Phonak Indiavendor payment & relationship

A company led by arrogant and rude management; work for them at your own risk.

After finishing the project they said, "we'll pay half the amount"!

The Last Email sent directly to Mr. Rajnish!

A job was assigned to us in the month June 2017 by Darshan & Sapna in a meeting conducted at Phonak Mumbai HQ. We accepted this project and exchanged a Quotation dated 13-06-2017 (Sr. No. SK-Q-65).

These projects are conducted in phases with approvals: which include - Concept, Layout Pencil Sketch, Digital Conversion, Coloring, Delivery.

If the quote is read you would notice that quote mentions that we have verbally provided a concept and have received an approval on the same. Further this concept was documented despite the verbal agreement and shared by email on 13th June 2017. To which we received an approval and proceeded with sharing the initial options as requested over timely phone calls from Darshan/ Sapna.

Post Approval of concept a rough sketch of the layout was explained in a one on one meeting at phonak and the layout approval was taken.

Post layout approval we submitted the digital sketch for approval which was without color, after several revisions, on 19-06-2017 and a specific email was written along with the sketch, "Please approve so I can work on colors"

Post approval of the sketch, a discussion was taken on color, while we presented a colorful reference to team Phonak, we were advised to keep it Black & White with Phonak green.

And so the approved artwork with the final briefed color was presented on the final date of deliver June 22nd 2017. We were again asked to make changes to the artwork and surprisingly components of the core concept approved at the beginning of the project. Although, we should have declined the change since we were in the delivery phase and this put 35% of the artwork 5 steps back in the timeline; we still did it for courtesy and good will.

Revised designs have been submitted based on the request from Team Phonak that they would be final changes but would never be, and suddenly; we were informed that the project shall not be done mind changed - We will pay you half the amount. Period.

Your team is being inconsiderate that we completed all the aspects of the project that commits you to pay us, with a proper flow of process and protocol. We did not ask for payment towards additional time spent on the project caused due multiple unplanned revisions, which had nothing to do with the previous brief and approvals. We did not ask for late fees either.

In fact, we were kind enough to take ownership for your teams fault and offered another concept and new creative.

However, now they are no longer kind in conversations and ignore our phone calls and follow ups; the last email exchanged was on the 6th Of September and then yesterday on the 4th of October. This lack of ownership is unprofessional and creates an environment of disrespect.

Today, I intended to contact Sonova HQ to seek an appointment of a 5 minute duration with Mr. Rajnish (I suppose, he is a director for India). The politeness was returned with a rude phone call.

You are the principle company, I hope you will intervene and serve us with justice.

Could you please look into the matter urgently and take a resolving step.

His response to the above, I will never meet you.

Oct 09, 2017

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