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Phoenix Hardparts / rebuilt transmissions / Bad product, won't refund fees, appalling customer service

1 Phoenix, AZ, United States Review updated:

I cannot say enough bad things about Phoenix Hardparts aka Silverado Transmissions aka Phoenix Remanufactured Transmissions. Lousy product (remanufactured transmissions), appalling customer service, dishonest, more than happy to nail their customers.

Do not give them your money under any conditions.

Specific issues -- please use google to find wide confirmation of these patterns over years!

- I bought their deluxe extended warranty

- They promised transmission in 7-10 days.

- They couldn't find transmission to ship it on time

- They later claimed that the transmission was in dyno-test

- They later claimed they had to re-rebuild the tranny.

- Eventually they shipped defective transmission, plus it wasn't even the right kind for my car.

- Their delay cost me an extra $400 in car rental

- They authorized warranty repair of transmission to make it work in my car

Finally, the tranny is in the car after a month. Whoops: their transmission didn't work much better than the old one...but it was clear they didn't know how to do any better. I can live with it, long enough to sell the car (wasn't my plan, but is now...). Shifts roughly in forward and reverse, makes constant whirring noise.

I tried to ship old transmission back to them to get my $750 core exchange refund.

- they "couldn't find" a shipping authorization form for a week. they clearly didn't want me to ship it back

- finally, they let me ship it back

- they didn't respond to dozens of phone calls and emails

- they initially denied having received the core

- I filed a protest with my credit card dispute organization

- Phoenix gave the credit card company lots of misleading and erroneous info to confuse / delay the process

- eventually they admitted to having received the transmission months ago but whoops: it couldn't be rebuilt (so sorry, no refund!)

>>>>The transmission I sent them was nearly as functional as the one they sent me after rebuilding. All forward gears had been running properly, smooth shifting, no slippage or noise. Their claim was that the "overdrive set" was destroyed so the tranny couldn't be rebuilt. In fact, the overdrive set and everything else they claimed was un-rebuildable were fully functional. My mechanic wrote a letter attesting to this.

They never paid the transmission core exchange fee. time ran out with the credit card dispute.

- They also refused to pay the warranty coverage for the work I had done. Note that even if they had paid, the coverage would only be paying $260 out of a $750 charge.

Bottom line, this "$1200" transmission ended up costing me over $3500 in direct and consequential damages, all for a tranny that now doesn't shift properly and makes noise.

I'm sorry I ever thought of doing business with this company. If you want to know more, just reply to this and hopefully I can post more details.

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  • Da
      16th of Jun, 2008
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    I need to add this to the text of my complaint:

    Although my posting is nearly all facts, it includes statements of opinion and should be interpreted as a personal judgment.

    I can make no statements about the company's intentions, motives, or behaviors because I don't know what they might be. All I know is what I expereienced, which in most cases was dead silence.

  • Da
      18th of Jun, 2008
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    Follow up, responding to questions: most of the practices I'm going to list here apply to *any* internet vendor, and can help you:
    -> do NOT "go around" eBay in your purchase
    -> use PayPal to pay the vendor transaction you did thru eBay
    -> document and xerox every single step of your transaction and any interactions
    -> get email addresses from the vendor *before* you give them money
    -> get snail-mail addresses before you pay them
    -> but wait: be really wary of vendors that have 100 complaints against them in the BBB
    -> search for " complaints" on google
    -> go to [redacted]s, complaintsboard, badbusinessbureau and search for their name

    take photos of any item that has to be returned. take photos of the driver picking it up and putting it in the truck. get receipts at every stage, and take driver #, bill of lading #, etc.

    do NOT do stuff by phone. everything should be email or snail mail, preferably certified (so they have to sign for it).

    Move QUICKLY with your credit card dispute. Get their email addresses, and sugbmit as much stuff as you can by email and fax rather than by snail mail. You'll eat up weeks of time waiting for the post man. Note that you only have 6 months, and then your ability to get money back goes away.

    ALWAYS BE EXTRA COURTEOUS to the people at the other end of the phone. Never give them an excuse to get mad.
    ======>>> I have to comment on Phoenix Hardparts: whenever I actually did get them on the
    ======>>> phone or in email (this was exceptionally rare), the individuals I talked to were nice,
    ======>>> well mannered, and tried to help. Not much got done, but at least they had a pleasant
    ======>>> attitude.

    Know that the credit card dispute process cannot do anything for you beyond what the vendor will do. If the vendor doesn't want to cooperate, don't expect the credit card bureau to play judge & jury for you. They don't appear to have that power. Be INCREDIBLY clear in your dispute materials with the credit card folks -- they are easily confused and can only put about 5 minutes into each case. Make it easy for them to ask the vendor the right questions. TRY to get your credit card dispute person by name, work with them over the phone for quick turn-around, and be super nice to them. Trust me, you don't want their job.

    The Internet is like the high seas if Days of Yore -- lots of piracy, little trust. Assume everything is bogus and you'll be pleasantly surprised when it isn't.

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