went to our local "Phone 4 U " store in Coventry city centre. As soon as we got in the store we had sales people all over us, we sat down with one sale guy and he offered us great deals. Both of us are french and we wanted to call france within our inclusive minutes and possibly text france with our inclusive texts. We were assured that both contracts we were taking out would allow us to do so (I took a contract out with Vodaphone, and my girlfriend with O2), but if we sent one text message to france it would take two text messages out of our account. This was fair enough and we just made sure that what he told us what was we understood.
A week later we found out that we were getting charged for every text message sent to france, I phoned my network providers and explained what I was told. They replied that most of what the sales guy told me wasn't true and they didn't know where they got this information from.
We decided to take the phones back as we believed we were mis-sold a product. They wouldn't take them back as they were unfit for sale (scratches I couldn't see were there and I needed a magnifying glass to see them). I phoned customer services at "phones 4 U" as well as my network providers to get this solved but the store kept refusing to take our phones back.
Now I'm stuck with two contracts that don't do what we were told. The first time we went to the shop we were treated as kings, offered the best deals even if they didn't exist (and they know they don't) but once you signed the contract it's like giving your soul to the devil, you can never get it back.

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  • Lo
      22nd of May, 2009
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    I work for another mobile phone company, and by your description they have to take them back as they sold these to you under mis information. Irrespective of the conditions of the handset if it is a reasonable time since you purchased these handsets and attempted to take them back ie 14 days then they have to accept them. If the situation happened in our company, baring in mind this is 10 years service talking, we have no alternative but to take the handsets back, even if the network does not offer a 14 day returns policy.

    I would speak to either citizens advice or seek legal but firstly go in there an explain this is what you are going to do if you are not treated fairly.

    4u are very well known for not wanting to return handsets as it effects there commission/targets etc and they will try almost anything to get out of allowing you to return it, but the fact still remains they have mis informed you and have to take responsibility for it.

    Good luck and let me know how you get along

    lou x

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